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April 20, 2014
7:41pm EDT

Rated: E | Message Forum | Contest | #1862891
Express Yourself and Bring an Emotion to Life.ROUND 12! CLOSED FOR JUDGING!

*Smile* Also heart-felt thanks to justforyou for the lovely ribbon that graces this page. Thank you!!*Smile*

Expressing emotions in the right way and making the recipient understand or feel what we are going through is a difficult task.I love reading poems that express emotions and feelings very well and this contest is to quench my thirst of reading such poems. In this contest, I will a choose an Emotion as a prompt and you should write a poem expressing that emotion ~ a poem that shows and portrays the emotion.

*BurstV* Accepts Only Poetry. *BurstV*

*BurstO* The entire poem should be written only on the given prompt. *BurstO*

*BurstV* Rating content can be up to 18+, anything over this will be removed from the contest. *BurstV*

*BurstO* Kindly submit the poem in b-item form. Find out how to use b-item in this link."How to Post in a Forum & Post Links *BurstO*

*BurstV* Kindly submit the poem ready to be judged.I will be judging as and when possible and will judge what I read at that moment in time. *BurstV*

*BurstO* DO NOT edit your work once submitted. DO NOT edit the forum post. If something needs to be edited in the post, please email me. *BurstO*

*BurstV* Only New Poems written specifically for this contest is accepted. One Poem per Person per Prompt. *BurstV*

*BurstO* 40 line max, no minimum. No need to mention line count. *BurstO*

*BurstV* Poems can be written in any form and rhyme scheme, but Kindly Mention the Form and Rhyme Scheme in the forum post or in your poem. Example: "Clogyrnach Poem, a,a,b,b,b,a" or " Free form poem, No rhyme scheme"*BurstV*

Kindly Note:
Any poem submitted, that has not followed the rules will not be eligible for any prizes.

Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated and needed for the successful running of this contest.

Donations can be made in the forum post below or sent directly to "Expressions of Emotions Contest Bank.

*NoteR* For donations in size of 30,000 GPs or more, a Merit Badge of your choice will be awarded. Donations of 1K or more will be listed below.*NoteR*

Many Thanks to the Wonderful Donations from
Generous Donors

*ButterflyV* Princess Zelda~Sweet Solitude will be your judge.*ButterflyV*
I will be judging based on the clarity and content of the poem.
If there is a form, I will see how it manages to express the emotion within the form and rhyme.
Punctuation and grammar will also be taken into account.
However, if you have expressed the given emotion in a exceptionally novel way, it may be chosen as the best.

*ExclaimR* NEW!! You win ~ You Chose your Prize!! *ExclaimR*

*Starstruck* First Place: (25K awardicon) or (25K GPs) or (MB+10K Awardicon+5K) *Starstruck*

*Shock*Second Place: (10K awardicon+ 5K GPs) or (MB +5K) or (15K GPs)*Shock*

*Bigsmile*Third Place: (10K awardicon) or (MB) or (10K GPs)*Bigsmile*

Kindly Note:
Only 1st place will be awarded with fewer than 5 qualifying entries. At least 7 qualifying entries are required to award all prizes. Sometimes the deadline may be extended due to very few entries.
These stipulations and rules are subject to change upon the discretion of the judge.

Begins January 5th, 2014 11.59 P.M and ends on February 15th, 2014, 11.59 P.M WDC time

Write a Poem Using -
*Right* EMOTICONS *Left*

Emoticons can be found here.
Be creative. I should be able to understand the poem. All the other rules apply and if you have any questions feel free to ask me. *Bigsmile*


A lame example by me:

So *Inlove* with this *Music1*,
*Hook*ed to the voice on the *Cd*.
I can't *Buttonstop* dancing
though I'm on the *Train*...

" Past winners - Hall of Fame
Congratulations!! ROUND 11 WINNERS

ROUND 11 ~ Prompt ~ EMOTICON

*Crown* First Place:
Halloween  [13+]
A poem written in emoticons for the Expressions of Emotions Poetry Contest
by Hiding~Bye!~Away until 21st...
by Hiding~Bye!~Away until 21st...

*Crown* Second Place:
Emoticon Poem  [E]
The story of Jesus' life.
by Marci~EggstraBusy
by Marci~EggstraBusy

*Crown* Third Place:
Emoticon Love Poem  [E]
Written for Princess Zelda's Expression of Emotions, Emoticon Poem contest
by Sum1
by Sum1

*Crown* Honourable Mention:
Ugly faces we see every day
by Seabreeze
by Seabreeze
 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor
by Oceanborne~No more Wblock!

Check out
ID: 1937709 (E)
~ The Poet's Place Cafe~ 
A place for discussion on poetry, reviews, contests, etc.
by Marci~EggstraBusy

There are 263 Posts. Page 1 of 11 with per page.
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by Princess Zelda~Sweet Solitude · 01-05-14 @ 11:56 am
by Princess Zelda~Sweet Solitude · 01-05-14 @ 11:41 am

There are 263 Posts. Page 1 of 11 with per page.
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