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by nobody
Rated: 18+ · Campfire Creative · Appendix · Romance/Love · #1405098
drama love KICK ASS MAGIC! and whatever else you add
[Introduction] OK choose a cast member and e-mail me BEFORE you ask to request, I'm very loose with how you profile them. but tr to stick to the base persoality and forsight I've given and hey I'm open for Ideas Email me your thoughts and I'll reply. try to keep it moving also if you can't think of somthing to write skip your turn. but don't make it a habit. i also suggest scuribeing to the love and fantasy newsletters.

Karmazatov Magical School for the Gifted
large center camus two dorms male to the west girls to the east.

The Cast

1 Mustav Garrison/good; falls for Rebecca
2Rico Carstile/good; falls for Sara
3Jach Thiel/unknown; friends with Mustav and Shier
4Shier Goodmane/evil; falls for Nani
5Todd James/unknown; falls for Heria
6Luke Loiird/evil; befriends his long time crush Rico
7Robert & Kyle Marks/unknown; keep to themselves
8Jarrad & Hector Drand/good; rebels who constantly battle the 'Hall Monitors'
9Miguel & Hermes Eswah/evil; 'Hall monitors' who battlthe Rebels
1Sara Drand/good; falls for Rico befriends Luke
2Rebecca Marks/evil; falls for Mustav
3Heria Eswah/evil; falls for Jach
4Ting & Ling Chime/good; have eyes only for the Marks
5Surri & Loki Sroen/unknown; Hangs with the Rebels but arn't as profound rule-breakers
6Nani Drew/unknown; falls for Sara

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