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November 25, 2014
7:12pm EST

Rated: ASR | Message Forum | Other | #1730016
My 2013 Christmas Contest - bring your best short story to win great prizes!

Santa, Elves, and Reindeer Contest
Give me your best Christmas Story!

Welcome to my Christmas Contest! The rules are simple:

*Ornament3R* Short stories only, no poetry, lyrics, or novel chapters

*Ornament3G* Word count limits: 500 - 2,500 words. Please put your word count at the beginning or end of your submission

*Ornament3R* Post one entry per person, in bitem format. If you don't know how to post this way, follow this example {bitem: itemID} - but omit the space.

*Ornament3G* Any genre is acceptable except erotica. This contest is not only for "traditional" Christmas stories! You story can be traditional, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery.... you name it and I'll accept it and read it!

*Ornament3R* . Please make sure you rate appropriately.

*Ornament3G*. Any Christmas story is acceptable,as long as it contains - you guessed it - Santa, Elves, or Reindeer, and it should be written newly for this contest.

*Ornament3R* You mat edit your entry after entering the contest, but I may not see your edit. I will read entries as they come in. Please leave your entry in your port until January 10 to ensure I can judge it.

This contest will run from December 1st to 11:59 WDC time on December 30th, 2013


*GiftR*1st place: 10K Awardicon, a 1,500GP gift certificate to Sig Shop of winner's choice, 5 reviews of any short fiction or poetry in Winner's port (Winner's choice), and 5,000GPS!

*GiftG*2nd place: 5 reviews of any short fiction or poetry in 2nd place Winner's port (2nd place winner's choice), and 2,000 GPS!

*GiftR*3rd place: 5 reviews of any short fiction or poetry in 3rd place Winner's port (3rd place winner's choice), and 1,000 GPS!

*GiftG*Honorable Mention: 5 reviews as detailed above

If less than 10 entries, only first place will be awarded. However, if GPs have been donated, all will be disbursed to winners!

If there are 3-9 entries, any donated GPs will be distributed 60/30/10 for first, second, and third places

If there are only 2 entries,only donated GPs will be awarded, but any donated GPs will be distibuted 60/40 for first and second place

If there is only 1 entry, only donated GPs will be distributed, but that writer will receive all donated GPs

If more than 10 entries, I will still disburse any donated GPs 60/30/10 as stated above!

That being said, donations are definitely welcome! Anyone donating 30K GPs will receive a Generosity Merit Badge. Please send them to:
ID: 1730012 (E)
Santas, Elves, and Reindeer Contest Bank 
Bank for any donations for my 2013 Christmas contest
by NaNoWriMo eats Beck's Soul

Good Luck to all who enter and I look forward to reading your Christmas stories!
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by Don Fern · 12-07-13 @ 11:52 am
by W.D.Wilcox · 12-04-13 @ 2:29 pm
by NaNoWriMo eats Beck's Soul · 12-01-13 @ 7:35 pm
by MysticOwl2000 · 01-05-13 @ 11:03 pm
by Juneau · 12-28-12 @ 8:36 pm
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by Bobby Lou Stevenson · 12-13-12 @ 7:40 pm
by Brooke · 12-12-12 @ 11:29 am
by Talltale64 · 12-11-12 @ 1:49 pm
by Mickey McAllister · 12-10-12 @ 7:49 pm

There are 55 Posts. Page 1 of 3 with per page.
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