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April 24, 2014
7:09am EDT

Rated: E | Message Forum | Contest | #1947714
Fancy Dress Contest for WDC's Birthday. All are invited! ~Results Declared~

A Special Birthday Party Presented By "Words with Wings

The purpose of this party is to dress up as another individual and tell us the story of that individual. The only thing that is forbidden is to be YOU.

There are seven rooms in this party. You can enter one or you can enter all of them. Decide a character suitable to that room and write a story/poem as that character.

Accepting entries from 1st – 7th of September, 2013.

Fantasy Room

Spooky Room

Colored World

Fictional World

Enter the Zoo

Living Inanimation

Superheroes Room

1) Short stories and poems, both are welcome but only one entry per participant in each room.
2) There are seven rooms to choose from. You can enter more than one room at a time, but the same story/poem cannot be entered in two rooms.
3) The stories/poems should be in first person.
4) Maximum word count on short stories: 2000 (flexible within reasonable limit.)
5) Maximum line count on poetry: 40
6) The contest runs for Birthday Week, i.e. September,1- September,7.
7) Entries should be 13+ or below.
8) Entries can be any genre, but should be appropriate for the target age group of "Children's" or "Young Adult."
9) Entries should be submitted in bitem format (see ""Linking Help And Practice" for instruction). They can also be submitted as book entries. Direct posts in messages will not be accepted.
10) Both, older and new works are welcome if they follow the prompt.
11) Entries may be edited anytime but I will review as and when I read the entry.
12) The results will be announced on 13th Sebtember, 2013.

Since this is birthday party, every entry will get raffle tickets worth 2k to the raffle of my choice. *Inlove*

*BalloonP* First Prize - 50k Awardicon and 50k GPs.
*BalloonP* Second Prize - 25k Awardicon and 25k in GPs.
*BalloonP* Third Prize - 10k Awardicon and 20k in GPs.(*Modified as per the awardicons available.)
*BalloonP* Room Winner -10k Awardicon and 10k in GPs. (A room should have at least three entries for this prize.)
*BalloonP* Honorable Mention- 5k in GPs*

Anybody who enters all the rooms will get an appropriate Merit Badge.

*For all the three prizes to be awarded, there must be at least five entries. The Honorable mentions will be given at Judge's discretion.

This contest relies on your donations to make it successful. Every donation is highly appreciated and all donors are listed below. Donations of 30k or more will receive a Merit Badge as a token of gratitude. The GPs can be enclosed in the forum post or sent to the ID#1935652 ("Words with Wings Bank)

*BalloonP* Humming bird - 5k *Heart*
*BalloonP* Dave - 40k *Heart*- Community MB given.
*BalloonP* Jeff Maine - 50k *Heart* - Autumn MB given.
*BalloonP* eyestar~Happy 12th Maryann! - 10k *Heart*
*BalloonP* Miget 'Shroom - 30k *Heart* - Wisdom MB given.
*BalloonP* April Showers... - 30k *Heart* - Supportive MB given.
*BalloonP* Elle - 50k *Heart* - Children MB given.
*BalloonP* Blüeyez - 30k *Heart* -MB on the way

*Star*Special thanks to Elle for shiny blue ribbon gracing the forum. *Star*

Fantasy Room

Spooky Room

Colored World

Fictional World

Enter the Zoo

Living Inanimation

Superheroes Room


Fantasy Room- *RibbonR* "A Small World*RibbonR* by Miget 'Shroom

Spooky World- *RibbonR* "Check Your Closet! *RibbonR* by ~Spring Robin~

Colored World- *RibbonR* "BLACK *RibbonR* by Dave

Fictional world - One entry was disqualified because it was not in first person. *Frown* As a result, we don't have sufficient entries to declare winner of this room.

Enter the Zoo- The room only has two entries which are not sufficient to declare the winner of the room.

Living Inanimation- *RibbonR* "En Pointe *RibbonR* by Blüeyez

Superheroes Room - The room only has two entries which are not sufficient to declare the winner of the room.


*ConfettiR* *ConfettiG* *ConfettiO* First Place goes to "En Pointe by Blüeyez - Excellent form, excellent creativity. *ConfettiR* *ConfettiG* *ConfettiO*

*ConfettiR* *ConfettiG* *ConfettiO* Second Place goes to "Me and My Fiddle by ~Spring Robin~ - You took me back to my childhood with just few lines *ConfettiR* *ConfettiG* *ConfettiO*

*ConfettiR* *ConfettiG* *ConfettiO* Third Place goes to "Snowflake by Dave - Poignant innocence recreated in words *ConfettiR* *ConfettiG* *ConfettiO*

Honorable Mentions -

*RibbonB* "A Small World by Miget 'Shroom - I still can feel the warmth after reading this entry.

*RibbonB* "The most delightful of colours. by Jellyfish- Happy Easter! x - Yellow was never so beautiful for me!

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by LostGhost~Multitasking · 09-13-13 @ 2:52 pm
by LostGhost~Multitasking · 09-08-13 @ 12:49 pm
by Blüeyez · 09-07-13 @ 10:22 pm
by Blüeyez · 09-07-13 @ 9:33 pm
by ~Spring Robin~ · 09-07-13 @ 4:17 pm
by LostGhost~Multitasking · 09-07-13 @ 10:57 am
by Miget 'Shroom · 09-07-13 @ 10:45 am
by ~Spring Robin~ · 09-07-13 @ 9:38 am
by LostGhost~Multitasking · 09-07-13 @ 4:13 am
by Miget 'Shroom · 09-07-13 @ 3:50 am
by ~Spring Robin~ · 09-07-13 @ 2:43 am
by LostGhost~Multitasking · 09-07-13 @ 2:35 am
by LostGhost~Multitasking · 09-07-13 @ 2:26 am
by LostGhost~Multitasking · 09-07-13 @ 2:07 am
by ~Spring Robin~ · 09-07-13 @ 1:56 am
by ~Spring Robin~ · 09-06-13 @ 9:39 pm
by Miget 'Shroom · 09-06-13 @ 5:09 pm
by LostGhost~Multitasking · 09-06-13 @ 1:12 am
by LostGhost~Multitasking · 09-06-13 @ 12:59 am
by LostGhost~Multitasking · 09-06-13 @ 12:47 am

There are 74 Posts. Page 1 of 3 with per page.
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