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October 20, 2014
12:24am EDT

Rated: 18+ | Message Forum | Adult | #1774778
Round 21-- One Night Only Starts Oct. 6th ends 19th.

                             Thank you for stopping by Sensual Moments contest page, brought to you by the "Sensual Infusion group. We hope you'll enjoy your stay! *Wink*

 The purpose of this contest is to showcase your talent as an author of *Blush* erotica. *Blush*
Each submitted piece should therefore display both erotic and literary skills.
The goal is to create an anthology of quality erotica stories and poems which will ultimately be published.

*Reading* The Fine Print *Reading*

  *Thumbsup*  All submissions must be written by authors 18+ years of age.

  *PointRight*  Each contestant may only submit one Moment per round.

  *Clock*  Each round will last two weeks , (ideally *BigSmile*) starting Monday morning 12:01 and finishing every other Sunday night at 11:59. For that reason, any entries submitted after midnight WDC time will not be considered.

  *Tools*  All entries must be submitted as a message on the forum in bitem format. If you don't know how to use the bitem format, please check out "Linking Help And Practice for more information.

  *Exclaim*  A maximum of 10 entries will be allowed per round. First come, first served!

*Exclaim* Writing rules *Exclaim*

                   *PointRight* Please make sure to follow the rules mentioned below or your story will not be considered.

  *BoxCheck*  Your short story should be between 1,000 and 3,000 words. If you choose to write a poem, then make sure you don't exceed the 1,000 word limit.

  *BoxCheck*  Place a word count at the beginning or at the end of your item.

  *BoxCheck*  Make sure to follow the round's prompt. Put the round's prompt either at the beginning or the end of your item.

  *BoxCheck*  New or old, we accept them all. Just make sure your older creations follow the current round's prompt. Should you have any doubts, feel free to ask the round's judge.

  *BoxCheck*  Edits up to the deadline are allowed and encouraged.

                   *PointRight* There are a few things we do not want to see in your creations, so don't bother.

  *No*  No rape, no bestiality, no underage, no incest and no violence.

*Dollar* Rewards *Dollar*

  *Dollar*  The winner of each weekly round will have the choice between a 10K merit badge, 10K awardIcon or the equivalent in GPs. New Rule on Awards as of July 7/1/14 - All Rounds Must have a Minimum of Three Qualified Entries in order for a Winner to be Chosen and Awarded.  For Rounds with Less than the Required Minimum, all Qualified Entries will Receive 1000 Gift Points for their Entries.

  *Magnify*  All Moments that have been awarded a honourable mention will receive an in-depth review by the round's judge. The awardees of honourable mentions will also get 1,000 GPs to reward them for their efforts.

  *Crown*  The winning Moment will be added to "Sensual Moments Vol. III Collection which will eventually form the book that is to be published. Please let us know if you do not want your entry included for print.

  *BalloonR*  Each winner will also have the opportunity to join the group "Sensual Infusion.

  *Thought*  Every entry will get an in-depth review.

Still in the dark about how the contest works? Want to know how to win the 500K awardIcon?

*Star* *Star* *Star* Round 21 *Star* *Star* *Star*

One Night Only. Your characters connect but can only be together for one night, how do they spend this night? Also, the characters must be over the age of 40. .

Good luck! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Start and end dates of this round: Oct. 6th- Oct. 19th

  Please contact this round's judge Royal Eduardo   if you have any specific questions regarding the prompt.

*Heart* Thank yous *Heart*

  *BulletV*  A big, heartfelt thank you goes out to all those awesome people out there who supported us from the beginning. We couldn't have done it without you.

Our Judges:

MD Maurice
~ Vampiric Angel ~
dblameck (David)
Royal Eduardo

Our most recent donors are:

Joey's lost his mind!
McKinzie S. Heart
The "Contest Central Station and their "Invalid Item
bumblegrum (aka Grum)
Maggie McCullough (Fiare)
Simply~Not too well.
Vampyfae *Welcome Baby Rhys* on behalf of The vigilante angel team!

  *BulletV*  If you too would like to donate funds, please do so by sending GPs to our main group page "Sensual Infusion or by including them in a message in the forum of the contest.

*Cut* For Judges *Paste*

  *BulletB*  Please have a look at our "Sensual Moments judges roster and choose a week when you would like to judge.

Remeber that as a courtesy to our participants, we ask you to try to complete your reviewing and judging prior to the next round's deadline, which gives you week's time. If for any reason you can't review the stories in that time, please let the entrants know in the contest's forum.

The importance of constructive criticism.

*Tools* Want to write better erotica? *Tools2*

  *Target*  If you are interested in honing your skills at writing erotica, then please visit these other awesome contests and groups.

ID: 1380461 (18+)
Paradise Cove Writing Challenge  
A romance/erotica contest from The Talent Pond.
by Jeff-o'-lantern

ID: 1355442 (18+)
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Can you excite in 869 words? Round 129, due Oct. 19 Judge: Edgework Prompt: Un-Related
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ID: 1639097 (18+)
House of Sensual Prose 
Breaking down the elements of writing successful Erotica
by Amethyst&EmeraldFlame

ID: 1702029 (18+)
Tales of Seduction 
CLOSED until further notice
by Amethyst&EmeraldFlame

Useful group links:

our conversation forum,"The Sensual Writers Forum
our group, "Sensual Infusion,
our judges' roster, "Sensual Moments judges roster,
our raffle, "Sensual Moments Anniversary Bash!

Please label your entry posts with the round number, e.g. entry/ round 1 as well as the title of the round's prompt.
Also don't forget your word count and the prompt.
There are 98 Posts. Page 1 of 4 with per page.
by dblameck (David) · 10-15-14 @ 1:11 pm
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by SinfulAngel39 · 09-26-14 @ 10:04 am
by dblameck (David) · 09-17-14 @ 12:19 pm
by J. L. Henry (Jenn) · 09-15-14 @ 6:21 pm
by MD Maurice · 09-15-14 @ 8:50 am
by SinfulAngel39 · 09-08-14 @ 10:09 am
by SinfulAngel39 · 09-08-14 @ 9:51 am
by dblameck (David) · 09-03-14 @ 1:12 pm
by SinfulAngel39 · 08-26-14 @ 8:29 am
by SinfulAngel39 · 08-25-14 @ 8:27 am
by dblameck (David) · 08-19-14 @ 10:46 am
by SinfulAngel39 · 08-11-14 @ 9:25 am
by SinfulAngel39 · 07-29-14 @ 9:57 am
by SinfulAngel39 · 07-28-14 @ 3:42 pm
by SinfulAngel39 · 07-28-14 @ 9:36 am
by SinfulAngel39 · 07-28-14 @ 9:35 am
by J. L. Henry (Jenn) · 07-21-14 @ 9:26 pm
by dblameck (David) · 07-20-14 @ 9:34 am
by SinfulAngel39 · 07-14-14 @ 10:02 am

There are 98 Posts. Page 1 of 4 with per page.
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