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by Zhen
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Hearts of my heart.
*Flower2* Cats, cats, *Flower2*                      *Flower2* I love cats. *Flower2*
Big cats,    *Flower2*    small cats, loud cats,    *Flower2*    tiger cats,
*Flower2* I love cats. Happy *Flower2* cats, playful cats, *Flower2*

Noisy cats,                     purring cats,
I love      cats.            Says my     cat:
"Mousies,   Mousies,   Mousies,
Mousies are what I eat,
Crunchy   *Exclaim*   on the   *Exclaim*   inside,
They are a tasty treat."

Lions,                 *Heart*           leopards,
Bobcats too,
Lynxes,                      cougars,
I love you.

Ocelots, panthers,
Quiet in the night,
Cheetahs, jaguars,
Tigers that are white.

Earth's first dominion,
Post-dino era,
Cats were first among
Mammals upon Terra.

Humans needed language,
Trickery of tongue;
Cats needed no such thing
To make dominion fun.

Oh, give me cats as rulers,
Give me a cat-like mate,
Domination they don't do,
Give me cats' debates.

Cats don't live to kill,
Cats don't go to war,
Cats don't neglect to protect,
All they are living for.
The White Tiger is a myth.
To know more:
"The number of [potentially white] tigers that have to be
produced and disposed of in
order to fill the public’s
desire to see white tigers on display is staggering."

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