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October 31, 2014
12:51am EDT

Rated: 13+ | Poetry | Holiday | #1185500
So, what DOES Santa do? Gotta read it and find out! (humor)
What Does Santa Do for the REST of the Year….?

T’was the week after Christmas up at the North Pole
And ol’ Santa was playing some good rock and roll.

He had heard way too much of that jingle bell cheer
He put on some Elvis, got his pipe and a beer.

First he played “Love Me Tender” and then “Blue Suede Shoes”.
Then he hit the recliner and started to snooze.

He was dreaming of places he wanted to go.
‘Cause he needed escape from the ice and the snow.

Maybe Fiji and Maui, he’d stay there ‘till spring.
Then he’d go visit Graceland, the home of the “King”.

After that, maybe Texas or old Mexico,
Get some sun at the beaches of Acapulco.

He’d next go “Down Under”, meet a real kangaroo,
Maybe learn how to play on a didgeridoo.

Then he’d go off to China to see the Great Wall
Then zoom up to Boston, watch the Red Sox play ball.

Make the jump next to England and visit the Queen
And then over to Paris to try their cuisine.

But as Santa lay dreaming of places he’d see,
Mrs. Claus had come in and turned off his CD.

He awoke with a splutter and said, “What was that?”
Mrs. Claus said, “My dear, you’re too old and too fat.”

“No vacation for you, we must get you in shape.
You need more exercise, not some foolish escape.”

“Lift weights in the morning; go out jogging at night,
Before long you will see how your abs will get tight.”

So, poor Santa was trapped and he couldn’t say “no”.
No vacation for him from the ice and the snow.

Mrs. Claus had that “look” and he knew when she spoke
That his dreams, like his pipe, had just gone up in smoke.

Now you know what he does for the rest of the year….
He just does as he’s told and he answers “Yes, Dear.”

32 lines
12 - 12 meter
rhyming couplets
© Copyright 2006 Bella Bunny (UN: bellabunny at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Bella Bunny has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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