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How far would you go to save a friend's life?
The Ethereal Friendship

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         Marissa Colllins and Angela Michelli have been best friends since they were twelve years old. Angela has always been full of mystery and magic, but Marissa always thought she understood her best friend. But there is more to Angela then she knows, and her past comes back leaving Marissa unsure of everything she ever knew about her best friend; and Angela fighting for her life.

         Enter into a world of chemotherapy and needles, where children are the patients still trying to be regular kids despite living inside a hospital for months at a time. Where you live together with children who might not see tomorrow but still have hope for the future.
         Join Angela in her fight to live in the shadow of a fatal illness, and her best friend Marissa's willingness to do anything to help her.

Author's note

         This is a story that's existed in the back of my mind for years, and I've been writing for almost a year now. It is inspired by real life experience, hospital volunteering, books written by Lurlene Mcdaniel, and especially my 6 months teaching English at a preschool in Japan, which is the basis for three characters, especially the very special little Tomoya who is based on a student of mine.

         I have put in hours of research, use my personal experience, and spoken with cancer surviours to make this as believable as possible. Please, enjoy :)
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Don't cry, Angela (edit) 28.05k
Chapter 2 Illness Illusion 20.45k
Chapter 3 The Promise 51.73k
Chapter 4 The Chemo Blues 55.48k
Chapter 5 Hikari's Gift 52.94k
Chapter 6 A Lesson in Goodbye 47.09k
Chapter 7 A teddy bear for Maria 46.81k
Chapter 8 Friends 43.31k
Chapter 9 Going Home 68.12k
Chapter 10 I want to live 21.58k
Chapter 11 To Achieve the Impossible 38.89k
Chapter 12 Early Discharge 11.94k

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