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Help Rebecca restore time on Earth while avoiding the aliens.
Waking up one day to get ready for school, she found that the clocks weren't working anymore. Her parents appeared to still be asleep, never seeming to wake up from her voice. There seemed to be a blackout as none of the lights turn on when she flips on the switch. The school bus never came as it usually does. None of the phone worked; there was no internet. There was no water when she turned on the faucet.

Throughout the entire world, time was frozen. Only Rebecca, a high school student, was able to wander about the timeless environment.

On a quest to restore the continuity of time, she must journey out across the world to seek for a solution, but she must watch out for the aliens that are sneaking around almost everywhere. If she gets caught by an alien, she'll be sexually tormented, tickle tortured, or perhaps more.

WIll she ever find a way to restore time on Earth?

Amherst High School

As per usual, school ended at 2:25 PM. Today was a Monday, the beginning of another weekly academic cycle. In the midst of the chattering background noise, Rebecca weaved her way against the flow of students squeezing through the halls. The intersection was where it got especially crowded as the masses converged to a single point. Her slender, short frame 165 cm allowed the ability to slip through small openings as well as being more vulnerable to be shoved around. The moment a clearing of open space was within view, she leapt forth, exiting the mob with a radiant smile. Her steps were upbeat before gracefully sliding towards her locker.

Sixteen years of age, she was a junior who excelled in all of her classes. Her friends would describe her as cute, kittenish, curious, innocent, and observant. Because of her warming, sweet smile and cheery voice, she had been constantly encouraged to join the cheerleading team and dance team but had declined the offer every time. Performing in front of others was simply too embarrassing. She had declined every single love proposal from boys; none of them piqued her interest in the slightest. Everyone looked the same to her; each person could be categorized. None of them seemed special. They were all taking the same classes and lived under the same system. Each of their value and individual worth was measured by a number. School itself was just a giant factory, and they –the students, were the products in the factory line – stamped by a GPA to quantify their worth in society. The system mass produces a diverse set of student population into a conforming, obedient group who have memorized the same sets of content known as math, science, and English. Any other subjects would be demoted to just an ‘elective’. When school funding is low, the electives were the ones that get cut off. This wasn’t an educational system; this was all just a game. Try and score the highest points, move on to the next level, and repeat. She neither liked nor disliked school, but the life as a student can be awfully tedious and mundane at times.

For today, she wore a pure white spaghetti-strapped tank-top, a pale pink skirt, and a pair of light-grey sneakers. Her long, straight black hair remained naturally down. No where on her body would one notice any piercings, earrings, jewelries, or nail painting. The lack of such materials suited her as it highlighted her natural beauty.

She carefully turned the knob of her lock three separate times to align to three numbers that made up her locker combination. With a sharp downwards pull, the metal clicked, and the tall, narrow metal door swung up on its hinges and released a sudden flash of white light.

“Eh!?” Crossing her arms to shield her eyes, Rebecca squinted away from the blinding illumination that diminished seconds later. She rubbed her eyes before scrutinizing into her locker once more. Her light-blue backpack was stuffed at the very bottom just as she left it this morning. There were no signs as to where the flash of light came from specifically. However, the biggest difference wasn’t the locker but her surroundings. All of the chattering and footsteps were completely gone. For a moment, she thought her ears had gone deaf until her eyes gazed left and right, seeing a still shot of boys and girls frozen in place, completely and utterly motionless in their tracks.

“Huh?” She could still hear her own voice. The entire scene was engulfed by complete silence. The more she thought about, the more impossible it was for everyone here to have frozen in place in unison as part of a giant prank. Perhaps that flash of light just now was the cause of everyone’s stillness, but if so, it puzzled her as to why she remained the only one unaffected.

Fingers gripped around the strap of her backpack. She lifted out of her locker and swung it around her shoulder before swinging the metal door shut. Her bag felt heavier than usual, something that could easily be blamed towards the increasing amount of homework and assigned readings. For the time being, the high school girl strode furtively across the hallway, carefully analyzing the students around her. Everyone appeared to be posing but in an unnaturally still manner. Even now, all she could hear was the sound of her own footsteps, breathing, and increasing heartbeat.

As she darted her eyes side to side, she observed the range of influence over the population throughout the school grounds. As she peaked out the window in the far distance, the people outside shared the same fate. No one was moving. She dared not touch anyone. This strange phenomenon was all too bizarre.

Why is no one moving? What’s going on?
Rebecca stood stock still for a moment herself, and for the briefest of moments, it seemed as if the entire universe had frozen. No birds flew, no engines purred. But in her chest, her heart raced, and after that infinitesimal moment passed, the girl was a frenzy of action.

She didn't cry out; she felt possessed by an alien loathing to break the unnatural silence that had enveloped her world. But she moved. She raced from one hall to another, peering out every window and staring in every doorway. In her homeroom, Ms. Anders stood frozen in the center of the room, her mouth caught in what might have been a sneeze. Dylan Bindel, the burly 11th grader, was frozen halfway emerged from the boy's bathroom, a coil of telltale smoke following him from within. In the quad, a pack of black-coated geeks sat hunched over their Magic cards. Long after it was abundantly clear there was no unaffected part of the school, Rebecca continued her search--what was obvious to her eyes was taking the young girl's mind some time to process.

Why is this happening?

She skidded to a halt just as she returned to where she'd started her frantic run. She'd gone full circle, from the crowded hall where he she'd first opened her locker, out the main building to the annex, across the quad, past the gym, and then back through the old main entrance, and now she stood before her locker again.

But things weren't the way she remembered. Not quite.

Oh sure, most things were the same. Everything was still deathly silent. And her one-time associates were still trapped, motionless, all around her. But not all of them were here.

Rebecca was certain that Jessica Cantor had been standing immediately beside her locker. She vaguely recalled Jessica's golden blonde hair just to her left as she opened her locker; like usual, she was caught in conversation with her pack of admiring guys, in their flat-brimmed hats and their sagging pants. Jessica was an absolute flirt; a cookie-cutter beach beauty with gleaming blue eyes and a hint of freckles. But now she was gone, leaving only an empty space beside Rebecca's locker. Even the guys were staring, motionless, at an empty space.

Was Rebecca imagining it? No, she couldn't be. Why else would Jared be staring so hungrily, right at where Jessica's ample chest had been?

Was she moving, as well? Was that possible? Rebecca spun on her tiny heel, looking about for any companion in this terrifying, endless moment--but there was no sight of her.

The only sign, she noticed after a moment, was a single shoe by the open window nearby. Rebecca crossed to it. Pink converse, size 6. It seemed like Jessica's. But where was she now, and why was her shoe the only thing left?
Rebecca swung her leg over and through the open window with her hands keeping her skirt in check. Ducking her head through, she slipped outside, now finding herself in the backyard of her school. There was a massive field of grass where students could run around, throw Frisbees, or climb trees. Partly around the perimeter of the vast space were clusters of trees that made up the woods, filled with bushes, branches, and roots. It was at that moment that she saw a faint rustling of leafs, a clear sign of motion in this timeless zone.

Immediately, the girl sprinted forth, heading straight into the woods. There was not a single path to follow; she was stepping on natural soil, weaving around trunks, low hanging branches, and budged out roots. Somewhere along the way, she spotted another pink converse that lied by the base of tree. This became a huge sign that something was going on with Jessica Cantor.

Upon entering into a large clearing deep into the woods, Rebecca gawked at the colossal-sized, chrome-colored machinery that was shaped like a stereotypical UFO. Her heart began to race. After all that has happened thus far, the work of supernatural beings was a very believable possibility to her. There was not a doubt in her mind that Jessica was inside of this massive circular spaceship. But, what was she supposed to do now? If Jessica was indeed unaffected by the timeless setting, then she would have found a potential ally. On the other hand, perhaps something or someone kidnapped her into this spaceship, and judging by the lost shoes, that seemed like the more likely of the two possibilities.
The UFO remained standing by three legs, appearing a giant disk with mounds on both the upper and lower side. Striding right beneath the otherworldly creation, Rebecca glared right at the center circle of the bottom side of the craft. It appeared like a white sheet of glowing energy. Slowly, she outreached her hand towards, feeling a slight radiance of heat. And, the moment she actually touched the aura, her entire body was zapped into a completely different setting.

She blinked and staggered. Gazing around, the girl was no longer outside anymore. She was standing on a slightly elevated circular platform in a large circular room with doors on four sides. Everything appeared smooth and clean, silver in color. The material of the walls, floor, and ceiling closest resembled metal, yet the surface looked even purer like a gemstone.

Rebecca was in awe at the scenery, feeling dwarfed by the sheer size and complexity of her surroundings. Now that she has infiltrated the UFO, it was time to explore and search for Jessica.

The slender teen crept forwards, peering anxiously around the corners of the bizarre, metallic ship--if corners was at all the right word for the crystalline, curved edges that hemmed in the hallways and chambers through which the girl passed.

There was no indication of what the complicated machines around her were, or what they could ever possibly be--they were so strange, so complicated, and yet so elegant that they were unlike any machine or computer the girl had seen in her teenage years.

And it was all entirely silent. Strange devices flickered with pale pink light, and holographic columns rose from one conical machine to another--but none made even the faintest noise. At least, at first. The further Rebecca traveled, the more she began to pick up distant sounds echoing mutedly in the crystalline halls.

"How big is this ship?" Rebecca whispered under her breath. From outside, it didn't appear nearly as large as it seemed like she was now passing through. But before she could put more thought to this strange detail, she heard a definite sound--a muted, clipped, female cry. "Jessica!" Rebecca gasped.

She crept forwards as delicately as a cat, until yet another strange chamber widened before her. But this one was different from before. The pink hues were gone, replaced by gunmetal gray and black steel. There was no delicate machinery, but instead heavy constructions of dark metal; something that looked like iron but somehow even more barbaric.

There, struggling alone in the center of the room, was Jessica Cantor. She was every bit as beautiful as Rebecca remembered. Jessica was half-locked in a strange contraption--her arms were raised up high over her head, her wrists clamped into two iron manacles dangling from a cruel machine. She stood on the toes of one bare foot. Her other ankle had been locked in yet another vicelike manacle, itself dangling from a chain that kept her bare foot raised out in front of her to about her midsection in height. Her clothes looked disheveled, as if someone or something had been tugging at them; her shirt was halfway pulled down, exposing her lacy white-pink bra. Her sky-blue eyes searched the room helplessly, but her lovely mouth appeared to be gagged by what Rebecca quickly realized were her own socks, held in place by a pale-yellow tape.

Abandoning her caution, Rebecca raced over to Jessica. They'd never been friends--Jessica was mostly a shallow, vain, and arrogant jerk, but she was the only other person Rebecca had seen moving yet. She reached Jessica and tore the gag from her mouth.

"Jessica! What happened?" Rebecca asked. "What's going on? Why is everyone frozen? Where are we?"
Jessica immediately jerked her head to the tall, oblong door looming over one side of the sinister chamber.
"They just went in there. They'll be right back. Becky, you have to run. Save yourself. You can't let them catch you!" she urged.
"Who?" Rebecca asked. "What's going on?"
"I have no idea!" Jessica whimpered. "One moment, everything was normal. The next, I'm being dragged away, and everything around us is just--frozen! Frozen solid!"

Rebecca was already trying to pull Jessica free, but she couldn't find any way to loosen the peculiar manacles. They lacked any obvious keyhole, button, or other way to release their grip on Jessica's slender ankle or wrists. Rebecca spun, trying to understand the rest of the room--were these controls, or were they more devices of bondage and torture? The terrified teenager had no idea what she should do. She only knew she didn't want to end up locked up the same way Jessica was.
There was virtually no way to release the manacles around the blonde’s wrists and ankle. Hastily, Rebecca scanned around the intricate room, but the technology presented was beyond her. As she distanced herself from Jessica and explored the open space, she felt more and more panicky as to what to do. As much as she wanted to save herself, she didn’t have it in her to abandon someone who’s trapped in such a manner.

As Rebecca turned her back around, the blonde-haired beauty suddenly locked her eyes onto the youth’s light-blue backpack. One of the zippers to the largest pocket was beginning to unzip itself all on its own. Upon further scrutiny, there appeared to be a translucent vine-like appendage slipping out.

“Becky!” She whispered sharply to warn the girl. “Your backpack! There’s something inside!”

“Huh?” The adorable teen looked back to the immobilized girl in puzzlement. Her personal belonging was the last thing she would expect to be out of the ordinary, but before she could check, her wrists were immediately snatched by a pair of translucent tentacles that coiled around like serpents. “Kya!!!” The girl flinched as her wrists were tugged over and behind her head, pulling them backwards. As a result, her armpits were fully exposed.

The frightened teen widened her blue eyes in fear. She could not see what was behind her and was unable to take of her backpack with her arms contorted in such a binding fashion. These gooey appendages had lashed out like snakes with such refined and controlled movements. They did not wobble and carried much resilience to her struggles. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t budge her arms a centimeter from their locked position.

The slider of her backpack soon fully unzipped itself, allowing another pair of the same kind of appendages to curve around and target straight at the girl’s ankles. Rebecca instantly lost her balance and fell onto her stomach. Her feet and wrists were then tugged towards each other, converging towards the center of her backpack, causing her back to arch. Whatever was inside her backpack had now successfully hogtied the teen that now rests on her stomach on the cold, hard floor.

This unexpected turn of events soon clicked in her mind the moment that she remembered her locker back in school. That flash of white light from before came from her locker. Her backpack was also kept inside the locker. Whatever caused that bright illumination which signaled everything in this world to freeze must have took shelter within her backpack. It was no wonders that her bag felt heavier than usual. And now, this gooey, transparent thing had decided to make its move. Perhaps it gooey alien knew that the girl was in its home turf.

While seemingly motionless, Rebecca was trying her hardest to struggle and break free from her constrictions, but she was simply too weak to do anything.

In the short distance away, Jessica watched in horror at the supernatural ‘thing’ that dwelled within the backpack. The very thought that the girl had been carrying something like that around this entire time was terrified her.

To make matters worse, the oblong door on the side of this ominous chamber slid open. Whatever they were that Jessica saw before had finally returned.

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