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For Listography contest ▬ The things I do day dream about

1. In the car when I am going somewhere I imagine stories and characters ▬ how they would be like as they interacted with one another. They flesh themselves out ▬ the characters are not always my own but rather “other versions” as in “fanfiction counterparts” to how the original writer wrote them. To imagine “retellings” or different landscapes is the paramount of the imagination.

2. While in the car I can also think of surrealistic imageries with characters and stories ▬ meshing them many a times to even the world that I am living in physically. The combination of body and soul allows the flatness of “mere existing” to be nullified. After all we know the mind concentrates on many dimensions ▬ both tangible and those uncertain.

3. While sitting in the living room or lying on the bed I like to see the trees outside my house. Though I live in a vastly urbanized area these trees have been there since my youth ▬ seeing them splayed in sunlight induces, at times, drowsiness in me and I feel like my soul is amongst them. There ▬ behind these cages of cement, brick and steel I feel free as the trees moving in sunlight and wind.

4. During exams a song is stuck in my head and the video reels through it ▬ be it midterms or finals!

5. While staring at the moon (technically night but I am still awake here) feel like if I jump I might reach it ▬ as it is lost in a very clear sky of black.

6. Seeing the birds fly make me feel if I was with them ▬ my eyes travel with them hoping my limbs would as well.

7. Thinking of situations I cannot control. Feelings I cannot suppress. I go over scenarios and/or incidences in my head ▬ wondering how could they be shaped and re-shaped from that intangible jar of clay in my brain.

8. Wild romances and loves that seem far away capture me ▬ for once I may be cherished for who I am sans criticisms ▬ yet being without criticism is not life thus loving with understanding flaws seems more perfect than ‘perfect’.

9. Nostalgia ▬ an old form of dreaming of maybe a discontinued reality. The air or stone or trees around me can let me remember and think on writing about


Word Count: 400

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