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by Kira
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AU fic,Buffy was turned, a new Slayer has arrived and Spike and Angelus are back
This was written a couple of years ago and I've decided to edit it up and post it.

Buffy was turned by Angelus mid-season two, right after the ritual to Acathla was complete, but with his new mate at his side, Angelus liked the world as it was. A new Slayer has been called and the Council put her in the charge of Rupert Giles in Sunnydale.

Spike returns with Angelus and Buffy following under his rule to kill this new Slayer and turn her, but a darker, deeper plot unravels with betrayals, demon sects of holy brethren and a destiny that nobody but the philosophers of old could have foreseen.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Some Things Never Change 9.80k
Chapter 2 The First Meeting 5.03k
Chapter 3 Diversionary Tactics And Books 10.46k
Chapter 4 Sisters 4.78k
Chapter 5 Watcher 5.90k
Chapter 6 Back For Seconds 7.58k
Chapter 7 Research and Revelations 7.26k
Chapter 8 Shells Of Old Friends 9.27k
Chapter 9 You Say Mom, I Say Mum 8.45k
Chapter 10 Tell Me 6.00k
Chapter 11 Truths 6.18k

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