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Eastwood is a book full of Short fiction about a futuristic west

Its named after the town in the book that all the stories are the setting of.
Its short fiction of a Futuristic West where the world changed drasticly turning the North American into a new West.
Ironicly, the people renamed their new nation West.
There are blends of things of things from Horses to Cars.
It dwells on the fact that history can repeat itself.
I never told the exact period its in because then it would ruin the essence of the stories because when that date happens people would lauph at it and not take it seriously as a good book.

I wrote it in Wisconsin in my house while watching Clint Eastwood movies which got me started on writing Westerns.
The stories came from simple ideas that came from my life like "Blondie's Blood" was a small tribute to one of my favorite Clint Eastwood movies and "Butch" is based on me and my father working together with Jukeboxes.

I wanted to make this book because most people don't read Westerns as much as they used to.
I want to do to Westerns what Frank Miller did to comics. I want to remake the face of Westerns and get people to say "Hey, This is cool. Its as violent as my comics I read and its greatly written."
Yeah that sounds cheesy but you get my point.
Until the my vison comes I'm going to write until someone notices.
Thank you.

-Chaplin West-
Dedicated to Edward "Butch" Martin
Dedicated to Nancy "Pack" Martin
#1. Blondie's Blood
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