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April 24, 2014
2:00am EDT

by Riot
Rated: E | Message Forum | Activity | #1736233
I.N.K.E.D.'s Venue for Inspiring Newcomers and Encouragement.
A huge thank you to MumstheWord-OutOfCirc for the gracious plaque!
Featured in "Contests & Activities Newsletter (May 9, 2012) & "Contests & Activities Newsletter (January 22, 2013)
The V.I.N.E.
Venue for Inspiring Newcomers Encouragement
*StarR* *StarO* *StarY* *StarG* *StarB* *StarV* *StarP*

Welcome to the main activity forum for "I.N.K.E.D.. The goal of this forum is pretty straightforward. Here, any member in the community can partake in welcoming newcomers to the site in any way they feel. The purpose of this forum serves two activities that go hand-in-hand with each other.

Awarding New Talent
*StarR* *StarO* *StarY* *StarG* *StarB* *StarV* *StarP*

The first is an activity we lovingly call A.N.T., which stands for Awarding New Talent. Each month nominations from "Newbie Spotlight Nomination are highlighted within the forum. The committee, also known as "I.N.K.E.D.'s group leaders, go through the list and award nominees for exceptional talent, dedication, and hard work. This may be in the form of Awardicons, Merit Badges, or C-Notes with Gift Points. We firmly believe that every single individual makes up a community and that newcomers are integral to helping it be great.
Anyone may nominate a newcomer who is approximately two months or younger to the site. While we understand that everyone learns at different paces and that there is no set definition for what a newcomer is, we feel that this is a reasonable time frame for those who have not quite got their shoe in the door yet. Have you noticed an up-and-coming newcomer? Let us know!

 ID: 1916631 (E)
Newbie Spotlight Nomination 
Nominate a newcomer today!
by Riot

August Reviews & Nominations


G.I.A.N.T Awards
Giving Inspiration and Awarding New Talent
*StarR* *StarO* *StarY* *StarG* *StarB* *StarV* *StarP*

It's remarkable how fitting this acronym is to how the community works. Sometimes, one simply cannot help but feel small and insignificant. Some may even say like an ant, but on closer examination, an ant is so much more than an insignificant speck. While an individual may not be able to carry fruit back to its colony, several ants can lift things enormously larger than themselves. What happens when we communicate and come together is something grand, something giant.
I.N.K.E.D. Spotlight Winners for July:
*Star* Jeff Maine
Awarded a Community Merit Badge and 10,000 Gift Points
*Star* carpenterswife
Awarded a Poetry Merit Badge and 10,000 Gift Points
*Star* Whitemorn
Awarded a Portfolio Merit Badge and 10,000 Gift Points
The following newcomers have received a C-Note with 2,500 Gift Points: Brooke , miss nikki , Thursday--Goodbye Virus! , P.J. Monroe , G. X. Bradbury , Adel M. Fakhry , scoutpioneer, DogEye
*Heart* Please take a moment to congratulate our wonderful newcomers for their outstanding work in jumping into our beloved community!

Merit Badge in Motivation
[Click For More Info]

Thank you for crediting reviewers on the  Public Reviews  page.  Giving an author feedback on their writing is a time consuming thing.  It's hard work and reviewers deserve acknowledgement for their effort -- recipient authors are often bad at this.  By rewarding reviewers,  you  motivate them to continue reviewing...  and  more reviewing  is an awesome thing, so thanks!  Please keep at it!
September's Challenge Closed
Closed for September
*StarR* *StarO* *StarY* *StarG* *StarB* *StarV* *StarP*

Please check back for October!

Send a newcomer a welcoming C-Note from the group through one of our shops. Please note that for each group you send the site automatically charges you 250 Gift Points. We understand that it is not always possible and reasonable to send them in groups of five, so this is why we have included such a generous incentive above. Please be sensible when sending a C-Note, we don't want to come across as spammy or over the top. We ask that when you write a C-Note that you try and find something personal include. Take some time to browse their port and try to find something to comment on. Thank you! *Smile*

 ID: 1763962 (E)
I.N.K.E.D. C-Note Shop (Shop One) 
The I.N.K.E.D. C-Note shop!
by Riot

 ID: 1773709 (E)
I.N.K.E.D C-Note (Shop Two) 
A new C-Note shop for members and leaders of the group I.N.K.E.D.
by Riot

While you're in their portfolio, why not leave a Scribble? Scribbles are a delightful way of introducing a newcomer to their notebooks, while showing them that someone has taken the time to wander into their port and say something. Below is a list of Scribbles we've come up with. You may use them as you see fit, but really these are here as an examples. Cutting and pasting them for sheer volume and convenience is not what it's all about. We highly recommend that you modify and personalize these to the individual portfolio you're visiting.

 ID: 1779378 (E)
I.N.K.E.D. ~ Scribbles 
An item that holds I.N.K.E.D. Scribble ideas.
by Riot

Not every newcomer has work in their portfolio, but a many of them do. If you notice that they have work in their portfolio, why not give it a review? We all remember the excitement of receiving our first review and being thrilled that someone out there noticed what we've done.
Reviews should not be affiliated with "I.N.K.E.D.. We would rather see you give your reviews to other established groups within the community that you partake in. Instead, simply copy and paste the image or tagline below into your review at the top or bottom. Other well known groups work this way, like "The Newbie Welcome Wagon and "Anniversary Reviews. We would love to see you gain more credit and recognition in the community by utilizing tags rather than affiliation! Also, yes, you may alter our tags to include other support groups, we just ask that you promote "I.N.K.E.D. and "Coffee Lounge within your review. *Heart*

START COPY *Right* {center}{e:starY} {size:3.5}Welcome to WDC from all of us at {item:inked}{/size} {e:starY}
{e:coffeeBl} {size:3.5}Join us for some coffee and conversation in the {item:lounge}{/size} {e:coffeeBl}{/center} *Left* END COPY

*StarY* Welcome to WDC from all of us at "I.N.K.E.D. *StarY*
*CoffeeBl* Join us for some coffee and conversation in the "Coffee Lounge *CoffeeBl*

Other Resources
How do I find a newcomers?
*StarR* *StarO* *StarY* *StarG* *StarB* *StarV* *StarP*

There are several ways in which you can find a newcomer to the site. Below are a few examples.
Read a Newbie  
Find a Newbie:  
         In the pulldown menu, select "Newest Account First" and then click "Go!" next to the empty search field.

IM a Newbie:  
         This is a great way to find invisible cases and their ports! (Scroll to the bottom.)

Find Forums: "Coffee Lounge, "Let's help each other grow!-Forum-Closed, "Newbie Help And Support Review Central, "Noticing Newbies, and many more.

*Tack* Please post in the forum when you've completed tasks on a newcomer!
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There are 2,122 Posts. Page 1 of 85 with per page.
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