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April 25, 2014
4:01am EDT

Rated: ASR | Message Forum | Other | #1730016
My 2013 Christmas Contest - bring your best short story to win great prizes!

Santa, Elves, and Reindeer Contest
Give me your best Christmas Story!

Welcome to my Christmas Contest! The rules are simple:

*Ornament3R* Short stories only, no poetry, lyrics, or novel chapters

*Ornament3G* Word count limits: 500 - 2,500 words. Please put your word count at the beginning or end of your submission

*Ornament3R* Post one entry per person, in bitem format. If you don't know how to post this way, follow this example {bitem: itemID} - but omit the space.

*Ornament3G* Any genre is acceptable except erotica. This contest is not only for "traditional" Christmas stories! You story can be traditional, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery.... you name it and I'll accept it and read it!

*Ornament3R* . Please make sure you rate appropriately.

*Ornament3G*. Any Christmas story is acceptable,as long as it contains - you guessed it - Santa, Elves, or Reindeer, and it should be written newly for this contest.

*Ornament3R* You mat edit your entry after entering the contest, but I may not see your edit. I will read entries as they come in. Please leave your entry in your port until January 10 to ensure I can judge it.

This contest will run from December 1st to 11:59 WDC time on December 30th, 2013


*GiftR*1st place: 10K Awardicon, a 1,500GP gift certificate to Sig Shop of winner's choice, 5 reviews of any short fiction or poetry in Winner's port (Winner's choice), and 5,000GPS!

*GiftG*2nd place: 5 reviews of any short fiction or poetry in 2nd place Winner's port (2nd place winner's choice), and 2,000 GPS!

*GiftR*3rd place: 5 reviews of any short fiction or poetry in 3rd place Winner's port (3rd place winner's choice), and 1,000 GPS!

*GiftG*Honorable Mention: 5 reviews as detailed above

If less than 10 entries, only first place will be awarded. However, if GPs have been donated, all will be disbursed to winners!

If there are 3-9 entries, any donated GPs will be distributed 60/30/10 for first, second, and third places

If there are only 2 entries,only donated GPs will be awarded, but any donated GPs will be distibuted 60/40 for first and second place

If there is only 1 entry, only donated GPs will be distributed, but that writer will receive all donated GPs

If more than 10 entries, I will still disburse any donated GPs 60/30/10 as stated above!

That being said, donations are definitely welcome! Anyone donating 30K GPs will receive a Generosity Merit Badge. Please send them to:
ID: 1730012 (E)
Santas, Elves, and Reindeer Contest Bank 
Bank for any donations for my 2013 Christmas contest
by Beck is firing up the boilers!

Good Luck to all who enter and I look forward to reading your Christmas stories!
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by Brooke · 12-12-12 @ 11:29 am
by Talltale64 · 12-11-12 @ 1:49 pm
by Mickey McAllister · 12-10-12 @ 7:49 pm

There are 55 Posts. Page 1 of 3 with per page.
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