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by Teresa
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A high school girl battling a guy and her best-friend.
      It's dark, cold, and empty. The dampness of the air chocked my breath. I clenched my fist, gritted my teeth for what lied ahead was nothing to what I had Indured at school. I couldn't bare anything without him though, no this was going to be much worse. And then out of the darkness a cold, stiff hand grabbed my wrist.

                                    ~Chapter One: The Guy~
    I woke up that October morning. A chill ran from my toes to my spine. I fluffed my hair and peaked at the alarm clock, I groaned. I slumped myself out of bed and lazily pulled my clothes on. Which were in fact jeans and a t-shirt.
    I tried to make myself presentable, but it didn't work out too well. I combed my rats nest, and climbed down the stairs miserably. I pulled myself into my winter coat, grabbed a gronola bar and left for school.
    I was running fifteen minutes late, and I wasn't going to get a good parking spot. To top it all off My best-friend, I'm sorry my ex-best friend was a two-faced skank, and the guy of my dreams hated my guts. It was a perfect Wednesday, wouldn't you think?
    I pulled into the parking lot, I circled it twice and found that there was one spot open, just big enough to fit my chevy tahoe in. I quickly hopped out and grabbed my bag. I locked the doors, just in case. I half-ran, pulling my hood over my head, as it began to rain. I ran under the canopy, and ran into the guy.
    His hair was damp from the rain. I laughed and new as soon as i did I blushed.
            "Hey Hunter what's up?" I said hugging my jacket close.
            "Not much, what's up with you?" he asked, he wore his usual Estill hoodie, and his shoulder backpack, that looked like it was one-hundred years old.
            "It's cold. Are you doing anything afterschool?" I asked, I knew his answer would be no, I don't like you that way, so please can we just be friends. I never expected it to be like this.
              "no, I'm just hanging around, why you wanna hang out?" he asked.
              This obviously caught me by surprise, I felt my mouth hang open, but I couldn't close it. "sure." I said shakily.
              "okay, but it's not a date or anything, I might ask a few more of the guys over." he said. He turned and left. I didn't care if there were going to be other guys there, as long as I was going to get to be with him. I wish he could see all that I had to offer, and that i wasn't really a jerk. Maybe I could show him tonight I thought. I walked inside the lobby. The warmness made the color return to my cheeks.
#1. walking into school
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