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by Kwills
Rated: E · Book · Contest Entry · #2241374
For random prompts, contests that allow "entry:" format, and ideas worth expanding upon.
Some contests and challenges require a new item for each piece, others accept book entries. This book is for those entries. It is also for ideas that have moved beyond the notebook, but aren't quite fleshed out yet.

This is my WDC commonplace book, the epitome of miscellany.
Media Prompt Challenge 6-Jan-2021
January 7, 2021 at 6:04pm
The challenge: Listen to {x-link:https://youtu.be/DC_TrsY7U3A}this song{/x-link}, and write whatever comes to mind. My response: Took a wrong turn, wants to find a way back. Reconnecting. Remembering. "How's it go again?" Value human connection over social standing. "My favourite colour is you / You're vibrating on my frequency" Youth as innocence. Sophistication as emptiness. Wanting to be missed, to be wanted as a true friend. Wanting to ... [Read more]

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