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"She knew that he had done all he could to convince her to make the leap - the leap not of faith but romantic reality. Her days - filled with a special kind of restlessness, the kind that made her stand straight up and announce to no one in particular, "I'm bored!" This, always followed with a "shrug yawn" - those mini-desperate lifting of both arms into the air in an attempt to release pent-up energies that collect beneath the Muse as one. On that very day, as she left the market and climbed into her vehicle, she spotted him walking to his car, parked immediately next to hers. 'Now or never', she told herself, clutching the car handle....."
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    A place for all poems Floridian
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    Writing again ... is like one's Muse learning to ... bleed and breathe. Ah, Life again !!
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    Here I honor a friend forever - my dog Teva....
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    A place for the brief stories I've had time to conjure up!
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