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by Dr. D
Rated: 13+ · Book · Fantasy · #2055503
Becoming a legend is just the beginning
This is meant to be the first book of a 5? book series called "Destiny of the Winds" and I have an overall flow to where it goes. This fantasy world has different "mechanix" than this world and I have had to flesh them out so I am consistent in the stories. I have been developing maps so I know what is in the world and I have a history of about 5000 years. I have been developing backstories. The main arc (though not developed in the first book) is that this world had an event called the Path wars, about 1800 years before, where most people and cities and technologies (think more alchemies) were destroyed and an evil character is imprisoned for two comet cycles that is about to end. About 800 years before the current time 5 prophecies to 5 unique lands/people groups told of the same 5 people who would challenge/aid the evil one. The prophecies are unique to the character of the lands and are cryptic so the 5 can be interpreted to be good or bad which adds to the plot, help or kill them. Lysia the main character in the first book and central to all the books, is the only character that is fully transparent and is consistently good or neutral. All the other characters with have baggage or ulterior motives.
I love strong female characters and I have, I think, two good ones. I believe this comes from my mom, sister, wife, nieces, and ersatz nieces that surround me who are amazing and strong and thought provoking, and deep. I am not threatened by them, but very humbled and awestruck.
Do not expect sex scenes or much romance, or strong language, or graphic descriptions of gore; that is not my style.
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#1. Chapter 1 Pavillion
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