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As I prepare to move from one house to another, with my 83-year old Mom's help
This move has been planned for some time. Mother was just waiting for the right house to come on the market in her neighborhood, at a reasonable price, and in good shape. I've been mentally prepared to move into her neighborhood five times previously, and it didn't work out. I accumulated a lot of angst over mood swings associated with one's strings being pulled. Now the angst has turned into disbelief. We're closing on the house at the end of the week, and many of the repairs have already been made. My house will be in good shape for a forty-eight year old house.

There's a big family plan behind this move. I'm an only child, and my mom is twice widowed. The second time she married, Mother did well for herself financially. The gentleman proposed by saying, "I have enough money to take care of you for the rest of your life." She loved him too.

He died seven years ago, and the two of us have lived in the same town, about a 30-minute drive from each other. Our houses were perfect for us respectively. Distance became an issue,perhaps more with gas prices in some way. I had a flat tire recently too. I can walk to her house now.

I'm moving to a house with a fireplace, and I'm leaving a fireplace behind. Funny the priorities one gets in life. It doesn't get that cold in Dallas, but I enjoy sitting in front of the fireplace tremendously. I find my muse in that atmosphere. There's a great green grassy yard that needs a fence to hold in my two big dogs.

The long term plan is that if mom's health deteriorates, I have an extra bedroom, and she can sell her house and move into the master bedroom, which I'm going to occupy until she needs it. It's an option that many parents of baby boomers would probably like to have. There are no husbands, or children involved, just pets. In the meantime, I'll live at 6222 Woodglen and she'll be living at 6344 Woodglen, about a block and a half down the street. I'll be able to get to her house more quickly when she needs me, and I know we'll spend more time doing things together. We'll also both have our own independence, which is important to both of us. Each more headstrong than the other, we need our space at times.

The seller is the son of a 94-year old mother who is now living in a retirement place. There's a point that many elderly find that living alone isn't the best idea. Lavinia, the owner, broke her hip before she decided to move, and her son has taken care of all the business, and had an estate sale to clear the house. Ben has been so good about working with mom on the things she wants for the house. They're even friendly enough to share contractors and split expenses. Ben and his wife have both been college professors, and are now consultants. Mom said it's nice to have a man around to make decisions. Ben's a good thinker.

The contactors involved so far are the electrician and a plumber, and a chimney guy, yet to be determined. There is almost $500 in expenses to fix a fireplace that hasn't been used in twenty years. An electrical mast had to be put on the roof to bring the electrical service lines ten feet above ground to meet city code. The electrician refers to my new bathroom heater as a working antique, and he's put in two ceiling fans. Electricains seem to be on the top of contractor pecking level.

The plumber had to replace some pipes below the sinks, and Ben told him to go ahead and put on new faucets, and the telephone style shower spray heads. I'm getting a working dishwaher, and a new stack washer and dryer. I'm also getting a new refrigerator. This is all my Christmases put together for the rest of Mom's life.

The good thing about buying this house is that it's is good repair. Lots of the homes in the neighborhood have been bought by contractors who do a year's worth of work on the house then put the house on the market for an extra $100,000 more than they paid. This house hasn't been updated, but it doesn't really need it. It's in good shape for an old house. They don't build them like they used to.

So I'm beginning to take my present abode apart for packing. I think I've packed about ten boxes so far. I probably have a hundred to go. This is one of the few times in my life that Mom has encouraged me to go to the liquor store. I'm just supposed to be picking up boxes for moving. It's way cheaper than buying boxes, and liquor store boes are sturdy.

I'm going to try moving with a PODS unit. It's ordered for delivery at my front door tomorrow. It's about $120 to rent one of their units to keep for a month. It's extra for delivery to the new place, but I like the idea of taking my time getting the boxes and furniture loaded. I get energy in spurts. This way I can work at packing and moving as I have the energy, and try not to hurt my back by doing too much, or moving items that are too heavy for me. I hope more energy comes with the POD unit. Right now I'm still in the "I can't believe it" stage, both about moving, and the great house I'll be moving into.
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