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April 20, 2014
2:26pm EDT

Rated: E | Short Story | Romance/Love | #1968171
Let it be I, Juliet whom only loves Romeo for eternity.
My Romeo thou name are my love thou are my life.
No other to take my love nor my life of Romeo.
Romeo have thou know yet thou are found an thou Lady Juliet has of been found.
O let the stars in heaven and humans of earth know the love of my Romeo is thou love of Juliet.
Curse to those whom come and try be between of our love. O our love is to live forever.
My Romeo thou are my Romeo and thou Lady Juliet is thou.
To remind of all where Juliet heart lives on and belongs.
Let no man, let no woman take a true love to live for to die with on for.
Juliet eyes on Romeo eyes as thou smile as thou is thy happiness and pain to keep from harm.
Have of the universe yet seem to see a beauty of love yet to grow on and blossom.
A passion of soft warmth and breath as thou Romeo speaks to capture Juliet completely.
No other can replace, no other can take away the love of Romeo And Juliet.
As the love is to been of live on.
Give my Romeo his Juliet as to be give me my Romeo.
Need be a love to live on and need be ease a love of ours.
Not need be a single thing or person to stop a love so true.
Thou skin of My Romeo, a skin of so pure, so silk of smooth.
A heart so warmth of heat. A heart so full of me. A heart that holds Juliet love forever to be.
O my Romeo, as not another yet will understand the love between but yet see the love meant to be.
Let the world and the stars let all planets fall in love with my Romeo, as my Romeo deserves a good feeling.
Let a world know I, Juliet will love my Romeo no matter what tries come between.
I shall keep away and fight all the bad power, I shall wish it all away.
I shall not yet ever to let another make Romeo feel of blue, feel of a pain, feel of hurt and tears.
I shall give my Romeo nature and the love it holds.
Let all the mortals and immortals stay miles away of my love, of my Romeo.
Let I promise forever not let a harm come to my Romeo.
As the power of good shall over take all the bad and set it free.
Let all of eternity see the beauty of my Romeo presence and let him live on forever to be.
Let I take all the poison and let I take away all the things that to separate a love so true.
Let I be of one whom shall take all the pain and sorrows to take tears from my Romeo.
Let I take all wounds and cold of all days and nights to keep from my Romeo.
And let it be I whom takes a life to keep my life of Romeo to live on forever.
© Copyright 2013 Jennifer Stepus (UN: jenniferstepus at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Jennifer Stepus has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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