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Hi - after being a part of the Writing.com family for so long a time, let me just say that there are plenty of people here to get acquainted with, people who just may share the same aspirations as yourself. That said, one thing I always knew to be certain in Life is... is that if you venture nothing, there will be nothing gained. If you believe in something out of nothing, then why did Albert Einstein declare that matter can be neither created or destroyed? On this site, you may not "get" what is expected of others, but when you put something in, nearly always there will be someone who is bound to enjoy your company! Good luck to all - Dr. J
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    A place for all poems Floridian
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    Writing again ... is like one's Muse learning to ... bleed and breathe. Ah, Life again !!
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    Here I honor a friend forever - my dog Teva....
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    A place for the brief stories I've had time to conjure up!
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