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This is a story about Gaby and what she goes through just becoming a Teenagers .
. This piece is aimed mainly at Teenagers and Young Adults themselves as many adults may not be intrested in this sort of Writing Style. Gaby is a girl , just turning into 13 in her second year at her Secondary School
See what she gets upto lovewisee and Friendship wise

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July 30, 2009 at 7:46am
July 30, 2009 at 7:46am
I’m going to skip my previous years, because I think they are better left behind. I’m going to just tell you the basics about me and carry on my story since recently and I’ll try to explain as much as I can, as best as I can.
At the start of the year, I think I was best friends with Hannah, but I cannot remember well. I used to go to the animal room frequently but after December, I stopped. I did my duty but I just didn’t extend it. I discovered a new life, with my friends from class not just WN, with Lauren and the rest. Well, I owe this all to Callum, this is how our relationship as friends started to grow, so no matter what happens after this, I will always have some respect for him, even when he’s RUDE to me .

It all started on MSN, Lauren told me and Jemma that she fancied Callum. Jemma tried to get it out of him and stuff if he liked her back but it never moved forwards. One day Lauren herself, asked Callum who he fancied, and he said Candice or Carmen.

From then on, Lauren said that she didn’t like him anymore. On other issues, in primary school, I was friends with this boy called Anthony, so when I talked to him in when we got to secondary, everyone assumed that I fancied him. Eww, No Way, Gross. But people thought what they thought. Lauren pushed me into Anthony one day, and I pushed her into Callum as a joke, and we did this every time they went past. One day she whispered to me “I do like Callum but I’m not sure if he would go out with me.”

One day, a weekend I think , I was trying to get out of Callum who he fancied for Lauren, but he wouldn’t tell me , then suddenly he asked me Would you Go Out With Dominic ? . Not being fond of Dominic I typed “No, Eww.” Also thinking it was just a joke anyways, and then he goes said “Thanks, I AM HERE(Angry Smiley). I guessed Dominic was there :S. I felt bad, especially when he put in Callum’s PM “the girl I freaking love just rejected me, life sucks.” I felt terrible, so I had to tell someone. I decided to tell Lauren, we talked about it on msn and it was quite a laugh, she did make me feel better .

My parents were out at Bristol, in IKEA or something, and Lauren told me “I’m walking my dog Davisson; I'll come by and say hi” . After 10 minutes or so, she arrived with her dog at my doorstep. I knew, I was not allowed out, but I took the keys and we walked along. We walked to her dad’s house and she walked me half way back, and we discussed the Callum situation and the Dominic situation, it felt like I had known her for years.

And it was nice to have someone truly like me. She cared about religion,school work, boys, make up and fashion and she wasn’t to strange, like me, she seeked a perfect balance which she achieved most of the time and it’s exactly what I needed. A friend more like me.

July 30, 2009 at 7:49am
July 30, 2009 at 7:49am
We found out later that Callum’s tagline wasn’t about me, but about Callum asking Candice out and her rejecting him. The next day, I walked to Lauren’s House, we went on the trampoline and talked, I told her that I fancied Adam from our class and she promised not to tell anyone else. We sat there on that trampoline for ages, and the sky went from bright to dark before we noticed, we went in to watch Dancing on ice then Lauren’s Mum Took Me Home.

As I got home, I remembered reality, I was relieved in many ways, as Dominic hadn’t taken it seriously and no one was hurt. I thought Lauren’s confidence had been knocked out after Callum asked out Candice and I needed to reassure her, that there was hope. At school we had Updates, whenever I noticed something like him looking at her or anything like that, I would tell her when I next had a chance. This was surprisingly fun, we did this for about a month, I think. It was a real laugh most of the time, we could sit there and talk for hours on end without a pause.
We went on holiday together for Lizzie’s Thirteenth with our other friends including Lauren and Hannah, it was great fun . It was brilliant, the best; I felt that we could not be any closer. The week after that, I think was the best week I had, for a few months.

The next stage in my drama started on what could not been a more summery Thursday. My dad being away, I walked home on my own from school. Tired, I sat on the couch and started to watch the telly, like most days. But then I got a phone call. It was Lauren, she asked me if I wanted to go to hers and hang out. I was not allowed to Lauren’s house on my own but I did not care and left without a word, why I should care. I Walked to Lauren’s happily as ever, with her making the promise that we would walk back to mine as soon as she had finished tiding her bedroom. As I came in her house, I was quite happy. I went on her laptop and we discussed that Jemma was in a mood with her and she showed me her iTunes. I went on msn, while she tided her room.
While she was doing this, our conversation switched from the boys to Jemma and back and forth. Suddenly, Lauren got a text, it was from Lizzie, it said, “Hi its Callum ly x.” Lauren puzzled figured it was a joke and that Lizzie was trying to find out something, she texted back saying “Huh? .What Do You Mean. x”. Ten minutes or so later, Lauren got a phone call. It was Lizzie, I could hear Lauren going “yeah, that’s cool, we will be there in a minute. Ok bye-bye.” I was puzzled, as this is not how she would normally talk to Lizzie. It semt kind of shorter and there was no mention of Mike ( btw. Max is Lizzie’s long term crush, who she’s been crushing on for like a year and he keeps rejecting her, its funny, (It’s an insider, you won’t get it, we aren't that mean)

She told me “get some makeup on now.” I replied “why, are we meeting Lizzie somewhere, I can’t be bothered with makeup.” She said “No, You twit, Lizzie and Sophia are with Callum and Adam at asda and we are meeting them in a minute.” I panicked. Lauren lent me a top because my top, well it was to showy if you get me. Plain nice top with a cardi. We meet the boys at asda and it was a right laugh. I could not take my eyes of Adam and Lauren off Callum. It was a bit awkward for Lizzie and Sophia because you could tell we weren’t too concentrated on them.
When it came to 5:30, I got a phone call from my mum, asking where I was and I told her Isambard park. Lying and I still got told off and shouted at ,, she told me to come home immediately, the only problem was that my coat and other top were still at Lauren’s so we walked back to Lauren’s and I got my coat and they stayed there and I walked home as quickly as I could to get home. Mum was Livid, nearly killed me and grounded me.

But luckily the punishment excluded the computer. As I got on Lauren asked me to kind off ask Callum who he fancied again somehow without sounding obvious. I tried and when I asked if it was Lauren, he said ‘no but she’s fit though’, I was extremely upset and I did not want to tell Lauren. Lauren was also asking him, and they hinted to each other that it was each in the class and them guesses until no one except Callum had only Lauren left and Lauren had only Callum left and they asked each other, is it me. I don’t know many details after that, the only reason I knew about what had happened so far was the fact that we were on mic chat. But I had to leave the computer. So I texted Lauren and eventually I got a txt that she and Callum were going out and she called me and we screamed and laughed and told each other that it would all work out.

July 30, 2009 at 7:53am
July 30, 2009 at 7:53am
The next day she called me in the morning, she was wondering what was going to happen to her and Callum when they got to school. She came in late into humanities, her hair straightened and with loads of makeup on. She looked stunning and like a lot of effort was put into it.

At break, he put her arm around her and that was the start of them. At School everyone was really surprised but omg, Candice; well, she looked like she was going to kill Lauren. But Bloody hell, she had her chance with Callum, well actually THREE chances with him, she blew it! Give them some space for god’s sake. You should have seen her face when she found out, we were in science, round the demo desk and as usual we tried to ignore Mr. Scutt and Callum put his arm around Lauren and Candice came over and tried to join and Callum didn’t let her. Obviously, she was a bit shocked and Tasha shouted really loudly, “leave the couple alone, unless you want a threesome!” everyone laughed. Lauren went bright red and Callum looked at Lauren but then Candice was like “what?” The next bit happened really quickly. Tasha said “they are going out! didn’t you know that ?! . She went as pale as a ghost in a blink of a second. Then she moved to the back by Tasha. It was quite funny; I had seen that girl torture people with her ways including Callum himself. Playing hard to get, having them all wrapped around her little finger but now her boy toy was taken, and it was going to stay that way.

That Friday after school, we went out with the boys again, I had to take my sister Daisy. I Remember it clearly, se stat there while they went to get free water from Starbucks. They started spitting it everywhere and everyone was staring, specially a bunch of teenagers behind us. They got a little bit of water on Daisy's bike and she called them assholes. Me and Lauren turned around and pretended we didn’t know them, the teenagers behind us were repeating the way Daisy said Assholes, as she says it in a really particular way, slightly American.

More people were looking at them and we walked to Jemma’s, to meet her (trying to run away from the water spitting business). Unfortunately they followed (jokes). As we walked towards Jemma’s, we saw Jay. I think he was gonna say something to Lauren (they once went out and he’s always really flirty with her) but I think he saw Callum and noticed it was not the best time. He looked upset but almost jealous and disappointed, a bit like Candice but not as strong, well at least he didn’t make it out to be. I’m not sure what is up with that boy but it’s weird and he apparently told Lauren the day before that he would have kissed her if he wasn’t going out with Katy-Jane, if he is going out with Katy-Jane, well honestly you can’t tell cause they are on and off with each other and they are popular so I gave up on keeping track as they usually go from one to the other.

We found Jemma half way to hers and I can’t remember what happened afterwards, but nothing to interesting. I Think we walked to Lauren am other house. Then I was really late in, grounded. But from the computer this time, I found and old one of my dad’s and went on it. It was brilliant, msn when I want. The best thing that happened that day was well Lauren told Adam that I fancied someone to give a hint, and it went from there. I was going out with Adam. On Sunday I think it was but I was just so happy I didn’t take much notice =p. The week went quickly but not much happened it was all cool for the week; we hanged about with the usual crowd and had a great time together. And Cameron and Lizzie went out, it lasted 12 hours. He dumped her before they got back to school. :(

July 30, 2009 at 7:57am
July 30, 2009 at 7:57am
The first week back, something started to go bad; everything started to crumble, between people. Jemma was throwing herself at Callum, even though she was going out with Cain. It was wrong; it looked as if she fancied him. Lauren was upset but she did not want it to get in the way of her and Callum so she said nothing to Callum about it because last time with an ex which Lauren was clearly still confused about as she spoke to me about it in a certain way, apparently she tried to express fights between her and Jemma and that the reason he finished it. They never spoke properly again, they were best of friends before, they knew each other before and you could feel how close they were, then fight with Jemma, she told him about it. Boom, gone, they hate each other.

But Lauren loves Callum with all her heart anyways so it doesn’t matter no more. That Monday, the boys knocked for me and we walked to Lauren’s, I tried to convince Cameron to go out with Lizzie but I gave up. But he clearly liked someone else. And Callum started to talk about Lauren, saying he was going to dump her, I called him a shallow bloody Bastard and he said to Adam, watch the mouth on that one and laughed. I was annoyed. What the hell was wrong with him, it semt fine , I thought he liked her, he said , you know all of this was a joke, and I lied saying that I knew that he was kidding trying to look clever , I was so relieved as telling Lauren would have crushed me. But he said I lied about fancying her. I never did, but I wanted to give it a go. And I was going to dump her on the first few days. But then I decided to not cause it was working and he loved her now and I began to actually like her more and more. Then they talked about Cameron’s sister who was supposedly really fit . I Ignored them .

At school Cain got tired of it. He Dumped Jemma. It was all because she acted like Callum was her boyfriend instead of Cain himself. She covered it up brilliantly, I didn’t see her next lesson as I’m in a different art rotation group but she acted like it didn’t happen but I knew that she upset at heart, she was good at covering things but I was better at uncovering them. This only made her worse. I was ill the next day, but she started on Adam. At that point, I wasn’t just annoyed, I was angry at her. The week went by quickly and I and Lauren talked on the phone and we decided on the conclusion that she only did this because she was unsecure and she wanted reassurance in that she could still get boys, she was really insecure. But it looked like it was done on purpose every now and again. Everyone started to notice it, Tay and Lizzie talked about how stupid she looked when she does that. And well ok, nothing we say was going to stop her.
That Friday she was particularly ticked off because I was sleeping at Lauren’s and you could tell that she put extra effort into flirting with everyone else’s boyfriend. It was simply too much. I felt like killing her at some points and shouting ‘Get Your Stupid Slutty Hands off Other Peoples Boyfriends. It’s not fair , leave them alone, stop being a cow and get on, Cain treated you like bloody Gold and you threw him away like he was some rubbish bag.’ But I contained myself.

July 30, 2009 at 8:01am
July 30, 2009 at 8:01am
The sleepover was great. Really Cool. Next day, I stayed at Lauren's all morning. Something began to start; Cameron told us he fancied Jemma. We went to the shop ‘the range’ I got a scone: D. We came back and I stayed for tea. We had noodles, we went on msn, Cameron asked Jemma out and she said Yes and me and Lauren screamed our arses off ;).After that Lauren’s Mum Took me Home Cause she’s Cool ! =]. My Parents were annoyed I stayed at Lauren’s all day but they didn’t say much. had her hair cut , it looked ,, umm ... strange in my opinion ,, I didn’t like it much but never mind.

On Sunday I think we went out, can’t remember though it was so long ago, each, we went MacDonald’s then the park. It was coolio. At school everything was slightly funny, but not in a good way, a bit weird. Everything as usual quite boring, afterschool Jemma dumped Cameron. Saying it didn’t work out = [. I was really miffed off and he was really upset. She wouldn’t even speak to me! Ohh I Was PISSED OFF LIKE SO MUCH. Well then on wensday it was like, omg JESS get your bloody hands off PLEASE! But as usual, she didn’t even notice it.

Afterschool, Lauren called me. Very upset, saying that Adam told her that Cameron told him that Callum had said that he and Lauren weren’t going out, he had dumped her. He hadn’t told Lauren she was dumped. So it was strange, wouldn’t he say he was going to leave her, not that he had left her. I told her I didn’t know. I guess.
Then Thursday. I asked him in the morning what the f*** that was about, and he said it was just a joke. That was the worse day for a long time. A long, long time. Every time Lauren or I wanted to talk to our boyfriends she was always there. And it was like there isn’t a point . . . so we kind off didn’t get a chance to talk to them.... en he said to someone something and Rackel overheard and cleverly told me that Callum said ‘he was leave dump Lauren’ and then Cain said he overheard it too. I don’t know, from there it was all a big mess.

Then Cain told us the final news while we waited there outside of Mrs. bank’s office in silence. No one said a word but I said ‘this shows who will always stand by your side ’. Jemma didn’t even speak to her .After the state of shock she was in we went to French! I was like crap as it couldn’t be worse as she’s sat next to Callum and Jemma on the other side of him.

As I’m sat on the complete other side I couldn’t see them very well, but she semt better in ICT and Street dance. If she was upset, her portrait herself as strong and not bothered. I Thought You Couldn’t do anything slightly better. She kept her head held high and ignored him. Street was Coolio . Right Round and This Song, Number One by Kardinal. Afterwards Lauren told me her and Callum made up =]. And Cain and Jemma Made Up! It was a miracle, well at least a chance. I Thought Happy Days! This is a chance for everything to be ok. It looked like nothing could get better for us. Jemma Wasn’t Even Flirting that much and Lauren made up with Lauren and we were all friends, except for one little insignificant fact. I was broken inside. I felt pushed away. It was weird, like no one cared about me now. I just felt so upset.

July 30, 2009 at 8:02am
July 30, 2009 at 8:02am

This is the point where I decided to write this, I won’t call it a diary, because I guess their meant to be more formal and I rather not bother with bloody grammar right now. I thought I could right what had happened that month in a night or so, it’s taken me like 2 weeks or so... so I have to write more to catch up to today,, I mean you wouldn’t believe what’s happened by now ! Well ill carry on. Well, god I haven’t wrote in this for ages. Well now, basically because I want to get to the point where I can write in this daily.


July 30, 2009 at 8:07am
July 30, 2009 at 8:07am
Well that night, I felt the most I was betrayed for a long time. I just felt overwhelmed and I just couldn’t find the point in life. What is the point in this? and I had to revise for test as well .I thought she hated Jemma but I knew she was behind this. Let me look for the actual conversation history, I'll copy and paste it.

(16:36) Lauren.: Yeah , I'm sleeping round Jemma’s
(16:37) ' - Gaaby : Cool (Y)
(16:38) Lauren.: Well, you know what you should do in case you get bored from revising
(16:39) ' - Gaaby : What ?
(16:39) Lauren.: You should learn how to do your hair , no offence
(16:40) ' - Gaaby : Oh okay .

I just felt a pang of loss. She was being rude to me now and she said all sort of horrid things, it felt terrible. I was so angry and sad. I sat there and sobbed because what I was working towards was falling apart again .

I want to get through the rest quickly as I want to catch up on today .Well basically then Callum dumped Lauren for real. It was sad because well it just was . But she didn’t let it get to her and she carried on and then Cain broke up with Jemma and Adam broke up with me. I wasn’t that upset over Adam but he just did it in a stupid way. He told all his mates, then told Lauren and Lizzie , and then Lauren phoned me and told me, He was acting like he was two but I don’t really care. I was going to break up with him the day after so.

Then Lauren went out with Cain and Lizzie FINALLY went out with Mike. Yeah, I know, Lauren and Cain! , well, long story short, he asked her out, then Jemma wasn’t happy then they got over it, then Lauren went to Cornwall, then I became friends with Jemma and we went outside, then Cain came as well. Me and Lauren started to go to church together, which is really good , as I got to spend time with god and her .( If you are thinking I'm a nutter cause I believe in god, then, you are likely to be ignorant. Well, god is part of my life and always will be. I'm not crazy and I hope you respect my religion) Then When Lauren came back, she dumped him.

He called her a bitch and stuff and after a day or two I think, he had a new girlfriend. Lilied Hoggers. I Think her name suits her as she would fit as a hog, well anyways, she plays a quite big role in this so. Then the Belgium trip. Well, Jemma went out with Callum which was obvious as her behaviour obviously was flirty. Then Callum apparently told her that he fingered this girl, and she started crying and stuff. And she became friends with Millie and Lilly. And then Callum dumped her over the coach, with hand signals: L (we shouldn’t laugh but she bloody deserves it) And Lizzie is still happily with Mike together; p. Then we came up with a system of numbers.

1. Cain
2. Cameron? ( Maybe )
3. Jay ? ( Keeps flirting )
4. Christian (From Church, Fittyy ;))
5. 15 year old ( from church , not really fit, may have to take him of the list )
6. Ricardo,( Lauren’s Italian fling ;)

That’s the original list, it grew a bit. James kept on looking at her in English , which I pointed out , which I will stab myself for every day as it lead to trouble and I honestly don’t know what to do.

July 30, 2009 at 8:11am
July 30, 2009 at 8:11am
Yeaahh ! Finally were kind off close, but I’ve messed everything date wise but James became seven. As well I skipped my birthday party, which a lot of this happened and the James business started before they went to Belgium but just go along with it. Then well, I just kept on telling her when he looked at her, and she started texting him more, so did I. Aaahh I remember exactly how it happened.

Gina came down from Newcastle, we slept round hers, it was brilliant fun, her parents went out so we screamed and raved and shouted, we had a fight with Meg, ohm it couldn’t get better. It was so funny! The best and I and Lauren were texting James ( we decided James would become 7 ) . Then afterwards the sleepover she admitted to Gina and me that she fancied him! Yay!. James texted me saying, “Who does Lauren fancy then?” Because I went on about that she fancied someone to get him to ask me so he would ask her out and I texted back “I couldn’t say, she will skin me alive ;)” but then he replied and asked “is it me” and I replied “I'm not saying anything”, then he said “so it’s not me”, then I said “well, maybe. I'm not saying more.”

And then the next day, I got sat next to him in humanities and he always talks about her, but not necessarily in a good way, he says , it’s frustrating how she never actually talks to him in school but texts him lots”. But it’s all his mates fault. Because he is mates with an ex of Lauren’s and they would guess that she fancied him. The ex and James are mates and Lauren and obviously, it ended really badly.

This makes everything so difficult. As she can’t exactly talk to him when his mates are around. And he is so popular, But he knows what he is doing, he is a good kisser apparently and he knows how to well get off and things which is a real plus for some. Sometimes, I kind of like him , but I would never go out with him , but I see all his good points and well, it really don’t matter , I don’t fancy him , he is just , well . I’ll leave that, I just keep those thoughts to myself. It’s not like he is on my mind or anything but I just think he is kind of cool, he is good boyfriend material if you get me. But Lauren and James , they would make such a good pair, plus, I haven’t even kiss someone yet, it be a bit too fast for me , like apparently he got off with Katy stellard like two days after they were going out .

I lied about this boy and said he kissed me, he is called josh, well, and he does exist. Don’t get me wrong and he did kiss me, just on the cheek not on the lips, I didn’t mention that ;). He is from my ninjitsu class. Okay back on track, My Birthday, I had a sleepover, then in the morning, Hannah and Jemma, left and went outside for a walk, which was going to be 20 minutes then turned into like 2 hours, and then they came back. I was so angry because I saw they were outside with Adam, so they prefer my ex to me! %$!@^”&.

That same night, James told me he had a thing going with this other girl. I was shattered for Lauren, I tried to tell her but I couldn’t , I physically couldn’t, I tried but the words wouldn’t come out of my mouth, I felt so bad. From that day, I always tried to change the topic from him, and she noticed, so I stopped, then sitting next to him, gave me loads of opportunity to find out things. Which is brilliant, but he always talks about how she texts him too much and doesn’t even talk. And I that he has something going on with another girl, whom I’ve figured out, is Katie Stellard! As they had a long passionate hug, with her, In front of Lauren!

Well, basically, I still can’t tell her that he said it might not go anywhere but I have a feeling I might convince him into liking her or something
I don’t know but I might,
So you will have to wait till tomorrow!

YESS! I'm finally on today, which is great. I’ve missed out bits ohh yeah. We are not speaking to Jemma at all anymore, because she uses us only when Millie and Lilly aren’t around, so Serious, never talking to her again. And I’ve just been informed that Tasha thinks I fancy James, great, well I don’t, Lauren does, I just kind of little have a crush on him from the distance if you get me, well ,its not even a crush, it’s just a liking , I like him , he is cool , he is funny, but I don’t fancy him . it’s not like I would go out with him , it’s not like I think about him , I just get random thoughts, I get them with most boys , just a wonder. But moving on, she’s not replying so I don’t know how long it will be till she tells her that I don’t fancy him! She better!
I’ll write more tomorrow

July 30, 2009 at 8:13am
July 30, 2009 at 8:13am
Eeeeeeurrghh! I'm so angry at Jemma and at oxford and at my cat and my sister and at my broken guitar and at the guy who hasn’t delivered my giant duck !

I’ll start chronologically. Yesterday, nm happened . Just revised for gay science test which went rubbish anyways and did humanities script that went really well . Then today, it was wacky hair day! Yay! Mum didn’t get me spray, but I got extensions and I stayed up till like 2 yesterday. And woke up at six to get ready for school so I could to finish humanities homework. Did humanities till like 40 past 7 when I started doing wacky hair and makeup. I also forgot to print it and therefore delayed everyone, and then forgot money we had to bring for having our hair wacky, making us even more late. But never mind. Then got my hair wacky-err at break. Phone went off in class; thank god it was not confiscated. She didn’t notice. But Tasha was glaring at me. She’s trying to catch me out. About James. I DONT FANCY HIM! god!

But anyway, yeah didn’t get much chance to talk to him for Lauren. Anyways, then French was not much different, and then ICT was boring because Cameron wasn’t around. Although he is sick and twisted and totally inappropriate, he is really funny (and something to look at too). Then we had a science test which was boring as well. I did crap-ishh even though I revised, it was okay I guess as I finished it at least but it was kind of hard []. Then P.E. ! Ohh I hated that P.E. lesson.

I went partners with Sarah. ( Cool Girl x ) And we were doing doubles ! And we got put against slutty slaggyy bitch one and slutty slaggyy bitch two ( a.k.a. Megan and Jemma ) and she was being such a bitch and a whore, making sex noises and talking about her boobs and private parts. So I have proper reasoning to not be friends with her now because god said to forgive people but these aren’t the right people are they. These are people who drink, who will have sex and probably get pregnant not very long from now. Will get high soon too. So these are bad influences and god doesn’t want us associating with them as they may lead us into sin so I am choosing to stay away and I will try not to be nasty about her and not slag her off and not mention her at all. That is best. If it can be avoided, do not bring bitch up.

And she called me and Sarah bitches. Soon I will turn them all against her ! Mwaaahhhahahahahahaaa ! no I won’t do that, that’s mean . But I will tell people the truth on the fact that she is using them because she has no one else like she used me and Lauren. So I officially went from dislike to hate . Actual hate. Well, not hate . But VERY STRONG DISLIKING . I am furious and I will never ever forgive her. Ever. God help me on this path and protect me and lead me on a productive path and different route to them. Thank you.

Well, I am really tired as it is now 20 past twelve 1 so I'm gonna head off to sleep ;p but cause I'm nice I will write soon, if not tomorrow. Tomorrow is Sarah’s birthday party and her birthday present hasn’t arrived which is a giant rubber D U C K !. And I am angry atm but cannot play angry shout songs acoustically so I can’t shout all together cause gay guitar string snapped ( I don’t take my anger out on it, no I wouldn’t do something like that ). And I'm tired and I'm going to bed
Night night
Write in here soon

July 30, 2009 at 8:15am
July 30, 2009 at 8:15am
That was last Friday ;)
Today is Thursday, next week from last time I wrote ;) But a lot has happened . Well, on Saturday, I went to Sarah’s party, cosmos! Yummy! Then back to hers , we played truth or dare and stuff. Cool party ;) . We went to town and Lizzie was like mad at me.

Then , Sunday did not do much , had an argument with Lizzie .
On Monday it was stupid sports day [] Gay! Like totally. Really boring, made up with Lizzie . Urmm Tuesdays, Arts blast in school. All you do for like a week is arts stuff (great []!) . We had music with theAllies a band! They are fit. In the afternoon we had to create band music with theAllies haaaaaah! They are yummy. We went in groups got put with James and others. And we had TheAllies Chaaarlieeeeeee ! haaaaaah fit ass . Lauren is obviously not in with us, as she is doing stuff for the school production.

Wednesday, Tay is being a bitch, a bit bored at the moment. I told Lizzie that she can’t be with me and Jemma at the same time so cause I hate her. It’s just because she’s becoming too friendly with her in my view and Jemma is snatching my friends. I can’t be asked to write more about today,. Oh I went to house group, it was cool (church, bible discussion thing  )

Thursday, Urmm can’t even remember whatever happened today . Sorry .

Friday!!!!!!!! Gosh I am SO ANGRY! I'm going to stab someone the way this is going! We had a stupid assault course and they made us go outside when it was bucketing down with rain! Got so muddy. Did it anyway, I go back into the changing rooms, look for my clothes and I find them soaked! Some bitches put them in the showers . What the hell is wrong with them, Emily Lowrie and the EN girls. Grrrr. we spent half of drama in the store room , where there is a tumble drier and we got changed like an hour later as the tumble drier was crap and was useless and took forever and people made fun of us when we went back in saying why did we take so long and calling us lesbian and stuff. Not that I have anything against lesbianism but I am not one so you know. James is annoying me and before you say it NO I don’t fancy him, I like being around him though, he’s a nice person and I like talking to him. I wish he would phone me up, that would be fun. But anyway yeah pretty much all that happened.

On the weekend, Urmm, I can’t remember what I did. Urmm think! Did something Saturday then went round Hannah Sunday It was cool.

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