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I am using an old book to do a Space Log Blog and Spiritual Blog with Chris Breva.
This is a Space Blog and Take Up My Cross Journal that I am doing with Haunting Chris Breva We are working with other members to do this Blog Group. Luke Skywalker isn't here but I wish. We don't know who will show up. Jesus is here, too this I know. Enjoy. We are going to have fun here. Thanks for looking.

Merit Badge in Take Up Your Cross
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Thank you for being faithful. Jesus loves you. I love you.
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I wanted you to be the first person besides me to receive one of these very exclusive merit badges.

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A neat Rainbow Unicorn Image.
A beautiful Sig of me by best friend Angel for St. Pats Day.

Entry # 1 Forgive Someone Or Ask For Forgiveness 0.59k
Entry # 2 Count Your Age By Friends 0.63k
Entry # 3 Praying and Following Through 0.52k
Entry # 4 Fairy Tales, Dragons 1.10k
Entry # 5 Moment 0.53k
Entry # 6 Forgiveness 0.57k
Entry # 7 Favorite Fall Activity and Favorite Fall Food 0.54k
Entry # 8 Lilacs 0.54k
Entry # 9 What Decade Appeals To You? 0.60k
Entry # 10 Religious and Spiritual 0.48k
Entry # 11 Spiritual Upbringing 0.71k
Entry # 12 What Makes You Happy? 0.58k
Entry # 13 Teachings In The Bible 0.47k
Entry # 14 Deep Peace, Assurance Of Faith 0.86k
Entry # 15 Memorable Birthdays 1.76k
Entry # 16 Lead Someone To Jesus 0.96k
Entry # 17 World Is Made Out Of Gold 0.51k
Entry # 18 First Fruit,Poetry 0.57k
Entry # 19 Believing In God and Jesus 0.56k
Entry # 20 Patriotic Day 0.48k
Entry # 21 A Christian Woman I Admire 0.42k
Entry # 22 Musical, Jewelry Box 0.68k
Entry # 23 John 3: 16 0.82k
Entry # 24 Tough Situation Being A Blessing 0.54k
Entry # 25 France 0.68k
Entry # 26 Area Of Life I Am Trying To Find Healing 0.51k
Entry # 27 Jingles 0.80k
Entry # 28 Sylvia Plath Quote 0.76k
Entry # 29 God As My Refuge 0.31k
Entry # 30 Being Perfect 0.72k
Entry # 31 Hanging Out In Heaven With Jesus 0.49k
Entry # 32 Apollo and Space 0.78k
Entry # 33 Princess Diana Quote- A Surprise Here In This Entry 0.66k
Entry # 34 Native Americans 0.82k
Entry # 35 Cookies, Chocolate Chips , Sisters 1.04k
Entry # 36 Life Would Be Funny 0.54k
Entry # 37 Church Services, Maya Angleou 1.14k
Entry # 38 Jesus Is My Cross, Shield and Lion 0.46k

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