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July 25, 2014
3:57pm EDT

Rated: E | Outline | Writing.Com | #506157
We're celebrating our 13th birthday! Stop in to see what's going on!

Writing.Com is celebrating its
*Balloon2*   *Balloon3*   *Balloon4*   *Balloon5*   13th Birthday   *Balloon5*   *Balloon4*   *Balloon3*   *Balloon2*
Join us as we celebrate this amazing milestone!

In honor of Writing.Com's 13-year birthday, we are hosting a week-long schedule of festive events celebrating this momentous occasion! Besides the massive amount of Gift Points we will be giving away (did we mention millions?), there are brand new contests, activities and much more going on for the first seven days in September. Make sure you log in every day and add this item to your favorites so that you don't miss a single thing!

         *BalloonR* Writing.Com Contests & Activities
         *BalloonO* Community Writing Contests
         *BalloonY* Community Birthday Activities
         *BalloonG* 10% Back Sale!
         *BalloonG* New Releases
         *BalloonV* Skins and Decorations
         *BalloonP* Thank You

*Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* TOP *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6*

In Honor of Writing.Com's History...!
Read the quote, write a historical fiction tale, and you could win one million Gift Points!

Quotation Inspiration  [ASR]
Use the quote provided to write a historical fiction story and win big prizes!
by Diane

Review and Get Recognized For It!
Getting good deeds noticed will net 13 winners 500,000 Gift Points!

Good Deeds Get CASH!  [E]
Write reviews to win cash prizes!
by Diane

One Week... 91 Winners!
For each of the seven days we are celebrating our birthday, we will choose thirteen random public reviewers throughout each day to award 10,000 Gift Points. That's 91 chances you have to win during our birthday celebration!

A Week of 13  [E]
Writing.Com will award 13 reviewers per day during our 7-day birthday celebration!
by The StoryMistress

The Review Mixer
Rewards are Thirteen Times Normal for our birthday week!

Daily Review Rewards
Rewards are Thirteen Times Normal this week!

Automatic Gift Points from Writing.Com
Earn 1,300 Gift Points for every day you log in! Each of you can gain 9,100 Gift Points if you log in every day during our celebration.

Tributes to Writing.Com 
Have you written something special about Writing.Com for our birthday or in general? Plug it here!

Member Birthdays
Check out our members' account birthdays! Find out who else is celebrating a Writing.Com birthday by choosing Account Birthdays   from your Writing.Com Tools pulldown menu.

Scrolling Messages
Birthday elves will be around and about on the scrolling message system playing games and giving away Gift Points throughout our week of celebration. Thousands of Gift Points will be up for grabs! Click the little you see in the left column. (Upgraded and above membership required.)

Test Your Memory  
Try your hand at this game and see how good your memory is!

*Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* TOP *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6*

Many of our members are hosting their own contests and activities
in celebration of our birthday. Be sure to check them out;
there is much fun and many prizes to be had!


13-Days,13 Genres!
Time to sharpen those pencils for a fun challenge to stretch your imagination. With over 2 million gps in prizes to give away, come celebrate Writing.Com's 13th Anniversary with what we all do best - Writing! Writing! Writing!

The Writer's Baker's Dozen Contest  [13+]
13 Days - 13 Genres - Stretch your imagination for GREAT daily prizes!
by Diane

Thirteen Obstacles
Complete 13 obstacles in 13 days to earn a Birthday merit badge and be entered into a drawing to win a 6-month Premium Membership!

WDC Birthday Obstacle Course  [E]
Celebrate Writing.Com's 13th Birthday by completing this challenge!
by Diane

Daily Prompts & Prizes
In honor of WDC's Lucky 13th B'day, The Cramp will get into the spirit by offering special random daily prizes, a 13,000GP daily winner prize, birthday decorations, and more! And of course, our prompts will be related to the number 13, birthdays, and/or WDC!

The Writer's Cramp  [13+]
Write the best STORY or POEM in 24 hours or less and win 10,000 GPs!
by Sophy

Dark and Scary
The rules are simple: write the most terrifying birthday ballad imaginable!

Dark Society's Birthday Ballad Contest  [ASR]
Celebrate WdC's 13th Birthday by writing a tragic ballad about a past birthday celebration
by Jeff

Erotic and Steamy
Our very first erotica birthday challenge... are you up to it?

The UENG's Flirty Fiction Challenge  [18+]
Celebrate WdC's 13th Birthday by writing a steamy erotic or romance short story!
by Jeff

Mayhem May Win
Everyone who posts to "Three Word Mayhem! between the dates of September 1st and September 7th will be entered into a drawing for a chance at 500,000 in Gift Points and random goodies.

Three Word Mayhem!  [13+]
Mayhem is afoot!
by jay

Can You Solve a Mystery?
Celebrate WDC's 13th Birthday by solving the "Cop Shop Mystery". It's the town's birthday, and they need the case solved quickly so the townspeople can go on with their planned celebration.

The Bard's Hall Contest  [13+]
Bard's Hall: New July-August Short Story Prompt!
by Steph Bee

Remember When...
Do you remember your 13th birthday? Recall that special time and you could win!

A Contest of Firsts  [ASR]
For July I want to hear about your first house/apartment experience!
by blue jellybaby

Turn that superstition around!
Write a story or poem in which the number 13 is a good and lucky number!

Lucky Number 13 Contest  [E]
Contest to celebrate WDC's site birthday!
by Nikola~Santa I Want a Pony!

N is for Novelette
Write a novelette-length story based on this round's prompt for a chance to win. All entrants of the WDC Birthday Round will receive a gift!

N is for Novelette: WDC Birthday Round!  [13+]
Hosted by 'A Writing Project.' Contest ends 13th September. Click to find out more!
by jannie

Poetry Contest
This contest runs for 13 days, with 13 prompts and 13 prizes. You can enter any or each day and qualify for first place up to 13 times.

Writing.Com 14th Birthday Poetry Contest  [E]
Accepting donations now! Opening for celebrations in September.
by Kasia~#1995916

Fantasy Short Story Contest
Write a short story that includes some sort of fantasy element and using two writing prompt lists of five words each, which have to be included in the story.

Magic Words Contest   [E]
A fantasy short story writing contest. Fantastic Prizes. Next round TBA
by A E Willcox

Dress Up Can Be a Challenge!
Dress up as another individual and tell us the story of that individual. There are seven rooms in this party. You can enter one or you can enter all of them. Decide a character suitable to that room and write a story/poem as that character.

WDC's Fancy Dress Contest  [E]
Fancy Dress Contest for WDC's Birthday. All are invited! ~Results Declared~
by LostGhost~Singapore next week.

We Love WdC!
Write an article on the 13 reasons you love Writing.Com. Sounds simple, but how will you ever cut it down from 1,347?

Here Ye! 13 Reasons to Love WDC Contest!  [E]
Write a WDC Birthday News Article and win one of 13 prizes!
by eyestar ~Happy 7th Power Crew!

Micro Fiction
Write 100 words based on a prompt. A new picture prompt every day to inspire you to write!

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

Are You Quote Worthy?
Write a quote based on a prompt to try to win!

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

Contests, Contests, Contests!
Be sure to check out our main contest listing page, full of member-run contests sure to zap that creativity into action!

Writing Contests @ Writing.Com!  [E]
Writing Contests on Writing.Com are posted here.
by Writing.Com Support


Daily Fun & Gifts
Birthdays are all about sharing the fun and gifts. Members must post in the forum each day to be eligible for that day's gift. An Angel merit badge awarded to those who donate 50K+ Gift Points to any Angel Resource Group.

It's A Celebration!  [E]
Share thoughts how Writing.Com has touched you(in forum post)to win GP's, upgrades & more!
by Kathleen

Celebrating 10 Years and 100 rounds!
For each round, I will disguise a quote—which could have been sung, spoken, or scrawled—and your task is to be one of the first five people to decipher it. 1,000,000 Gift Points up for grabs!

Crack Kraken's Code Contest [Round Over]  [13+]
Follow the clues and decipher the message to win prizes!
by Krakenana Split

Wdc 13th Birthday Masquerade Ball
You're invited to attend one of the most sought after events around, The 13th Birthday Masquerade Ball and although you know it's just a game, someone is in danger, so you're also a little nervous. Will you be able to solve the mystery and take home the top prize?

Wdc 13th Birthday Masquerade Ball  [13+]
Welcome to the Wdc 13th Birthday Mystery Masquerade Ball
by Brooke - catching up email

13 Reviews a Day
Love to review? Here's a challenge! Give 13 qualifying reviews each day and win 13 MBs, lots of GPs, much more...

13 reviews WDC's 13th Birthday~CLOSED!  [E]
by Princess Zelda~Sweet Solitude

Who doesn't love cupcakes?
Pick a cupcake, feed it to your choice of member, raise funds for your choice of charity!

WDC's 13th Birthday Cupcake Fundraiser  [E]
Buy cupcakes and support some fantastic groups!
by Riot

13 Again!
What games did you play at your 13th birthday party? Well, at's 13th birthday party, we're playing 'spin the bottle', 'the name game' and 'pin the tale on the donkey' as well as having a 'three legged race'. Play one or play all!

WDC's 13th Birthday Party Games - CLOSED  [E]
Spin The Bottle, a Three Legged Race, the Name Game and Pin The Tale On The Donkey!
by Elle on holiday,back in August

Win a Writing Course!
Purchase tickets to try to win one of 13 tuition-free writing courses at New Horizons Academy.

Celebrate 13 Wonderful Years with WDC  [E]
A Raffle for Free Writing Courses to Celebrate Writing.Com's 13th Birthday
by Katzendragonz

Guess How Many Balloons!
A quick and easy way to join a guessing game! Guess the right number and win a prize!

Balloonarama!  [E]
Have fun guessing and win daily prizes for it!
by WhoMe

Birthday Forum
Sign a birthday card for Writing.Com!

A WDC Happy 13th Birthday Forum  [13+]
YOU belong in this party! Post your thoughts and wishes in this unique celebration card.
by Maryann - Away

Lucky 13
Who says the number 13 has to be unlucky? This is a fun game, with one winner every 13 chances sold and GPs for four worthy groups, all in honor of WdC!

WDC LUCKY 13   [E]
CLOSED`Thank You, All!
by ♫ Rock On, PDG ♫

Upgrades, Prizes, Port Raids and More!
Purchase tickets for some really fabulous prizes!

WDC Birthday Bash Prize Raffle [CLOSED]  [E]
Come buy tickets for you and a friend to win awesome prizes! [CLOSED]
by *žapph - Busy with classes*

Ice Cream Social Event
Package Donors get a chance to win a merit badge, and Bidders get a chance to guess the Flavor of the Day with each bid. Every day we'll have a different flavor of ice cream in the churn. With the points bidders earn, they can purchase prizes from the Flavor of the Day Game.

WDC Birthday Ice Cream Social   [E]
Winner of Quill Award 2013 Best Auction
by Pat ~ On an Extended Break

Sci-Fi Raffle
Teleportation Devices are falling from the crashed spaceship. Get hold of a device, and see if it takes you to the Treasure Hold!

Fantasy FM Raffle  [E]
Buy a Fantasy FM Shout out
by Matt Bird

Sci-Fi Auction
A spaceship has crashed in WDC's Birthday Pavilion and made a right mess! Donate and bid on packages to help fund the clean-up operation.

Fantasy FM Auction  [E]
Place and bid on Fantasy FM packages NOW!
by Matt Bird

Just the Tip of the Iceberg
Help us turn 13 into a lucky number! Purchase tickets for you and your friends in our raffle!

The Polar Bear Raffle  [E]
1000 GPs/ticket. 50% of the pot + prizes to win! And it's just the tip of the iceberg...
by Kasia~#1995916

A Sweet Auction & Raffle
The Pick N Mix Candy Stand is an auction-based activity with a slight twist. All the candy you could possibly want! Get in quick and fill ya boots...and there's even a raffle too!

WDC's Birthday Pick n Mix Candy Stand  [E]
Roll up, roll up! Come get lots of yummy Pick N Mix Candy! CLOSED!!
by Fran

A Daily Raffle
From September 1st to the 7th, each day the winner receives 100% of the GPs collected for that day. The more tickets you buy, the better your chances of winning a bigger pot of GPs every day! Spread the word!

The Daily Raffle~Hiatus!  [E]
Win 50% of the GPs EVERY DAY! Support WDC groups!
by Princess Zelda~Sweet Solitude

Activity Page
Check out this list of fun birthday activities that are going on around Writing.Com!

A WDC 13th Birthday Celebration Fun Page  [13+]
Join the party with this Power-ful Fun Page!
by Maryann - Away

*Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* TOP *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6*

For every order placed in "The Writing.Com Shop during September 1-7, 2013, we will give back to you 10% of your order's total in Gift Points!* Purchase a one-year Premium membership at the regular price and you will receive 139,950 in Gift Points. Buy a 3-month Upgraded membership, and you'll receive 19,950 back in Gift Points. Buy 1 million Gift Points, and you'll receive an extra 100,000! And if you order tangible items like mugs, t-shirts, journals and more, we'll even include your shipping in that 10% back. We're that excited to be turning 13!

* 10% back only on orders paid by credit card, PayPal, check or money orders. Orders paid with Gift Points not included.

*Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* TOP *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6*

During our week-long celebration, we will release something new for you to use on each day! Make sure you add this item to your favorites so that you don't miss any of these announcements! (We will also post this in "Site News & Announcements, but the ambiance is much more fun in here!) And just an added note that everything released during the celebration is here to stay! We will not be removing them after the celebration is over.

*PartyhatV* Day 1: September 1, 2013

*PartyhatB* Day 2: September 2, 2013

*PartyhatG* Day 3: September 3, 2013

*PartyhatP* Day 4: September 4, 2013

*PartyhatR* Day 5: September 5, 2013

*PartyhatV* Day 6: September 6, 2013

*PartyhatO* Day 7: September 7, 2013

*Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* TOP *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6*

*BalloonG* Party & Celebration Decorations! 
Decorate your signatures, contests, and items with shared Writing.Com birthday images! (Upgraded and above membership required.)

*BalloonB* Writing.Com Images For Upgraded Members 
Have an Upgraded Membership, but no signature to flaunt? Or ready for a change with the one you've already got? You're more than welcome to use ours! (Upgraded and above membership required.)

*BalloonO* Wear a Birthday Skin!      TOP
No celebration is complete without those fun decorations all around you! Decorate your workspace with one of these celebratory skins!

#100148 Birthday: Sketchy Greetings on Color
Actions: Try | Use

#100147 Birthday: Fireworks
Actions: Try | Use

#100145 Birthday: Party Supplies
Actions: Try | Use

#100146 Birthday: Party Supplies on Black
Actions: Try | Use

#100143 Birthday: Stars on White
Actions: Try | Use

#100144 Birthday: Stars on Black
Actions: Try | Use

#100086 Birthday: Candles and Cake
Actions: Try | Use

#100087 Birthday: Colorful Confetti
Actions: Try | Use

#100084 Birthday: Balloons in Violet
Actions: Try | Use

#100085 Birthday: Blow Out the Candles!
Actions: Try | Use

#100083 Birthday: Balloons in Blue
Actions: Try | Use

#100092 Birthday: Retro WdC Balloons
Actions: Try | Use

#100093 Birthday: Retro WdC Streamers
Actions: Try | Use

#100091 Birthday: Retro WdC Lines #1
Actions: Try | Use

#100094 Birthday: Retro WdC Lines #2
Actions: Try | Use

#100088 Birthday: Retro WdC Checkers #1
Actions: Try | Use

#100090 Birthday: Retro WdC Checkers #2
Actions: Try | Use

*Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* TOP *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6*

Writing.Com is THIRTEEN years old! We want to sincerely thank everyone for making this site such a creative and inspirational success. It's been a wonderful time for us so far, and we are excited to see what the next many years holds in store for this incredible community.

A special thanks goes out to our Moderators, Senior Mods and Diane for their dedication to and support of our members. Another thank you is extended to our Preferred Authors for their participation and activity throughout Writing.Com. And a big huge thank you to ALL of our members for making this the best online writing community around! We couldn't imagine a better environment in which to spend our time. *Thumbsup*

*Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* NOW LET'S CELEBRATE! *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6* *Vignette6*
© Copyright 2002 The StoryMistress (UN: storymistress at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
The StoryMistress has granted Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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