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"Maybe it doesn't matter." This argument was consuming too much of his time. "Besides, we don't have any proof."

"It does matter, and we will find proof. Having a mole in here could threaten the very security of this place. Now, look for the mole.", said Ruelle, bossy as always. They never really got along well. This time Adam was standing up for himself.

"I ain't looking for no mole."

"Yes, you are."

He could expose his secret once and for all. He wouldn't have to keep dodging questions about his backgrounds or where he comes from. He wouldn't have to keep a secret anymore. He wouldn't have to be the mole anymore.

"Cat got your tongue?"

"Found a rat?" somebody calls out from the back. "Hidden in the storage all this time. Huh"

Adam sighs, disappointed and relieved at the same time. Being the mole was a burden he would have to carry to his grave, just like his mother. Adam didn't have a choice. He was born a betrayer and would die one.

"Ruelle, I need to--"

"Look, Adam, I know we haven't got along that well. I just need you to know it's nothing personal. That's just who I am. That being said, I know you have a secret--a big one. Soon I will find out what it is. Believe me when I say this Adam, things are not going to look good for you."

Adam could only stare as she walked away--hope draining every inch of his soul. His secret was now his doom.
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