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December 21, 2014
4:54am EST

Rated: E | Poetry | Adult | #1846622
An add poem about falling for a love that had other plans.

-Her Schemes and Plans- by Keaton Foster

*Vignette5* *Vignette5* *Vignette5* *Vignette5* *Vignette5*

She said that she unconditionally loved me
Then she turned and confessed
That she desperately needed to go.

I stood there in shock
Then a wave of relief followed by
An avalanche of grief hit me.

I knew from that second more
That I would forever be burdened
By her and all that she had done.

No other words were exchanged
Only a glance of certain ends
And a smile laced with "I win."

Fighting for things has never
Been my strong suite
So I watched her leave.

The whole time I was hoping
That maybe she was just playing a game
And that she would turn back.

It was certainly a game
One that up until that moment
I had no idea that I was playing.

I wanted to follow her
But I was chained to an
Anchor at the bottom of the sea.

The rope between was running short
Soon the tension would be too great
I would be taken down to the depths.

Her schemes and plans
Only included me up to a point
And such a point has easily passed.

Love, the greatest of equalizer
It turns geniuses into
Complete and total morons.

I was dumb for her wares
I could not get enough of her love
And the fringe benefits it offered.

Drunk with excess, I was oblivious
She easily emptied my funds
And took the total of all sums.

Oddly, I am not upset
I am not concerned about revenge
I am only concerned about us.

Or as it now undoubtedly stands
The lack thereof, what we had
And what we would become.

Ignorantly I hope and wonder if
I will ever kiss her lips again
Or hold her close in my arms.

Then suddenly the rope snaps tight
And down I go into my new life
A life without her, without love.

I fell for her schemes and plans
And honestly, I must admit
That if I had the chance
I'd do it again…

Her Schemes and Plans
Written by Keaton Foster
Copyright © 2012

ID: 1645579 (18+)
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© Copyright 2012 Keaton Foster: Know My Hell! (UN: keatonfoster at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Keaton Foster: Know My Hell! has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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