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March 28, 2015
7:03am EDT

Rated: 18+ | Column | Business | #1160536
How I started my own business from my very own closet.
I thought I couldn't...but I lived my dream! I have always loved fashion...anything from jewelry to shoes, handbags & belts! For a long time I dreamt of owning and operating my very own online business. After spending hours, days, months on the internet & reading...because reading is knowledge; I finally did it!

After a trip to the Phillipines, I came across these beautiful, handcrafted handbags that I had never seen in the US. So, I asked the owner of the small shop how could I buy & take these to the US and I guess he liked me...because he furnished his supplier's name! Wow...that was easy. I bought only two bags, brought them to the US...and sold them in a week. I just posted them on Craig's List for free. I knew for sure that I had found a special product that women like me would like.

How I started was quite simple...purse parties! I contacted the supplier that the store owner in the Phillipines gave me & I was on the start of an exciting experience. I didn't get a loan, use a credit card or borrow money...I used my own money. I set aside $150 each month for my business. When I had a certain amount that I could invest & stock on merchandise, I went ahead and ordered my first handbags! Purse parties are can sell your merchandise and the best part that its a PARTY!!! I then decided to go online. Where? EBAY...nope! LIVEDEAL! Why LIVEDEAL..because it breaks down the costs of advertising & I get more for my investment. And so, now I have two online stores: one that markets my beautiful coco shell handbags & the other (with my sister in charge) that markets jewelry, belts & designer inspired handbags!

Ohhh, I forgot...this is just a hobby a dream come true; I am a teacher & when I retire (still have a couple of years to go)...I will have something fun & exciting to do...& still earn money! See my handbag collection at: & my other store is

Believe in yourself & don't let anyone tell you that you are wasting your time or that it won't work...because I believe that if you are focused & you have a plan...everything will fall into place!
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