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July 24, 2014
1:43pm EDT

Rated: 18+ | Book | Fantasy | #1712884
Why I want to write a book
  Thoughts on life and society can be pointless, but that's what books are for. I've never enjoyed reading.
It's always been difficult for me to read. Sometimes, I imagine little demons pulling at my eye lids.
The Devil is in the details. I like people, who can act. They're fun to watch. I guess I wish I could be an
actor, but I just don't have that charm and I stutter. My life is meaningless. I just lope from one place to
another. I think that's my strength. Most people need a career and family. .. Family is a nice idea, but
I've never had a nice family. Is this becoming annoying? ...

Let's start with Vertago! He's cool and a stud. He also is popping up a lot in my movie watching. The mind
can make association: like is the guy on the radio talking to me? Or why am I seeing so many eye balls in
my movie watching? Jeeeze! I just saw CASE 39. A really scary movie with an eye ball scene that's very icky.
This guy has a hornet come up out of his eye's lid.. tear duck. Any who, it's scary. Well, when I was
Veratgo on Private my picture was of my left eye.
It was trippy. Just a note to the CASE 39 writers: Lilith is not evil. I'm talking about Adam's first wife, expelled
from Eden, because she "Would not be his beast of burden." Lilith is the first feminist in Bible Lore,
she is immortal. So you can't drown her. Nope, only God can stop her.

Okay, this Vertago guy is still effecting me. Strangers will look at me and cover their right eye, cars will shut
one headlight off. That's dangerous! I had an elderly woman pinch my butt an call me "Vertago." in the mall.
There was a Vertago concert. There is a Vertago song by U2. I started writing about Vertago in the 90's on an
Australian web site Private That's when I was working at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart was awful.
I had an over night manager slap me in the face.
I just wish people would stop dropping pennies around me. I mentioned that Abraham Lincoln is looking to
the right, while all the other presidents are facing to the left, because he was assassinated. Now, I get penny's
dropped around me. I wish I had mentioned the dollar bill and the star of David over the eagel's head.
It has twelve stars in it for the twelve Apostles. Feel free to throw dollars at me.

Reflections: I wasn't completely honest about what I said about the penny. I was quoting the old Civil war
lore Lincoln was facing right because he freed the slaves and turned his back on the brotherhood. That's
what I wrote on Private I'm not in favor of slavery.
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June 26, 2014 at 5:53pm
June 26, 2014 at 5:53pm
Walmart VIP David Toval : BS
Dear David Toval ; Walmart VIP.

Are you for real? You wrote to Time Magazine that the average wage
for fulltime employees is $12.91. Really? I worked at the Newington Walmart,
NH and most employees did not get fulltime or $12.91. The management didn't
want to give out fulltime benefits. I worked there six years and left at $9.60.
I was cashiering and selling permits in sporting goods. I think your blowing
smoke in the face of your employees.

Oh? And you think Walmart supports American manufacturers?
Walmart's number one manufacturer is China. Why? China has slave labor.
Please don't think for a minute your fooling anyone. I know you measure people
by their income. That's why Walmart keeps 90% of its profits for upper management.
A billion dollar company wants to cut off its employees from insurance benefits
so you can get a big bonus. Your just another robber baron.

Your not fooling anyone.

Vertago <^>

June 22, 2014 at 1:02pm
June 22, 2014 at 1:02pm
Kill them all. God will sort them out.

Arnald Amalric, a French Cestercian Monk answered, when questioned by the
commander of the crusades in Southern France how to tell who was a heretic.

"Kill them all. God will recognize his own."

Pope Innocent III had sent the crusaders to kill the heretic sect of Cathar..
The Cathars were Christian , but they did not accept the authority of the Pope.
The commander of the crusade could not tell apart Catholic Frenchmen from a
Cathar Frenchman .. The Pope's emmessary ordered the massacre of all the
people of Loraine in 1209ad .+

Luke 19:27, "Bring my enemies out before me and slay them."
Jesus in Revelation 2:23 said, "I will strike her children dead."
If we take the entire Bible in context Jesus agrees with the ordering of slayings
by God in the Old Testament. If you add the concept of the Trinity, then
you connect Jesus directly with all the slayings of men, women and children
by God-Jesus in the Old Testament.

Joan of Arch would be born in Loraine and lead France successfully against
the Anglo-Saxon invasion. My grandmother was born in Loraine and immigrated
to the United State to escape the NAZI invasion. My mother told me the German
people love war. I think the Jews and Christians love war too.
They believe God commands them to kill the heretics.

Well, no matter how you slice it , I'm a heretic.
I just can't believe if someone wants me dead they are good.
And doesn't God want us dead? That was the punishment for eating that apple.
There is some ying and yang going on with the supreme being.
Do I offend? Go to a high place and jump.
God will not catch you.

June 15, 2014 at 10:33pm
June 15, 2014 at 10:33pm
Pep Boys

I like to service my old truck there.
I had a starter replaced and then replaced again.
I had an ac pump installed there and then replaced
and eventually bypassed. .. Recently, I had 3
batteries replaced and a fan belt twice all at
Pep Boys. Now, the water pump has started leaking
and that was installed at Pep Boys too, but its
under warranty like all the other defective parts
I had installed at Pep Boys.

Pep Boys
1 Durgin Road
Portsmouth, NH 03801
1 603 430 6223

Events like these remind of other mishaps;
like getting a promotion with no raise.
Or my sister calling me a lazy bum, when I was
taking care of mom. Then again, getting fired for
having a hernia is little more shitty.
Of course, Tony did hit the top ten list when
he said I was selfish, because I wanted an equal
third of dad's estate. I got much less, but I

I guess I hold a grudge. Here I am rehashing old
farts and my truck is being repaired for free.
It's all under warranty .. Oh, the dick who tried
to get me fired from my current job is working
at Pep Boys now. He is so screwed. :)
I had a dream my sister got cancer and willed the
money she took from me back to me. I got a chubby.
That's not Christian. I just want to be fair.
I feel like some coco and then I'll talk to my
lawyer about Pep Boys. I like that.

June 2, 2014 at 9:01pm
June 2, 2014 at 9:01pm
What is it all coming to?
Ah, the reflection in the ripples of time. I guess I'm sensitive.
My mother told me I was. She was spooky in her prediction.
She never missed ... One thing is constant , moms are spooky.
I loved my mother and not so much anybody else.. Dad was
considerate, but distant. So, what? How many people have had
the same regrets about family?

I look at my life as a journey , so far nothing much has popped up.
Where will it all lead? Look, I know this is rambling dribble , but have
you thought about Devine Providence? I have a lot of time to think about
this.. What if everything we do has profound implications?
Why do these crazies go ballistic and massacre bystanders?
Maybe, I was rude to one of them and that set them off?

There is a line of impertinence in my writing. I've often wondered
if I'm encouraging antisocial behavior. There are so many other larger
malevolent influences , like violent video games or violent movies...
It seems egotistical to believe that I have any sway in the flood of
hedonism and sardonic nihilism.. I'll bet much of the serial killings are
related to obsessive narcissism and masturbation. Have you ever thought
about how many times a day you are enticed?

People are encouraged to be impulsive and the media plays on their vanity
and avarice.. I just do not believe any good will come from this.
This Putin guy is nuts and he might drag us into WWIII. The kid, who goes
on a killing spree is nuts too, but on a smaller scale. They both are looking
for power in violence. It never works for me.

Oh well, I have no control over the whimsy of the masses.

May 7, 2014 at 12:50pm
May 7, 2014 at 12:50pm
Fox News and politics
I guess I'm one of those fuddy duddies who watches
Fox News. I'm 51. I like news and debates especially
when they get nasty. The Fox anchor women are cute
and there's always a leg shot. Yummy!

Hmm, Benganzi reminds me of every other embassy attacked in the middle east under every administration. A congressional committee couldn't impeach Nixon. He resigned.
Who could be satisfied with the congressional investigation
into the Twin Trade Tower terrorist attack?
Congressional investigations are politically motivated. They can't handle the truth,+
George W. tried to stop any investigation into 9/11.
George H. stopped General Schwarzkopf from invading
Iraq , George W. thought 9/11 justified an
invasion of Iraq.. If the Bush family wanted to take the oil fields of Iraq, then George H. had the most legitimate reason to do it. Saddam invaded Kuwait. . That is an act of war.
It does feel like a conspiracy, but it's stupid.

Any who, I landed in Televi on 9/11. I'm a skeptic about religion, but I wanted to
walk in the land of the prophets. My flight originated
out of Logan airport at the same time the high-jackers
boarded their flights. Israel was wonderful and I only ran across
one military battle at the siege of Marry Magdalin's
Town. We couldn't enter the town, but it was exciting
to see Israeli tanks rushing up the highway.
Ramone my guide said, "What do you expect when you fuck us
over?" I replied, "The United States is the only
country to use the atomic bomb." Ramon and his Palestinian driver didn't like my answer.
Strange days...indeed.

900 and 99 to go... If I'm reading the Bible code
correctly. Armageddon should happen in 999 days.
God why ? The works of God are just, but this is
just stupid.

April 26, 2014 at 8:48am
April 26, 2014 at 8:48am
The Leprechaun

I've been living with a Leprechaun for 2 years.
He's very grumpy. Every morning he wakes up cursing
and threatening to kill everyone. His general outlook
is < Anybody pisses me off : they're dead.>
He likes to brag about his short career in the
Marines and what a killer he is. He blew out his knee
in boot camp. Almost everyday he will warn someone
that he was a Marine and he can kick their ass.
But, he has arthritis in his fingers and his
his shoulders. He also complains about severe painful
acne. Okay, he is very loyal and buys me dinner,
but is reluctant to pay for gas.

This is what I think about at 3am when driving my
Leprechaun to work, "Will he ever shut up?"
"I've worked 6yrs for this shit job and they wont
promote me. Fuckem!" he likes to remark...
And why wont they promote him? Well, he has a lousy
attitude . He likes to call his boss "Shit head!"
That's not a team player.

I'm reminded of my dad's advice, "If you don't
like it leave." Dad had a ton of gems like that,
"No one cares about you. Just get lost."
These mottos happened around my college graduation
to K-Mart manager. Dad had hoped I be a teacher and
paid for my college education. He was not pleased
that I remained at home, while climbing the K-Mart
ladder. But, then mom got sick and I became a,
"a useful oaf." My sister called me a, "Lazy bum."
So, I'm use to dealing with grumpy people.

I just watched CRUMB it's so similar to my life,
except, Ronald Crumb is a successful cartoonist.
I buy lottery tickets.. Any who, the Leprechaun got
hit in the back of the head with a brick and the brick
split. He told me he had a metal plate in his head.
I urged him to get an x-ray, but he hates hospitals.
So, he probably has a concussion. His brother threw
the brick. Most murders are family related.
The Leprechaun is a chalk outline waiting to happen.

Oh, well...

April 10, 2014 at 5:11pm
April 10, 2014 at 5:11pm
Is there a culture of death?

I think Bill Maher is right , "It's cool to be cruel."
Another high school massacre and no one can stop it.
When I was in Cambridge Ringe and Latin there were knife fights.
The fight was between two guys over a girl. The idea of killing strangers
was not real. Kids settled their grudges with the offender.

One notorious playboy got chased by a group of boys off the
school grounds ... He jumped a chain linked fence and caught his
pinky ring in the prongs. His pinky popped off and he never got it back.
He had nine fingers from that day on. Most of the fights were between boys
over girls or drug dealing or both.

This new generation of killer has a grudge against everyone.
A terrorist wants to disrupt the community with violence for a political cause.
These sociopaths have no such agenda.. They only hate.
It worries me when I go to a theater or any other public place.
Is there another homicidal maniac around me ?

I like nihilism and anarchist music and movies. I like to play with these concepts.
I wonder why God allows evil .. And I enjoy erotic massages.
Am I a sociopath? I have known mean kids and now they are gentle
parents. Is this all biological or genetic necessity ?
I don't know. Honestly, I just do what feels right.
I am the product of a Catholic home which had many faults.

Here's what tickles my cerebral right now ~

Your angry.
Do you act out your anger ?
Do you shrug it off ?
Do you get an erotic massage ?
What tickles you ?

I like Simon&Garfunkles' The Sound of Silence and the Flipper theme music.
Wolf Tones are cool... or
Lady GaGa and Tony Bennett ~ The Lady is a Tramp .
God Loves the One Who Got His Own.

Spinning Wheel.


April 7, 2014 at 7:37pm
April 7, 2014 at 7:37pm
David Letterman
I like watching him on Youtube.
I went to Youtube yesterday and saw that David
was retiring. When my dad retired he took a trip
to Ireland with mom. Mom came back a nervous
wreck .. Later we learned she had Parkinson.

I wonder what ailment will befall Letterman.
He has already suffered from heart disease.+
Maybe, he has another 10 or 22 years left?
I wish him all the best. There are so many happy
moments I enjoyed watching The Late Show.
David could read his cue cards as naturally as
Johny Carson or Tom Snider .. and banter with the
coolest guests.

Like all celebrities David has had his public
scandals. So what? He has fame and money, so
naturally he has lots of bitches. .. I wouldn't
be surprised if Dave is kinky. He does enjoy
interns . Why not ? Oh, well.

I'm thinking about mailing Lady GaGa a naughty
video. Probably, stupid. I'm not a stocker and
why would she care?
I just enjoy strange... My life is so boring.
David understands. He likes strange. That's why
he's a talk show host.

Blah..Blah.. "Do you like my pants?" David might
think while listening to Olivia Munn.

Any who.
March 30, 2014 at 7:24pm
March 30, 2014 at 7:24pm
What makes a memory ?
I recently spoke with my big brother .
He said that he was sent to Vietnam to fight
communist expansionism." "And to protect the largest
supplier of rubber. So you fought for rubbers too?"
I quipted.

My big brother thinks I'm lying about my family
memories . Honestly, would I be this screwed up
if I was? But, I believe memories are what makes
us .. Oy. The bizzar events now are comical ..

I don't think I told this one before. But, my
sister's were obsessed with their breasts.
I could hear them fighting in their bedroom.
I was down stairs and ran the two flights up to
their door. They were wrestling topless in their

The first place my eyes went were to their breast.
My next view was their hair pulling. There was
also a musky sent, like a skunk. My first impression
was that my sister's breasts were like mine.
I have a hollow in my chest that makes my pecks
more like breasts.

I like breasts, but I focus more on the hooch.
It reminds me of a clam's lips.. Yummy.
I tried to be discrete when I glance at a lady's
clam. But, I have big eyes. Both my sister's
spotted my gaze and ran at me. I escaped with a
door slam on my butt.

Cathleen told me later that the fight had started
when they were comparing their breasts.
My oldest sister Maura had one breast smaller than
the other, while Cathleen still had not developed
any cleavage. Cathy asked me to feel her breasts
and judge them.. I told her mine were bigger.
She slapped me and I ran crying to mom. I was
in 2 grade. Mom told me never to insult a woman.
Both her breasts were removed and I was bottle fed.
Maybe, that's why I'm not a breast man?

Memories are important and I am honestly recalling
them. Maybe, this is helpfull.


March 29, 2014 at 7:34am
March 29, 2014 at 7:34am
May I Shoot You ?
We've all had that crazy thought.
And in this gun happy country, mass murder sells.
The NRA has stated in writing it wants no restrictions
on private gun ownership, because a well armed
militia is our final solution to tyranny.
That sounds like a terrorist threat.. Is the NRA
aware that there are Islamic gun clubs in the USA ?
Yes there are and some of them are in New York.
Well, I guess there is no threat from law abiding
Muslim gun owners.. ? More people are killed in
traffic accidents, then by terrorist..

Why blame the godless atheist for mall shootings?
If you believe in God and that 17 vestal virgins are
waiting for you , then you will be a law abiding
citizen. Right ? Imagine a world where anyone with a
drivers license can shoot the President. You can do it
if you try. So a sinerio ~

I don't like you. I go to my local gun store
and purchase a Sherman tank. I drive the tank
to your home and blow up your house with you
in it. Am I a bad person ? Maybe I'm confused.
Should everyone be denied the write to own a
Sherman tank ?

Here's a naughty thought what if guns had computer
chips ? Then, an intelligent gun could prevent stupid
people from doing bad things with it.

" Oh ! You son of a bitch ! "

the stupid person says as his gun refuses to fire on
Joseph Bananas, who cut him off in the Walmart parking

I'd like to shoot the loon, who came up with
those gross antismoking commercials. Really ?
More people die in traffic accidents ?
Why not show mutilated bodies in car wrecks
for car safety commercials ?

Well , you wont see gun accident commercials .
That's un-American.

I'd like to shout out to all assault rifle owners.
Do you want a revolution ? If that rifle is okay to
carry , why not take it on an airplane or to a movie ?
Or a NRA meeting ?

Adios !


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