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Playing with words--quite literally (monthly contest)
*Books3**Books1* Word Fair *Books3**Books2*

Word Fair theme song

The 2015 Word Fair Mascot, Universe, would like to welcome you and all of your favorite words to this contest!


This Contest Is:
CLOSED--stay tuned for winner!


This contest is open to all E-rated English words, excluding Proper Nouns. (Sorry, proper nouns.... *Confused*) Each round I will give a category, and you may nominate words throughout the round. Here are the rules:

General Rules
*Books1* This is a monthly contest, running for two weeks out of every month. It opens on the second Friday of each month at 1 pm, WDC time , and closes on the fourth Friday of the month at 1 pm, WDC time. Winners are usually posted within a few days of the end of a round, but always before the new round opens.

*Books2* No Word may nominate itself. However, any generous member of WDC may nominate any E-rated word, except for proper nouns.
(if you have questions on what is and what is not an E-rated word, visit: "Content Rating System (CRS))

*Books1* To nominate a word, email your entry to me. Unless there are different directions in "Instructions For This Round," an entry consists of a word and an explanation for your choice. (If you would like to link to a static item, that is fine, but most people just write their entries right into the email.) You can email me by clicking on the envelope next to my handle at the top of this item. This contest is only open to people emailing from their Writing.Com email address.

*Books2* As I will be posting the entries in this item each round, your entire entry must be E-rated, not just the word you are nominating. I reserve the right to edit out non-E material in entries. Thanks!

*Books1* "What about the winners?" you may ask. Well, they will come to reside in the Official Word Fair hall of fame, Historic Words of the Word Fair (see below), along with the submitters of the Winning Words. And, of course, it is up to you to choose candidates for that honor of honors!

*Pen* If there are any changes to these rules for a specific round, they will be found below under "Instructions For This Round."

*Pen* For most rounds, I do not hand out prizes. If there are prizes for a round, I will say so under "Instructions For This Round."

*Books2* New for this month: Instead of being posted in this item, entries will be posted at: "Current Word Fair Entries

*Exclaimr* Do you like my Word Fair? It would be really nice if you added this page to your favorites, so you can see when a new round has started. Smile

January's Category:
*Books3* 2016 Word Fair Mascot (CLOSED) *Books1*

Instructions For This Round:
This round will have two parts. Here is the schedule we will follow:

January 8th at 1:40pm WDC time - January 20th at 1pm WDC time, you may submit your entry.

January 21st at 1pm WDC time - January 29th at 1pm WDC time, come back to vote for your favorite entry! (I will post instructions for voting when that time comes.)

Voting is now closed! Stay tuned for the winning word!

Last Round's Winner(s):
Sleepiest Word
Languid, submitted by Beth Grayman

*Balloonr* *Balloonv* *Balloongo* Congrats! *Balloongo* *Balloonv* *Balloonr*

Historic Words of the Word Fair:
Winners of Previous Rounds

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Words from 2014
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Words from 2012
Words from 2011
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Words from 2009

The Judge:
Mariah :)
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