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Recent Contest Listings
A Contest Of Flash Fiction Horror
Each week I will post an image prompt, write something for it and if yours is the best...
Can you capture the essence of an ancestor in one story or poem? (2013 Quill Award Winner)
A Romance story/poem Contest. Open Prompt for October.
Newest Books
This world may be dark and cruel, but the brave souls fight for brighter days...{2nd Draft
I will use this book for Slave Drivers Inc. and it will store the gifted signatures.
A Place where I can truly be me
Fynn's people inhabit a secret underground refuge. But the Outside has its secrets too.
Recently Awarded Items
Belief, Spiritual, emotional, loving of our Creator, fighting the dark spirits
Thank you Stormy Lady for choosing "Fearless" as a winner for your contest.
A blog for my assorted thoughts and rambling inner monologue.
Enter at your own risk!
A sonnet about being a mother
Random Reads
Created for a novel that is not to be, this is backstory on "Beyond the Rails'" captain.
What A Character Contest Entry - June 2011 - An uncomfortable situation builds character
Response to an ex-boyfriend after a fight.
Just how will the world end, or will it? (Englyn Unodl Union)
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