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Chapter 13: Arena, actors, and agendas meet on life's stage.
The Die is Cast

The die is cast, destiny turns into fate
Everything comes to a climax on this date.
Now, all's in place. Arena, actors, agendas
meet on their life's stage. There, our actions send us.

Modoc felt the heat and smelt the comforting lava fires from her lair. She was nearing the entrance of the cavern. She needed to land swiftly and pull the irritating sword from her neck. Her fingers, from which her long, sharp claws protruded, were not designed to grasp hard objects. She would have to lay the sword hilt and handle against one of the cave boulders and place one of her strong muscled forearms over it to hold the sword in place as she pulled it free. Then she would take on these humans and end this little episode. After that she would torch the village for interrupting her yearly sacrifice.

"Here now, time to land!"

Modoc moved her legs forward, slightly bent, to take the shock as her great body made its transition from air to ground.

Before the dragon's feet touched ground, Max freed his legs which had been tucked under the dragon's wing pits and used the tent-like left wing as a roll ramp. He somersaulted from the front of the wing to its after end and then straighten to a foot first dive onto the lush vegetation that he had sighted before deciding to jump. He landed on the balls of his feet, and, having relaxed his knees before landing, was able to give and roll to manage the impact.

Max sprang to his feet and quickly climbed the few yards to the entrance of the cavern. He saw the dragon moving towards the pile of boulders at the back wall of the cave. Then he saw the beautiful blond maiden with the silky white skin heading towards him with the sword! He ran to her and she pointed the blade to the clammy, damp, cold stone ceiling, placing the handle in his extended hand. He saw that the dragon was putting its forearm over the handle of the blade that was stuck in its neck.

Quickly, Max reached his left hand to the chained pendant that hung around his neck, grasped it, and pulled it over his head. He took the pendant, his reward for great achievement at the King's knight school, and moved it over Gwendolyn's soft, golden hair, and brought it down to rest around her neck. Touching her hair for the first time made Max feel giddy inside. He fought the bout of love encounter's dizziness and found himself gallantly talking huskily to the young beauty.

"For luck, dear maiden.", Max said.

Gwendolyn quickly kissed him on the cheek. "God Speed!" She said. She wanted to say a whole lot more, but time was wasting, and the enemy filled their world with terror.

He lost his gaze in the deep blue sea of her eyes one last time before he turned his attention to his fiery giant opponent.

The dragon had freed its neck of the horrible sword and was now turning to face the humans!

My first WilliamWriter Novel. The days after King Arthur. Face the wrath of the Dragon.
#1351660 by WilliamWriter-2015-Write Novel

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