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August 28, 2014
9:11pm EDT

Rated: E | Poetry | Nonsense | #1969159
I have no idea. Sometimes I just write and this kind of came out.

No rhyme or reason,

To the things that Iím feeling.

I couldnít explain it if I tried.

Iím asked to explain whatís inside,

But how does one explain that sheís died?

Sometimes I feel alive again,

A few moments free of despair,

Itís always with him

Because I know a secret

Unlike most,

He cares.

I have friends and I laugh

I laugh a lot.

But somethingís missing

Almost like Iíve been running

But now Iím caught.

Iím restrained

In a cage

And they ask if Iím okay.

Some of them I understand

Theyíre like me

But they hide,

They like to pretend I didnít see

The pain in their eyes.

But I saw.

Thatís what happened to me.

He saw, and I couldnít hide

But he told me it was okay

He said he wouldnít leave

He wasnít scared

He didnít run away.

For a while I didnít believe him

How could I?

He said he would stay.

That didnít stop them from leaving.

Promises meant nothing to them,

Why would they matter to him?

But they did.

You soon learn people

You see if their actions match their words

If your first impression was correct

If the vocals match the chords.

He never pushed or pried,

He didnít force or manipulate

And he never lied.

He gave me his secrets,

Before he asked for mine.

Trusted me with his darkness,

He was patient and kind.

He knows what I am,

Heís a part of me.

On the inside, weíre the same.

Two branches of the same tree.

Now he says he loves me,

I believe him.

The dark isnít so lonely anymore

With someone to help you see.
© Copyright 2013 Fifth Sparrow (UN: fifthsparrow at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Fifth Sparrow has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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