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Rated: 13+ · Book · Fantasy · #2277399
The tribes of Airts must unite before the Lord of Ultimate Evil destroys their world.
Many tribes exist on the world of Airts, and for millennium they have warred against one another.

Those in search of ancient knowledge and power, discovered an ancient and long forgotten portal. Ignoring countless warning to keep it buried, they opened the portal unleashing Arddhu, the lord of absolute evil unto the world.

With his minions, Arddhu seeks only the complete destruction of every tribe. His sole quest is death.

While Beatrix, the angel of guidance, seeks to find one who can stop Arddhu.

Can Vex Bruiser align the Tribes together and defeat Arddhu. Or will a life he does not remember prevent alliances from saving Airts?

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Chapter One 6.73k
Chapter 2 Chapter Two 0.06k
Chapter 3 Chapter Three 0.05k

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