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I ran across a title, "Through The Eyes Of A Jew, which led me to something else entirely!
The Eyes of a Jewish Christian or a Roman

Pray, tell me what you can see from up there?
I am limited in that I am down here!
I am not complaining, you understand? I'm just killing time, hanging around, waiting for my good friend, Centurion.
Tell me, what's it like? Staying up all night? Rome placing you among
it's bright and shining stars? I am a free born Roman! Yet, I stand under you on bare ground.
Does this not strike you as funny? That me, whose liege is Ceasor Himself, has not the view, they've elevated you to, nor the crown placed on your head!
Doesn't anyone see, the injustice, done to me, more painful by your sign! It's message broadcast, to anyone who views, "Here is the, King of the Jews! It announces this to all who walk past!
Let me, not interrupt the view you're enjoying, I see my friend Centurion over there!

He seems to be consoling a woman, tears flowing freely, her eyes, unchecked. Another man standing, his stature as commanding as Centurion's, Oh, yea! It's John and conversation they are having!
It's probably Barrabas's mother! Tears of joy running, when she discovered! her precious little thief, was being returned to the streets, her income restored by his works.

Promise you won't leave until answering a few questions? Some of which are confessions.
All, important to me but first, I must see, to Centurion's needs,he seems to be bothered?

I'll bring him back with me, to talk with thee about the important matters I have alluded to before.

Even if you are the king of the jews? I, free Roman born, far out rank you!
I say this, not lightly, I am ordering you, politely, Be here and in good spirits upon my return!

Then, You will answer my questions or I'll have you arrested and you will face a life far worse than death!

Have I made myself clear?

Passing a guard with long spear, Over my shoulder, I heard the crowd groan.
Looking back, was much water and blood, running down,from a hole in his chest, the guard had stabbed in his heart! Making this mess!

Some of this kings blood, had splashed on the sash, of my friend, Centurion!

Though, I am old and this stories been told and re-told, there is a reason people still speak of this man!
Some say prophet, some say God, others say High Priest! He could be all of these!

What I know to be true, is what Centurion knew, and said that day with that man's blood splashed upon him!

He looked into my eyes, his anguish and pain, not disquised, paused then said, "Truly this was the Son of God!" then, fell to his knees and wept.

I got the message he sent, and, the one Messiah sent!

All those stupid questions I asked He did answer!

With my dying breath, I testify, I saw His death, but He now isn't, for His Spirit lives in me!
And all others who see Him as He really is! His Spirit resides in them and theirs in Him!

This is a truth. It exists with or without you or me. It's existence does not require you to believe. Take it or leave it. It costs nothing to believe, and what is offered is free to receive , the debt has been paid in full!

It's in the receiving, the works of your Faith confirming, you believe in Him Who He sent! Thus recognizing, Father and son, and Word to be true.

So, enter His rest. His works finished in Genesis. Start doing what the Bible says to do.
I believe His Word is true. When He says He is through? The last thing I'm going to do is second guess.

Oh, Yea! The same thing with Jesus. "Oh, Death, Where is thy sting?" Is captivity captive? Is Messiah resurrected?
Then, Who is giving a defeated foe all his power to war and threaten? He has already crumbled in defeat? Are we fighting shadows, reflections of doubt, like the 10 saw who were with Joshua and Caleb, spying in Canaan?

Good night, friends and enemies alike.
It's getting harder to tell the difference?
Here's my last for tonight, thought, I will drop!

I hope to keep the Boogey-man awaay! "Beware of the levening of the Pharisees".
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