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by Fcfa
Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Erotica · #1958798
Seems like this teacher's putting on a few...or perhaps quite alot?
Ms. Finnigan was an all-around likeable woman, and she was strict but fair with her highschool students. Ms. Finnigan, or as her co-workers knew her, Rebecca, was a chubby 200lbs, mid-twenties gal who had a bit of a binging problem, especially whenever she was under stress. Rebecca seemed to gain primarily all around her body, though, maybe being an English and Computer Tech teacher wasn't helping her figure much, as she usually sat at her desk or in the teachers' lounge. She usually didn't seem to care nor really notice her little weight problem, and whenever she was offered food or treats from her students on holidays or from her fellow teachers, she always accepted them, even if she'd regret it later in the form of a bad stomach-ache. Rebecca also seemed to be somewhat lactose intolerant; if she ate a gallon or more of icecream she'd become rather bloated and lethargic, but a bowl or two here and there didn't seem to affect her at all.

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