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March 5, 2015
3:04am EST

Rated: 13+ | Message Forum | Contest | #1786069
March's OFFICIAL ROUND is now open! Sign up in the forum with the best bloggers on WDC.
CURRENT COMPETITORS! Click HERE to go straight to the forum.
NEW / INTERESTED BLOGGERS: Please read the Contest rules in this forum first. Thanks! Bigsmile

"I enjoy reading the blog entries and seeing how they relate to one another. Rotating the initiator of the entries gives a wide variety of topics and directions, which is wonderful for those of us who like to read and follow the prompts from one blog to the next. I like that you have an emergency blog title for use in case the initiator doesn't show. Sometimes life gets in the way so it's good to know there is an alternative and nobody needs to feel like they are letting the other bloggers down. Thanks for encouraging members to Blog On! *Smile*" - Diane

*Blockb*March Official Blogging 2015!*Blockb*

March is an OFFICIAL month!
Next month (April) will be an UNOFFICIAL month!

(Sign up with a link to your blog in the forum)

CALL FOR DONORS --- Please send GIFT POINTS for future contest prize pools to: "30-Day Bloggers Group

a Web site containing the writer's or group of writers' experiences, observations,  opinions, etc...,  and often having images and links to other Web sites.

This is a bi-monthly contest having a month-on, month-off format. The Blogging community is a thriving one and this is what keeps people coming back, month after month after month to the most intense battle of the bloggers. *Lightning*

*Pencil* *Pencil* *Pencil*

The Current 30-Day Blogging
Challenge Champion (January 2015) is:
*Star* 1st Place: Charlie *Star*
*Star* 2nd Place skeason *Star*
*Star* 3rd Place Fran - Busy, busy, busyyy! *Star*

As always we are very proud of each of the bloggers that participate in the 30 Day Blogging Challenge. Congratulations to one and all!

*Delight* *Delight* *Delight*


For more information & full list of placings including honorable mentions for all past challenges go to: "Winners List"  

*Pencil* *Pencil* *Pencil*

Earl-So Long Bloggers! Founder & Host
Julie D   Assoc. Judge (retired) & Enforcer.
Alan Smithee Assoc. Judge (retired)
Thundersbeard Host (March 2012 - November 2012)
Emily ~ Extended Hiatus Host (November 2012 - March 2014)
         Brother Nature (Joel) Official Unofficial Coordinator (October 2013 - Present)
         WyrdNaos Trippin' on Yello Assistant (March 2013 - Present (on hiatus))
         Lyn - Guest Judge & Host - July 2014 CHAMP!! - Guest Judge - June 2014; Ombudsman - September 2014 - Present; Host, January 2015 - Present.

March 2015 Guest Judges (receive a Judging Merit Badge! -- THREE spots left)
         ElaineElaine March 9th-15th
         Fran - Busy, busy, busyyy! March 16th-22nd

If you would like to be a guest judge for 1 week, please email CHAMP!!

*Pencil* *Pencil* *Pencil*


Wildcard Mondays!: To free a day of the week up for some more interesting prompts, Mondays will now be quite unpredictable! *Bigsmile* Prepare to think on your toes! *Smirk* Prompts will be a mix of anything I can think up. You may be prompted to write persuasive articles, quote analysis pieces, current world event summaries, or general writing adages.

Two-fer Tuesdays: Share an item or blog entry from any of the eligible competitors this month. Include a review link for bonus points.

War Chest Wednesdays:  A prompt from our pool of challenger prompts known as The Challenge War Chest.

Opinion Thursdays: An opinion piece prompt also from the War Chest. Known colloquially as "Opinion Thursday".

Funny Friday: A funny prompt, usually from the War Chest.

Creation Saturday: A creative writing prompt from the War Chest will be used. Challengers are encouraged to write a poem or story.

The Sunday News!: Pick a random article from the headlines and talk about it. Share your opinions and feelings about it. Encourage a conversation.


*Crayons2* Daily prompts will be private mailed to group members of "30-Day Bloggers Group" . Prompts will also be posted in this forum.

*Crayons3* One must write a blog entry about the prompt within 24 hours after the prompt is posted (timeliness is a factor in judging).

*Crayons4* When the blog entry is done, the blogger must post the link of his/her blog to
the forum, using {entry: }

*Crayons5* Commenting on fellow challengers blogs is NOT optional.  Blog comments are an integral part of this Blog Challenge. If you NEVER comment on another challengers blog you will end up being disqualified. This doesn't neccessarily mean you have to comment on EVERY challengers' blog entry but you should aim for a 1:1 ratio. 1 blog entry, 1 blog comment per day.


I believe that the prizes are just some sort of gravy; it's just an appetizer. The real prize for the winner is the fulfillment that comes when the whole challenge is completed.

*Idea* BUT! if you want to win ...*Idea*

*Idea* Impressive and prompt blog responses.

*Idea* In any cases of work-related or emergency reasons we allow 5 non-consecutive late entries.

*Idea* Responses to prompt should be in a separate post. No two prompt answers in a single post.

*Idea* You MUST comment on other challengers blog entries!

*Note1*  *Note1*  *Note1*  *Note1*  *Note1*

*Pencil* *Pencil* *Pencil*

*Blocko*CHECK IT OUT!:*Blocko*

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Promote a recent entry in your Writing.Com blog here on The Blog Board!
by Writing.Com Support

*Blocko*Our Sister Groups and Newsletter Group!:*Blocko*

ID: 1901868 (E)
Blogging Circle of Friends  
A group for WDC bloggers.
by CJ Reddick

ID: 1972895 (E)
Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise 
Blog City - Every Blogger's Paradise.
by Lyn

ID: 1908544 (E)
Blogging Bliss Newsletter Subscribers 
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by Wordsmitty

DONORS --- Please email GIFT POINTS for future contest prize pools to:
ID: 1788309 (13+)
30-Day Bloggers Group 
Among the best bloggers on WDC can be found here. Join us, and expand your readership.
by CHAMP!!

*Thumbsup*  *Thumbsup*  *Thumbsup*  *Thumbsup*  *Thumbsup*

Thank you for blogging in this 30 DAY CHALLENGE.
Cordially, CHAMP!!

*Pencil* *Pencil* *Pencil*

*Pencil* *Pencil* *Pencil*

# 1 -  "Life's Needle Drop"   by Charlie
# 2 -  "Brother's Blog"   by Brother Nature (Joel)
# 3 -  "Petals on a wet, black bough"   by Imogen
# 4 -  "More Snow Melt"   by Prosperous Snow (Neva)
# 5 -  "Life is random...and so am I"   by Julie D
# 6 -  "A Little Bit of Everything"   by Ant Cubby
# 7 -  "Ramblings of a Wannabe"   by abcoachnz - NaNo King x3
# 8 -  "MY NEWBIE IS SHOWING"   by Cheri Annemos
# 9 -  "Stepping Stones - My Daily Blog for 2015"   by PandaPaws
# 10 -  "Roseanne's Random Ramblings"   by ROSĪ£ANNĪ£ ā”‚The Lone Wolf
# 11 -  "Enbracing the writing addicition"   by Taz_Koby
# 12 -  "BLOG: LIVING WITH HEART, HOPE U R 2"   by GrANNbest4writingLesbian;Smile
# 13 -  "I think I can....I think I can...."   by skeason
# 14 -  "30 day blogging"   by Diesel-18 wheels a rollin
# 15 -  "Blah, Blah, Blah and other stories"   by The_Cavity has wisdom teeth!
# 16 -  "Dragon's Den"   by Miss Dragon ~ went bananas
# 17 -  "Challenge Me"   by Noyoki
# 18 -  "Life Happens"   by Diane
# 19 -  "Caught in a Whirlwind"   by Bernie
# 20 -  "30 days of blogging"   by cobe-feeling blue

There are 10,899 Posts. Page 1 of 436 with per page.
by Miss Dragon ~ went bananas · 9 minutes ago
by Taz_Koby · about 2 hours ago
by Julie D · about 3 hours ago
by Noyoki · about 4 hours ago
by GrANNbest4writingLesbian;Smile · about 4 hours ago
by PandaPaws · about 6 hours ago
by Bernie · about 6 hours ago
by Bernie · about 7 hours ago
by Imogen · about 7 hours ago
by Cheri Annemos · about 8 hours ago
by Charlie · about 15 hours ago
by Prosperous Snow (Neva) · about 16 hours ago
by Diane · about 17 hours ago
by Ant Cubby · about 20 hours ago
by Taz_Koby · a day ago
by cobe-feeling blue · a day ago
by cobe-feeling blue · a day ago
by Miss Dragon ~ went bananas · a day ago

There are 10,899 Posts. Page 1 of 436 with per page.
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