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by Shaara
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Love is precious, but it's also difficult, and it has it moments of insanity.
This is  simply an exotic bird


We've all been there:

the bitterness,
the disolution,
the lack of faith,
the heartache,
the tears,
and the anger.

Relationships end,

enough said

-- except that the heart still bleeds

and the wounds lie open,

needing the comfort of a poem.

With these pieces

I applied the tourniquet,

the bandage,

the covering.

May their pain and their truths help you,

or convince you of your luckiness,

if good fortune has smiled on you

and left you still in love.


The donkey and the frog are talking about the marvels of the world.

Anyway, the following pieces

are from my dark moments.

Some are fictitious.

Some are truth.

The two have long ago entwined,

leaving scratches on my heart.



I see love about me

A couple shares glances

An elderly pair holds hands

Someone pats a hand

Touches a knee

Caresses a back

A secret smile passes

from lips to lips

The way he looks at her

The way she looks at him

Love is, and I still believe . . .



This a picture of a puppy begging for attention.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 The Parade of Wildness 1.60k
Chapter 2 To David: The Loss of Friendship 1.28k
Chapter 3 Happiness 2.27k
Chapter 4 The Unfestive Holiday 2.05k
Chapter 5 My Greatest Folly 1.74k
Chapter 6 Falling from the Sky 1.27k
Chapter 7 On the Dark Side of the Moon 2.85k
Chapter 8 Grief 1.09k
Chapter 9 Music Has Lost Its Wings 1.29k
Chapter 10 Conversing With My Sister 1.90k
Chapter 11 The Day I Met My Future Husband 2.20k
Chapter 12 Vocabulary of Touch 0.88k
Chapter 13 The Unwelcome Christmas Exchange 2.92k
Chapter 14 I Gladly Apologize First 2.22k
Chapter 15 In the Music 2.09k
Chapter 16 A Dream So Real 0.55k
Chapter 17 The Colors of Dating 1.64k
Chapter 18 Romance, Relationships, and Love 2.30k
Chapter 19 Love Works, Somehow 1.16k
Chapter 20 The Christmas Present 1.40k
Chapter 21 The True Affliction of Don Quixote 1.63k
Chapter 22 Surviving Him 1.26k
Chapter 23 The Warmth of the Cocoon of Love 3.21k
Chapter 24 Two Snow Globes 3.45k
Chapter 25 Kidnapped by Apple Blossoms and Love 0.87k
Chapter 26 Painted Flowers 1.37k
Chapter 27 Spaghetti, Willow Trees, and Love 2.43k
Chapter 28 The Colors of Your Soul 2.55k
Chapter 29 Undiscovered Love 1.86k
Chapter 30 Unsure of His Love 1.95k
Chapter 31 The Flower Maiden 1.42k
Chapter 32 Mixed Feelings 1.01k
Chapter 33 The Dying Heart 0.78k
Chapter 34 The Madness of Love 3.43k
Chapter 35 Wedding Sorrow 1.10k
Chapter 36 The Movie Star's Wife 1.64k
Chapter 37 The Boss 1.97k
Chapter 38 Missing Love 2.50k
Chapter 39 Betrayed 0.61k
Chapter 40 Hello, Goodbye 1.62k
Chapter 41 How Could You Leave Me? 1.26k
Chapter 42 Everyone Has Their Darkness 8.52k
Chapter 43 Like the Untapped Wind 1.40k
Chapter 44 Red Was the Color 1.39k
Chapter 45 The Betrayal of the Red Rose 1.74k
Chapter 46 Spontaneous Combustion 0.85k
Chapter 47 The Jewel 1.26k
Chapter 48 Vacant Lot 2.66k
Chapter 49 Not I, Not Again 1.05k
Chapter 50 A Bird Called Love 2.01k

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