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April 19, 2015
10:07am EDT

Rated: E | Article | Animal | #695280
A short biography of my sister's parrot.......

          My a parrot. His or is not decided yet but we refer to him/her as is Yago(named after the famous cartoon can thank my sister for being so original). His looks like a green parrot(You know what a green parrot looks like, don't you?). He belongs to my sister actually but he has become sort of a family pet.
          He was gifted to my sister when he was only days old. His parents suggestions, don't hesitate to tell me). He was 4 inches in length. He was kept in a cage large enough to fit a bulldog in. We had to feed him by hand and clean do you call a baby parrot's potty? We would just give him a glimpse of his food and he would start squeaking like mad! We would feed him and the first thing he would do then was potty(parrot's). We would just stand near him and he would come running to us thinking we were going to feed him. To him then, food was everything. Pulses, chillis, bread, rusks, apples, oranges, chocolate biscuits, his own potty, what wouldn't he eat! After some days he stopped eating pulses. One day, there was nothing to feed him except pulses. So I tried to feed him the pulse grains. He looked at me as if saying "There are better things to eat than that" and went and ate his potty!
          After a few days I placed him on top of the cage(placed on the floor) and he got scared. I did this two to three times. The third time he climbed down himself and ran into a corner behind a cupboard. I had to scare him out with a stick. When I put him back into the cage, he ran into a corner and did what he did best. Potty! A friend of my sister advised her to make him a pillow. And she did! And he liked it! I guess parrots are modernizing. He would sprawl out on the pillow when he wanted to sleep as the size of the pillow was appropriate for 10 human beings! He was very happy. Then he started doing potty on his pillow. I threw it away. He stopped eating and wouldn't squeak. One day my mother made him another pillow. The first day he was afraid of it. The next day he was sprawled out on it.
          There is a metallic swing in his cage. I once put him on it. At first he sat there trying to figure out why the world was swinging. Then he noticed that he himself was moving. He tried to get off the swing by trying different maneuvers. The next moment, he suddenly swung down and hung on to the swing by his feet wondering why the world had turned upside down. Finally he let go.
          One morning I woke up to see him climb up the sides of his cage by flapping his wings for support. He suddenly realized he could fly. He tried it and crashed head-first into the side of the cage. Then he sat on the cage floor, dazed, trying to figure out what had happened.
          It's hard to admit but I am jealous of Yago. Yes, I'm jealous of a parrot! He gets all the parental......and he can share! My father feeds him in the early morning, my mother sits in front of his cage calling him her child and speaking to him(he pays no attention and keeps on eating his potty) and my grandfather stands in front of his cage, calls his name and then starts making kissing if he was kissing one of his grandchildren! Yes.....grandchildren! If you were thinking it was something/someone else, you'd better change that mentality of yours, I'm warning you!
          But a great pet(I'm being forced to write this) and my source of daily laughter. Whenever I'm angry or upset he's and I...don't.....mind....sharing.....with him.(ugh!)
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