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July 28, 2014
8:34pm EDT

Rated: E | Short Story | Children's | #1755270
It is about two friends who were very close to each other when one of them becomes greedy.
Once upon a time, there were two teenage boys, Oliver Crown and Franklin Harrison, living in the village of Helsian in the beautiful country of Siberia. They were class fellows and studied in a government school. They were both orphans. They lived together. One of them was Oliver and the other, Franklin.

Many days,weeks,months and years had passed and now they were looking for some job as they were adults and had finished school. Oliver and Franklin read newspapers everyday and saw jobs in them.

One day, Franklin found a lucky draw and wanted to take part in it as the prize was of very big amount. Franklin told his friend,Oliver, about it and he also wanted to take part in it but there was a notice that everyone would have to pay a certain amount for participating in it. The amount that had to be given was too much for them.

They worked day and night to achieve their goal and after working so hard for three days, they collected the amount of money they needed for entering and both were very happy. One of them was sad and the other won the prize. It was Oliver who had lost and Franklin who had won. Franklin felt his friend's feelings and encouraged him.

With that, a smile came on Oliver's face and he became happy for Franklin's success as Franklin was his best friend. Franklin became rich and tried to win another prize and he did. On the other hand Oliver had got a small job and he was happy.

But he was worried about Franklin's pride of taking part in lucky draws again and again. But Oliver didn't say anything to his friend as Franklin was becoming selfish and didn't listen to his friend. But in Oliver's own heart, he kept on saying that this was not the Franklin ,he knew. He was not.....

Franklin went on spending his money rapidly. One day, he participated in a big lucky draw in which the prize was of big amount. But for participating in it, again he needed a large amount because the prize was also large.

Franklin's good luck had vanished and he failed. He had wasted all his money on it. He became poor and lower standard than Oliver. Oliver took pity and went to Franklin. Franklin was very ashamed and asked Oliver to leave him alone but Oliver was a good friend and didn't listen to him.

Oliver gave Franklin a cheque, a cheque of a big amount. Franklin was very surprised and asked him that where had he got the amount from. Oliver told him that it was his savings and salary but also assured that he still had enough money for himself. There was only silence for some minutes and then Oliver smiled and said to Franklin"A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed."

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