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A tale of war, of racism, and of equality. One groups struggle to save a failing world.
Humans and Thyroi, singular Thyrus, have lived together on Earth for as long as anyone can remember. Thyroi are anthropromorphized animals with equal intellect to Humans. However Humans have always treated The Thyroi as inferior beings and oppressed them. Peace seemed to be reached 10 years ago when The Thyroi Civil Rights Act was passed. However, tensions have come to a boil and threaten to turn everything upside down.

Meanwhile, a boy named Marcus wakes up to another day of school. With today being the 10 anniversary of the Thyroi Civil Rights Act, one of his teachers has a lesson to help his students realize Humans and Thyroi aren't so different. Excited to see what his teacher has to say, Marcus heads to school just like any other day.
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Chapter 1 A World of Humans and Thyroi 33.40k

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