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November 25, 2014
6:13pm EST

Rated: XGC | Short Story | Adult | #1259985
Vore-full fun at the Titans Tower with you, Raven, and Starfire
The phone rang. You picked up. “Hey! Its raven! Do you want to come have some fun down at Titans Tower? BB, Cy, and Robin are out of town, so it will just be you, Starfire, and I.” Said Raven on the other line. “Sure I’ll be right over!” You say. When you get there, Raven immediately opens the door. “Wow Raven I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this exited before.” You say. She giggles and runs up stairs with Starfire. You run after her. When you finally get there Raven says “Oh before the fun starts, I have to tell you this joke it is the funniest thing you ever heard! Raven told her joke, but you could barely pay attention because raven was still in her underwear from the night before, and when her breasts weren’t constricted by her suit, they’re huge, at least Ds. She was wearing a black lace top, and panties to match. Also her body is so perfect, slim, not too muscular not bony, with a cute little pussy to top it all off. You obviously weren’t paying attention to the joke at all but it was obviously very funny because it had Starfire laughing so hard tears were streaming out of her eyes. To pretend you were paying attention you faked a pretty convincing laugh. We laughed so hard, that no one noticed the black aura around me as I shrank. Starfire finally opened her eyes, “Ha, ha, Raven, what are you doing” She said still laughing. Raven formed an evil smile on her face and blinked, revealing her four glowing red eyes. Starfire laughed thinking this was a joke, as Raven picked me up, put me in her mouth, and swallowed me whole. Almost instantly the smiles and laughter were annihilated from Starfire’s face, and they became looks of worry and disbelief, “Raven… P-Please tell me you didn’t…” Starfire said in a shaky voice. Raven just smiled evilly and used her powers to make herself grow bigger and bigger. Starfire was horrified at this sight. Meanwhile Raven toyed around with me in her throat, She was making you move so slowly through the warm, comfy tube of her esophagus. Now and then you would feel your foot go through a hole and into her stomach, but as she grew, so did her throat and it swallowed up my foot again and again. When raven had grown to about 30 feet tall, she finally stopped, and stared at the frozen form of Starfire. She licked her lips and wiggled her fingers, getting ready for the second portion of her meal. Starfire took a step back. “Ha, ha, ha, ha! You can’t run from me!” Raven said in a demonic voice, “Come on and be a good little breakfast!” Although Starfire had always dreamed of being swallowed alive because of her secret vore fetish, now that the time had come, she was very nervous and didn’t know if she could do it or not. “Come on! Isn’t this what you have always wanted? Remember I can read your mind!” Raven said. But Starfire couldn’t bring herself to do it. She tried to fly away, but the attempt at escape was useless, considering the magnitude of raven’s power x20 because of her size and the fact that she was unleashing her full evil side. “Ha, ha, ha! You think you can still run? You’re so clueless. Even of your own girlfriend!” In Raven’s throat, she kept swallowing you, and bringing you up again to make it look more agonizing to Starfire, but it turned me on so much and you came several times each time she swallowed you; and each time she would take another 5 minutes to swallow you down. On the outside you looked like a huge human shaped lump in her throat. She had returned you to your normal size so you were even more prominent, and felt even better going down her throat. Raven created a spider web in front of Starfire and she ran straight into it. Raven giggled at the wiggling Starfire, but She was stuck on pretty good. With two giant fingers, raven began peeling off each piece of clothing from Starfire’s body, and tossing them into the ocean. Like Raven Starfire’s tits were even bigger when they weren’t constrained, and were about E or so. Raven then telepathically told you to scream for her or else she would stop swallowing you over and over, so you did, and noticed Starfire’s head sticking through her lips. Raven then pushed Starfire in so slowly, first her gigantic tits popped through, almost hitting you in the face. She then turned to you and whimpered, “Help… me…” You couldn’t help your self and said “No.” laughing evilly with Raven. Starfire then screamed with even more terror thinking you were in on this too! Her nice little butt came through with her little pussy, you decide if you fucked it or not, then her feet. Raven then spun her around on her tongue and she went feet first down Ravens throat. She then looked at you with the most horrified face you had ever seen and you couldn’t help but laugh. About 30 seconds later the last bit of Starfire’s crying face had disappeared down Raven’s esophagus. You and Raven laughed. She then took you out of her mouth, returned you to normal size, and blinked, returning her eyes to normal. With a big bulge in her tummy that was Starfire, She smiled happily and said, “so, when I’m done with Star here… do you want to do another?” You smiled back and nodded my head.

© Copyright 2007 ChrisXPZ (UN: chrisxpz at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
ChrisXPZ has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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