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About my new world, challenges, enlightenment, wonder...
A brief history about me and my adventure in life wouldn't exactly be brief. I have been on this earth for many years and had various experiences.

Just in case someone stops by to read about this word art, please understand that this is the beginning of a journey which I want to share with you, yes, you. Why? Well, you'll have to read to discover the treasures with in the words I am going to use to create art, paint a picture and tell a story about me and what has happened in my life. Not just my life, but, other lives as well. We are all intertwined on the stage of planet earth. Our energy affects each other, our experiences interest each other, and our spirits are meashed together in many ways or repelled in many ways. That's a part of life, with its' ups and downs, laughter and sadness, all the things of sight sound, smell,touch,hearing, and spiritual, emotional etc kinds of events.

Thgis is the start of something which has no planned ending if it ever will have an ending. As long as I have the breath of life, I will be a part of the events and activities on earth. When it is time for me to leave because my visit is over and I'm being called home to be with my father in heaven then, and only then with my life on earth have an ending. Then what? My life with my father in heaven will have no end. So you see, this is why I write that there possibly is no ending.

Note to reader:
I have not edited this wirting, I will return and finish this portion of this writing, however, right now I must go to bed and reast so that I can log into WdC and be active tomorrow. Thank you for taking a look at the beginning and feel free to return and see what has been added, much thanks. Phone call, gotta go. *Smile*
#1. In God I trust
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