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We're celebrating our 15th birthday! Stop in to see what's going on!

Writing.Com is celebrating its
*Balloon2*   *Balloon3*   *Balloon4*   *Balloon5*   15th Birthday   *Balloon5*   *Balloon4*   *Balloon3*   *Balloon2*
Join us as we celebrate this amazing milestone!

In honor of Writing.Com's 15-year birthday, we are hosting a week-long schedule of festive events celebrating this momentous occasion! Besides the massive amount of Gift Points we will be giving away (did we mention millions?), there are brand new contests, activities and much more going on for the first seven days in September. Make sure you log in every day and add this item to your favorites so that you don't miss a single thing!

         *BalloonR* Writing.Com Contests & Activities
         *BalloonO* Community Writing Contests
         *BalloonY* Community Birthday Activities
         *BalloonG* 10% Back Sale!
         *BalloonG* New Releases
         *BalloonV* Skins and Decorations
         *BalloonP* Thank You

*Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* TOP *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6*

Keep It Short!
The task is simple: get inspired by the photograph provided and write a short story using this inspiration! Win one million Gift Points and an exclusive Merit Badge!

Short Shots: Official WDC Contest  [E]
Use the photo to inspire your creativity. Write a short story and win big prizes!
by Writing.Com Support

Review and Get Recognized For It!
Getting good deeds done might win you some cash!

Good Deeds Get CASH!  [E]
Write reviews to win cash prizes!
by Writing.Com Support

One Week... 105 Winners!
For each of the seven days we are celebrating our birthday, we will choose fifteen random public reviewers throughout each day to award 10,000 Gift Points. That's 105 chances you have to win during our birthday celebration!

A Week of 15  [E]
Writing.Com will award 15 reviewers per day during our 7-day birthday celebration!
by The StoryMistress

The Review Mixer
Rewards are Fifteen Times Normal for our birthday week!

Daily Review Rewards
Rewards are Fifteen Times Normal this week!

Automatic Gift Points from Writing.Com
Earn 1,500 Gift Points for every day you log in! Each of you can gain 10,500 Gift Points if you log in every day during our celebration.

Tributes to Writing.Com 
Have you written something special about Writing.Com for our birthday or in general? Plug it here!

Member Birthdays
Check out our members' account birthdays! Find out who else is celebrating a Writing.Com birthday by choosing Account Birthdays   from your Writing.Com Tools pulldown menu.

Scrolling Messages
Birthday elves will be around and about on the scrolling message system playing games and giving away Gift Points throughout our week of celebration. Thousands of Gift Points will be up for grabs! Click the little you see in the left column. (Upgraded and above membership required.)

Test Your Memory  
Try your hand at this game and see how good your memory is!

*Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* TOP *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6*

Many of our members are hosting their own contests and activities
in celebration of our birthday. Be sure to check them out;
there is much fun and many prizes to be had!


The Writer’s Cramp

In the honor and spirit of WDC’s 15th Birthday, the Cramp will be awarding 15,000 GPs, daily to the winners. There will be decorations, special prompts, plus an opportunity to win the coveted Cramp M B ... and more! It’s the Cramp you can’t resist.

The Writer's Cramp  [13+]
Write the best POEM or STORY to a prompt in 24 hours or less and win 10,000 GPs!
by Sophy

Merit Badge Madness
Win the chance to create your very own custom merit badge!

Win the chance to create your very own custom merit badge!
by Elle - back on 1 Aug

It's Magic!
Demon hordes are attacking WdC during its 15th birthday celebration! Help fend off the vile creatures by completing reviews of other WdC members' items!

Black Magic Birthday Review Bash  [13+]
A demonic review challenge from The Dark Society, celebrating WdC's 15th anniversary.
by Jeff - in Hawaii until 7/25

Star Trek Poetry
Beam up into WDC’s 15th Birthday Party festivity mode, along with the added celebration of Star Trek’s 49 birthday! Prompts include three different forms of poetry.

Star Trek Poetry CONTEST   [13+]
Poetry Contest Based on Star Trek! Happy Birthday WDC! (Opening for the Bday celebration)
by Maryann - Cheers Martell

WDC's 15th Birthday Apps Challenge
Flash fiction contest celebrating WDC's 15th Birthday using the WDC Prompt Apps!

WDC's 15th Birthday Apps Challenge   [E]
Flash fiction contest celebrating WDC's Sweet 16 using the WDC Prompt Apps!
by The Ice Wytch

15 Finger Frenzy!
The challenge involves completing 15 tasks including Sending 11 public reviews, writing a static item, doing a product review, doing something to pay it forward on the site and entering at least one other site contest as listed in your item.

15 Finger Frenzy!  [E]
Contest Closed - All Winners Announced and ALL Prizes Distributed as of 9/25/15
by capt. hoovsie starship bovine

The Construct Cup
A 30-day, prompt-driven, intense poetry contest - write a qualifying poem EVERY day (or almost) to win!

Construct Cup v.?  [18+]
Closed ~ new Winter Construct Cup #2065770.
by Ren~life can kiss my arse!

Can You Solve a Mystery?
Celebrate WDC's 15th Birthday, by solving the "Cop Shop Mystery." It's the community's birthday, and they need the case solved quickly so the townspeople can go on with their planned celebrations.

The Bard's Hall Contest  [13+]
Taking July 2016 off! New prompt for AUG 2016
by StephB

Reviewing Contest for WdC's Quinceanera
Reviewing can be the most rewarding experience for members on WdC! Let WYRM share their reviewing passion with you for WdC's fifteenth birthday.

WYRM's Review Challenge for 15  [13+]
Celebrate WdC's birthday by rewarding in-depth reviewers and doing an in-depth review.
by Satuawany

Music, Food, Arts & Crafts
With a focus on Music, Food, and Arts & Crafts, check out two pic prompts and one quote prompt for each contest!

Artisan's Village Group  [E]
Group those interested in writing about everything: Including-Arts, Crafts, Food & Music
by ElfinDragon - unemployed :-(

Who Shares WDC’s Birthday?
There are famous people in history, who share a birthday with WDC . Are you up to this challenge? The first fifteen people to submit their completed static items will each receive a Birthday Merit Badge. 3 out of the 15fifteen will also each be awarded a 25K Awardicon.

Who Has a Birthday Like This?  [13+]
Research and learn about famous people who share WDC's birthday. CLOSED!
by Lord Andy~Sunspear of Martell

Pen Me A Parody
Create a parody as a tribute in celebrating 15 years of Writing.Com.

Pen Me A Parody- Writing.Com Contest!  [13+]
Create a parody as a tribute in celebrating 15 years of Writing.Com.
by Lady Lexi of Martell- PEACE

WdC's 15th Year Celebration Contest
Write a story, 1500 words or less, inspired by the quote. If you wish, you may tell your story in verse.

WdC's 15th Year Celebration Contest  [13+]
Contest Closed.
by Joy of Florent

Different Genres? Try Four!
From September 1st to the 15th, onward, there will be a birthday special round and the prizes will be a bit higher. Try your skill at writing stories in four different genres. Fantasy, Science Fiction, Children's, Horror, and Romance/ Erotica.

Monthly Calendar Contest
A contest place to come and write a story based on a prompt.

Monthly Calendar Contest   [E]
A Monthly Calendar Contest: For Stories
by Sunny

Monthly Poetry Contest
A contest place to come and write poetry based on prompts.

Monthly Poetry Contest  [E]
Poetry Contest
by Sunny

Still Looking For Contests?
If you want one place that has the answers to many of your questions about current contests, whether or not they are listed here, check out this forum.

Contest Central Discussion Forum  [E]
Questions about all things contest can be discussed and answered in our forum. Ask away!
by Angels in my Ear


Birthday Bash To Benefit RAOK & Angel Army!
Come purchase tickets for yourself, friends, or other members of the community in the spirit of WDC's Birthday for a chance to win amazing prizes. Upgrades, Prizes, Port Raids and More! All proceeds are split between two amazing groups. "RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group and
"The WDC Angel Army!

WDC Birthday Bash Prize Raffle [CLOSED]  [E]
Come buy tickets for you and a friend to win awesome prizes! [CLOSED]
by * §apph *

Something To Talk About
A seven day blogging activity commemorating WdC's 15th birthday. Prompts will all be birthday-centric... with a twist. Daily prizes and overall awards given for the best entries!

Blog Harbor from The Talent Pond  [13+]
A discussion forum and activity hub for Talent Pond bloggers.
by Jeff - in Hawaii until 7/25

An Amazing Birthday Masquerade Party.
You're invited to attend one of the most sought after events around, The Writing.com Birthday Masquerade Party and although you know it's just a game, you're also a little nervous. You know someone will disappear. Who will the victim be? Will you be nervous? Will you be able to solve the mystery and take home the grand prize? Either way you have an amazing time interacting with other 'characters' at the party in this three week adventure of a lifetime.

Wdc 15th Birthday Masquerade Party  [13+]
Welcome to the Wdc 15th Birthday Mystery Masquerade Party
by Brooke

WdC Birthday Scavenger Hunt
A very exciting, insane, site-wide, prize-filled birthday event that will have you galavanting all around the Writing.Com community!

WdC Birthday Scavenger Hunt  [E]
This event is now CLOSED! Thank you to everyone who helped and participated!
by Robyn ~ Hiding in the shadows

Review And Dunk
Need to cool of during the hot days of summer? Rushing between contests during birthday event week? I have the solution - Dunk Tank! No good with baseballs? No worries! All you have to do to dunk your favorite member is figure out their clue, find the item and review ... then SPLASH!

Talent Pond Review Dunk Tank Event  [E]
Birthday Review Dunk Tank! Review others and virtually 'dunk' them! CLOSED for the season.
by Brooke

Birthday Ball! Gowns, Tuxes and Accessories Galore!
The Prettiest Birthday AUCTION Ever: Get your Fancy Attire here for WDC's Birthday Ball this week!

The Quincenera Fancy Auction: Sold out!  [E]
WDC POWER Party Auction for WDC 15th Birthday Ball! Gowns, Tuxes and Accessories Galore!
by eyestar-Go Martell sunspears

Merit Badge Hunt
A fifteen day long activity where people have to complete a certain set of tasks for particular groups to win their exclusive merit badges.

Birthday Bash Merit Badge Hunt ~ Closed  [E]
A Merit Badge hunt like no other
by ☮ Lady Aqua of Martell ☮

Merit Badge Activity
Want to earn one of the exclusive WDC Power Reviewers merit badges of YOUR CHOICE! Well this is the activity for you!

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

Merit Badge Raffle
The great give-away! To celebrate 15 years of WDC (and 49 years of Star Trek) we at Quark's Bar will be giving away fifteen Merit Badges during birthday week.

Quark's Bar Merit Badge Raffle Giveaway  [13+]
Merit Badge raffle giveaway for WDCs 15th birthday- CLOSED
by Lord Andy~Sunspear of Martell

Test Your Knowledge!
WDC is celebrating a big birthday bash ! What better way to join the celebrations than to get everyone together and have some fun, right here? Live raffle draw and auction too!

60 (ish) Hour raffle & Auction  [E]
Raffle draw and auction too!
by Fran - Nothing else!

Birthday Charity Signatures
Choose a balloon for yourself, or gift them to other members. A bargain at 1k each. Would you like a HAT on top??? Party hats are like raffle tickets. For everyone you purchase (an extra 500gps per balloon), your name will be put in a drawing on Sept. 16th. Three winners win a split of 50%, 30%, and 20% of total cherry funds!!!

Birthday Signatures and Raffle  [E]
Supporting groups and contests!
by Marci of House Florent #peace

Writing.Com Birthday Ice Cream Social Event
It's simply not a proper birthday party without homemade ice cream from the churn. Come guess the flavor of the day!

WDC B'day Auction--Closed until 9/1/16  [E]
Come Bid on Awesome Packages! 10% goes to Fran's Special Project!
by Pat hopes for peace

Celebrate Writing.Com's Members
A 15th WDC Anniversary forum to honor past and present members. Who will YOU remember?
15 Candles - Celebrate WDC's Members  [E]
A 15th WDC Anniversary forum to honor past and present members. Who will YOU remember?
by Maryann - Cheers Martell

WDC's 15th Birthday Celebration Fun Page
A party of fun activities all in one place!

WDC's 15th Birthday Celebration Fun Page  [13+]
A party of fun games and activities all in one place
by Maryann - Cheers Martell

Days of Sunshine
A place where you can come and order a week of sunshine for someone and also if you are feeling down you can order yourself some sunshine.

Days Of Sunshine  [E]
Days of sunshine
by Sunny

Calling All Newbies
Here is a place to get social with other “Newbies Only,” to celebrate this exciting WDC birthday extravaganza.

Let's Get Social!  [E]
Newbies at a the WdC Birthday Party getting to know other members. Get your social on!
by Gemini☮Gem

It's a Free For All
Give us your jokes, poems and stories, to celebrate WDC's birthday.

All About Birthdays Free for all!  [E]
Interactive birthday anecdotes, jokes, poems, story to celebrate WDC 15th Birthday
by eyestar-Go Martell sunspears

*Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* TOP *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6*

For every order placed in "The Writing.Com Shop during September 1-7, 2015, we will give back to you 10% of your order's total in Gift Points!* Purchase a one-year Premium membership at the regular price and you will receive 139,950 in Gift Points. Buy a 3-month Upgraded membership, and you'll receive 19,950 back in Gift Points. Buy 1 million Gift Points, and you'll receive an extra 100,000! And if you order tangible items like mugs, t-shirts, journals and more, we'll even include your shipping in that 10% back. We're that excited to be turning 15!

* 10% back only on orders paid by credit card, PayPal, check or money orders. Orders paid with Gift Points not included.

*Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* TOP *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6*

During our week-long celebration, we will release something new for you to use on each day! Make sure you add this item to your favorites so that you don't miss any of these announcements! (We will also post this in "Site News & Announcements, but the ambiance is much more fun in here!) And just an added note that everything released during the celebration is here to stay! We will not be removing them after the celebration is over.

*Balloonv* NEW: Emoticons Revamped!
Over 1,000 Writing.Com emoticons have been completely revamped and given a new look! Our original icons, which we started creating in the year 2000, were based on small pixelated files. 15 years later, with better screen resolutions and fast connections, we had to start from scratch, recreating each and every icon in more detail... But the change was well overdue! We are very excited that your fun little emoticons won't look pixelated and outdated any longer on screen or mobile. And we are excited to bring you over 250 new ones to play with this week, so stay tuned right here every day through September 7th to see what's been added!

*PartyhatV* Day 1: September 1, 2015

*PartyhatB* Day 2: September 2, 2015

*PartyhatG* Day 3: September 3, 2015

*PartyhatP* Day 4: September 4, 2015

*PartyhatR* Day 5: September 5, 2015

*PartyhatO* Day 6: September 6, 2015

*PartyhatV* Day 7: September 7, 2015

*Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* TOP *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6*

*BalloonG* Party & Celebration Decorations! 
Decorate your signatures, contests, and items with shared Writing.Com birthday images! (Upgraded and above membership required.)

*BalloonB* Writing.Com Images For Upgraded Members 
Have an Upgraded Membership, but no signature to flaunt? Or ready for a change with the one you've already got? You're more than welcome to use ours! (Upgraded and above membership required.)

*BalloonO* Wear a Birthday Skin!      TOP
No celebration is complete without those fun decorations all around you! Decorate your workspace with one of these celebratory skins!

#100148 Birthday: Sketchy Greetings on Color
Actions: Try · Use

#100147 Birthday: Fireworks
Actions: Try · Use

#100145 Birthday: Party Supplies
Actions: Try · Use

#100146 Birthday: Party Supplies on Black
Actions: Try · Use

#100143 Birthday: Stars on White
Actions: Try · Use

#100144 Birthday: Stars on Black
Actions: Try · Use

#100086 Birthday: Candles and Cake
Actions: Try · Use

#100087 Birthday: Colorful Confetti
Actions: Try · Use

#100084 Birthday: Balloons in Violet
Actions: Try · Use

#100085 Birthday: Blow Out the Candles!
Actions: Try · Use

#100083 Birthday: Balloons in Blue
Actions: Try · Use

#100092 Birthday: Retro WdC Balloons
Actions: Try · Use

#100093 Birthday: Retro WdC Streamers
Actions: Try · Use

#100091 Birthday: Retro WdC Lines #1
Actions: Try · Use

#100094 Birthday: Retro WdC Lines #2
Actions: Try · Use

#100088 Birthday: Retro WdC Checkers #1
Actions: Try · Use

#100090 Birthday: Retro WdC Checkers #2
Actions: Try · Use

*Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* TOP *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6*

Writing.Com is FIFTEEN years old! We want to sincerely thank everyone for making this site such a creative and inspirational success. It's been a wonderful time for us so far, and we are excited to see what the next many years holds in store for this incredible community.

A special thanks goes out to our Moderators, Senior Mods and Diane for their dedication to and support of our members. Another thank you is extended to our Preferred Authors for their participation and activity throughout Writing.Com. And a big huge thank you to ALL of our members for making this the best online writing community around! We couldn't imagine a better environment in which to spend our time. *Thumbsup*

*Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* NOW LET'S CELEBRATE! *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6*
© Copyright 2002 The StoryMistress (storymistress at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
The StoryMistress has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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