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Rated: 13+ · Campfire Creative · Fiction · Fantasy · #2032101
A mad doctor needs test subjects for an experiment he's working on.
Author's Note: Working on this for quite sometime. Ever gotten a job and figured out why your boss doesn't like you much? No, this isn't like Mystery Science Theater 3000 but this campfire is told a whole different story.

Bioquest Pharmaceuticals is a company known to release products from medicine for the common cold or ointments for zits, blackheads and warts, but C.E.O. Keven Scott wants a new idea and his chief scientist Dr. Cory Woodale could be the solution.

"Dr. Woodale!" Mr. Scott bellowed, "Bioquests' sales are currently down and we need an idea to keep us on top, and if we go down." Mr. Scott points to Dr. Woodale, "You go down."

Dr. Woodale says "Don't worry boss, I have just the idea to save the company but I need help to test it on." Before he leaves the lab, Mr. Scott says "See that you do."

Assistant, Mr. Jacob Jekyll says "But Dr. Woodale, the workers here knows about your reputation, where can we find a test subject?" Dr. Woodale says "We'll hire some." Jacob says "But Bioquest isn't hiring anyone." Dr. Woodale holds up a pile of resumes "I have some people in mind." He lets out a crazy chuckle.
Name: Stephen Hertzman

Age: 18

Hair color: Dirty blond

Eye color: Hazel

Weight: 215 lbs.

Height: 5'11"


Gulliver Prep.

Martin Luther King Jr. High.


Job Background:

Ticket taker for Oakwood triplex cinema until the the both the business and property closes for a new shopping center. Currently unemployed.

Family history

Brother: Joshua 13

Sister: Angela 16

Mother: Linda 44

Father: Arthur 49

Stephen is in his room playing a game on his PlayStation 4 when he hears Angela yell out "JOSH! GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" That's when Josh went into his room "I got bad news, it seems we won't be going to Aoki Teppanyaki for dinner for your birthday, but instead we'll be going to Harry's Hogwild Barbecue." He snorted like a pig. "Get out of here Josh, you're spoiling my concentration." Steve responded. Josh says "You know why? It seems Mom rather spend money for my braces then for an expensive dinner like that." Steve just bellowed out "GET OUT OF HERE JOSH!" as Josh left, Steve turned back to the TV screen where a big Game Over displayed in red, "Great, what else could happen?" Steve wondered as we went over to his computer and check is E-mail, he got an email from CWoodale@bioquest.org, he reads the following message:

Mr. Hertzman

I am pleased to inform you a position has opened, I like you to be a part of the Bioquest team, please see me around 10:00 tomorrow morning along with several others, and we'll see if you can make the cut.

Dr. Cory Woodale

"Okay, at least something went right, this week. Okay Dr. Woodale, I'll be there tomorrow Morning."

(Considering the nature of this story...I'm not going to play a version of myself or even another Female Character...I started playing this awesome game The Last Door http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/VideoGame/TheLastDoor
So I think my character will be the Game's Main Character Jeremiah Devitt who is from the 19th Century, thrust into Modern Times so...Time Travelers make great Test Subjects!)

Name: Jeremiah Devitt

Age: 30

Hair color: Chestnut

Eye color: Brown?

Weight: 198 lbs.

Height: 5'3"

Schools: Creepy Old Boarding School in Scotland

Job Background: Doesn't appear to have any Job Experience, may be a member of the Idle Rich

Devitt wakes up, he is surrounded in darkness. "Where am I?" He asks in his piping British Accent...He has no memory of what he was doing before he blacked out, for a moment he stops to remember his name, age, house number, just to make sure he doesn't have total amnesia.

"Where did you get him?" Says a voice in the darkness

"He just...Fell from the sky..." Says another voice "...Right on top of my head."

"His clothes...They look like they are straight from the Victorian Era." Says the First Voice "We better keep him...He might be a...Danger to himself."

"Oh dear." Said Devitt
(I'll go with someone based off of myself)

Name: Scott Dale

Age: 25

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blond

Weight: 285 (But with a fit figure)

Height: 5'10"

School: Local School, Community Collage

Occupation: Janitor at a factory, Part Time

Scott was at home on the computer. His day had been filled with garbage, of one sort or another. He was also dealing with another issue - his hours had been cut. From having to be under 35 hours, he now had to be under 30 hours - someone somewhere didn't do their homework when it came to the financial situation of those stuck making only the minimum wage, and no benefits.

He then noticed a very strange Email. He took a look at the Preview, and the Source Version. Then he ran a scan on it. Then, he took a look at it.

"Hmm, might be worth checking out."
(Since Twiga went male, I'll provide the female. *Pthb*)

NAME: Olivia Fullbottom

AGE: 35 ... EYES: Black ... HAIR: Black

BODY: Kardashianesque, imposing, eye-catching

OCCUPATION: Currently working part time, but has always dreamed of starting her own business if she could figure out what it would be.

Olivia opened the email from Dr Woodale. "Ah! They chose me to participate! This could be interesting. I hope it pays well."
(I will not work with the Smurfs! ...Besides, we'll need more women to provide balanced test results.)

Name: Chelsea North

Age: 19

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Dark brown

Weight: 152 lb

Height: 5' 7''

Schooling: High School; starting her first year of college.

Occupation: Construction labour (part-time).

"Boy, I feel beat," Grumbled Chelsea, slugging her way home over the concrete. Every footfall jarred her aching body, as she ate away at the kilometres to go before she was home. Public transit might be costly, but, man, this was a long way to walk after work. Then, there'd be hours of studying to do. Ick...

Sighing, she glanced to her left, at an innocuous bulletin board- and paused at the very large $$$ signs printed on one notice. She sacrificed some more precious time to scan the missive, increasingly feeling that she had encountered a windfall. They were looking for a test subject, for.... Something. Interesting. How bad could it be? She'd have to look into this, she thought resolutely, writing down down the number and address.
Stephen stood at the door of the Bioquest labs, where a woman behind the desk says "May I help you sir?" in a monotone voice. Stephen says "Yes, Stephen Hertzman here to see Dr. Cory Woodale, I'm supposed to have an interview with him this morning at 10." The lady mocked yawned and says "Oh goody, another test subject. Take the elevator to the 12th. floor, turn left and it's the 3rd. door to your right. You won't miss it." As Steve entered an available elevator and pressed 12. Stephen says to himself "Test subject? I guess that's their idea of new employees here." As the elevator stopped at 12, Steve went to the door the lady told him about "Here we are." He enters a large board room with a table and several chairs some of them sat 2 women and 2 men, he finds one of the men dressed strangely, "Hmm, if I have known if today was dress in Victorian outfits day, I would've worn my Mozart costume."
Devitt looked at the man who just made that remark "Mozart lived in the 18th century...That's a solid 100 years before Queen Victoria."

"Geez! Sorry!" Huffed the Man "So I'm not an expert...Don't get your unmentionables in a twist!"

The Vulgarity of everyone around him in this strange new environment, made Devitt sick to his stomach...Did these people have no concept of manners? He wished he could leave...But when he first arrived, the Scientist Injected him with something and told him to stay in the building...Because not even he knew what was in that serum.

"Sometimes for fun...I like to take all the labels off my bottles so I don't know what I'm injecting...It creates an element of fun...You don't know what effect will happen until it takes place...Like a Box of Chocolates you don't know what you're going to get."

That was enough to get Devitt to stay put...He had no idea weather his heart would stop...Or his very body would melt...But if this Scientist was the only one who could heal whatever effect the serum had on his body, he had no choice but to play this Mad Man's game.

His stomach really started to hurt, he folded in pain, The two women in the room, started asking questions of concern...

Devitt looked at his hands, his hands had turned strangely yellow....And they were beginning to puff up...Wait...Those were were FEATHERS!

Devitt let out a cry, and it came out a squawk, he no had a Bird's Beak!

Everyone stood up and screamed, he had transformed into a Human Sized Bird!

"So..." Woodale said to himself "In that Bottle was my Weaver Finch Serum..."
Scott soon came to the room. The first words out of his mouth were, "Is Sesame Street having a tour here or something? I must be in the wrong room."
Olivia managed to find the 12th floor. Turned out the elevator would stop there is you pressed the button labeled "12". From down the hall came a terrible squawking. "What in the world?" Olivia mumbled.

She was surprised that the commotion was in Doctor Woodale's office. A giant bird seemed to be singing an opera by Mozart as if it were being performed in Queen Victoria's court, or so OLivia's fertile imagination imagined. Actually, it looked more like a middle-aged guy in a bird suit having a panic attack.

"Hello?" Olivia said. "Is this Doctor Woodale's office? I'm supposed to have a job interview."

A young man touched her arm. "Hi. I'm Scott Dale. Weird, isn't it? I'm here for an interview as well, but I don't think it's for a job."

"It's not? Oh, drat! And I bought a new outfit on credit just for this interview."

"Well, it is something that pays, just not actually a job."

Olivia frowned. "You are being very mysterious. And what's with the big yellow bird?"
"I think I can help," Said Chelsea, clearing her throat. "I showed up here to test some new products begin developed by Bioquest, and this guy," She pointed at the large bird, which was squawking insanely as it rolled about on the floor in considerable mental anguish. The air was hazy with drifting feathers. "Was already here. He's a hard-core role-player who likes to pretend he's from Elizabethan England, or something. He's really into it; it makes him seem like a snob. Oh, and I think he's covered in feathers because of one of the injections he already tested." She extended a hand in Olivia's direction. "I'm Chelsea, by the way."

"I wonder where they're going to make us test?" Wondered Olivia aloud after they had swapped names, as the big-bird cosplayer slammed into the table during another of his frenetic convulsions and almost knocked the heavy thing over. He looked like he was going to start clawing his own eyes out at any moment.
At the sight of Devitte's transformation into a bird is too much for Stephen, he tried to leave but found the door locked, Mr. Woodale says "Mr. Hertzman, don't leave now. The fun has just started." Stephen says "I did not sign up for this, I thought this was a job interview, not to be a lab rat for experiments such as this." Just then Steve's cell phone rang, Stephen looked at the display and answers it, "Dad, I can't talk now. I'm in a middle of an interview." Devitte squacked "What was that you say? Well, you know how Bioquest is researching for cures for all sorts of sickness, that was a patient with an advanced case of Bird Flu that he thinks he's a bird. "Don't worry, he's quarantined from us so he won't spread it. Love you too dad, yeah, I know. Harry's Hogwild Barbecue." He lets out a mock cheer before hanging up "Still I wish it was Akoi." Scott asks "You lied to your father?" Steve says "If I told him the truth, he still wouldn't believe me. That was a man dressed in 19th. century clothes that turned into a bird. Who would believe that?"
Devitt meanwhile was being pulled back into two henchmen. Who strapped him down to a table
Scott looked at the others. "I think that now would be a good time to leave, before something else happens."
"The door is locked!" Olivia said.

Doctor Woodale chuckled. "That's right, you are all my guests for awhile. Please don't be alarmed. I promise you will be rewarded. It's just that it's so hard to get volunteers for my experiments. In fact, it's practically impossible! Heeheeheehee!"

Olivia whispered to Scott and Chelsea. "This guy is crazy as a loon!"

"Or as sane as a platypus," said Doctor Woodale. "That's right, Miss Fullbottom, I have excellent hearing. My eyes aren't too great, as you can see by my coke-bottle-thick eyeglass lens, but my ears are better than average."
"What do you intend to do to us?" Asked Chelsea defiantly. Behind her, Scott and Olivia -mostly Scott, in fairness- still hadn't forced the door. A stream of grunts and curses testified to their considerable fruitless efforts to that end.

"Oh, it's quite simple, my dear." Cackled the deranged doctor. "I shall map out your entire, little itty bitty brains! With SCIENCE!" He threw back his head and laughed crazily as canned thunder boomed over the PA system.

His lungs weren't much better than his eyes, truth be told, and to achieve the desired effect of a terrifying laugh the doctor threw his head back and shook spasmodically, while playing a recording of insane evil laughter taken from an anomalous cheesy horror movie.

Appropriately bemused, Olivia and Scott looked at each other, and then redoubled their attempts at yanking the door open.

"Oh, come, come, come." Breezed the doctor, fluttering over to where Devitt was hyperventilating on the rack. Casually, he removed a very large hack-saw from a ludicrously small pocket as he leaned over the bird. The grisly implement had a pocket-protector. "I merely need to examine your brains, up close and personal." He raised the saw; Devitt still seemed to shocked to appreciate his impending doom.

Stephen seemed to had enough to what he saw, he went up to Dr.Woodale and grabbed the hack-saw from his hand and tossed it to one side of the room away from everyone else. "How dare you interrupt my experiment Mr. Hertzman." said the Doctor angrily. Stephen says "I only did it because this is sick and wrong. Last thing I want to see a brain surgery and besides, this is gone far enough." Olivia and Scott looked at Stephen and says "You tell him."
Devitt was hardly aware of what was going on, his eyes were blurry
Scott had managed to pick up a chair. "I don't know if this will work on that door, but it should be good enough to knock some sense into that hack!"
Doctor Woodale held up his hands. "Stop! Do you want to become zombies? If anything happens to me, this room will be flooded with zombie gas and turn you all into zombies."

"He's bluffing!" Scott said.

Chelsea shook her head. "I don't know. Is that bird man a bluff? We better be careful here."

"Prove what you say!" Scott said.

"Look at the mirror."

There was a mirror set in one wall that no one had paid much attention to. Now it suddenly became a window as someone turned on the lights in the room behind it so they could see that it was really made of spy glass and they were being observed through it by a scientist type in a white lab coat.

"That's my assistant, Mister Jekyll," Woodale said. "You are being watched. Mister Jekyll, the knock out gas, please."

There was a loud hissing noise. "Cover your noses!" Scott yelled, but it was too late. One by one, they dropped like flies, even Doctor Woodale himself.

The door opened and Mister Jekyll entered wearing a gas mask. He dragged Doctor Woodale's inert body out of the room and relocked the door.

In the hallway, out of the gas, Woodale quickly recovered. He coughed three times. "That was a close one. We'll have to keep an eye on that Scott character. Let's use him for the next experiment. He won't be so feisty after that. Hahahahaha!"
"Doctor, maybe we should get a straight-jacket on him," Said Jekyll. "He seems like he might be a danger to himself and others."

"Hmmm. He did seem unperceptive and unappreciative of the noble opportunity to sacrifice his brain," The doctor took a deep breath. "-FOR SCIENCE!" He coughed repeatedly, completely messing up his ardent attempt at stroking his goatee in a sinister fashion. "(Cough, cough, kaff, cough) Okay then; restrain him, but make sure we can get to all the necessary organs.
Stephen and the rest woke up after they were gassed by Dr. Woodale's assistant. "Uhh, that was dirty pool Dr. Woodale." He looked around, "Hey, where did he go?" Scott says "Must've left the room when he gassed us." Olivia says "Then let's do the same." She tries the door "Still locked." Chelsea asks "What does the mad doctor planning next?" Stephen says "Who knows, we need to get out of here somehow." Dewitt just squawked, Scott responds "Easy for you to say."
Devitt was wheeled in

"As you can see...Our Time Traveling Test Subject as become an Anthropomorphic Weaver Finch." Said Woodale

"We're not really interested in Zoology Lessons." Said Olivia

"I have these syringes each with a different serum." Said Woodale "Not even I know what serum is in each syringe."
Scott kept his eyes on the doctor. There had to be a way to escape from this place.
"You might call it Serum Roulette," Doctor Woodale said. "Hahaha! See what I did there? It's like Russian Roulette."

"Doctor Woodale," Olivia said, making her voice sound as sad as she could. "I want to go home. Please? I don't belong here. I'm not the scientific type."

"Well, Geez, Olivia," Chelsea said. "Do you think any of us belongs here? You're not special."

"All right, none of us belongs here. Please, Doctor Woodale, in the name of all that is good in humanity, please release us."

"But you volunteered!" Woodale said. "You answered my ad!"

"But we didn't know what we were getting into!"

"Enough!" Woodale thundered. "Mister Jekyll, read the ad, please."

Mister Jekyll unfolded a wrinkled sheet of paper...

Needed immediately! Assistants for a well-known scientist to assist in his search for new drugs and medicines. Participate in fascinating laboratory experiments on the cutting edge of science! Must not have any allergies. Interviews and auditions held in Room 1207 of the Medscam Bioquest Building this Saturday.

Mister Jekyll refolded the paper.

Doctor Woodale crossed his arms. "I think that's clear enough. Each of you knew what he or she was getting into. There will be no walk outs! Now... ladies and gentlemen... let's play a little round of Serum Roulette."
Hertzman's note: I got this experiment scene from this cartoon,


Dr. Woodale says "Let's start with Mr. Hertzman here."

Stephen says "Oh no, leave me out of your little fun. No way your going to turn me into a bird or something like that." As he backed up one of Woodale's henchmen grabs Stephen and held him in place. "Good work, now keep him in place." He pulls out a syringe with olive green liquid. "Wha, what is that?" Dr. Woodale says "That's half the fun of Serum Roulette, I don't know until after I inject the subject, the results very." As he injects Stephen, the henchman let's go and Stephen screamed in pain as he lays on the floor almost under the table, as he gets up his facial features have been changed, almost a striking resemblance of Ella Fitzgerald. As Stephen looked at the mirror, "Dr. Woodale! What was that you injected me with? Bada bop bop badda, zippity bop bop bawa!" Dr, Woodale says "Interesting, The Salmonella Fitzgerald serum."
Devitt stopped panicking and stared flatly for a moment.

"Suddenly I don't feel so bad." He said in Bird Accent "At this point I don't care anymore if I live or die...So I'm just going to go limp and accept my fate."
Scott blinked as he saw this. "Reminds me of something I've seen in a cartoon about ten years ago."
"Lullaby of Birdland, oh ho ho!" Stephen said, pointing at Devitt gone limp.

"Excellent!" said Doctor Woodale. "I had my doubts about the Salmonella Fitzgerald serum, but it seems to work very well."

Stephen skipped around singing, "A tisket, a tasket, a green and yellow basket!"

Chelsea whispered behind her hand to Olivia: "What the heck is a tisket?"

"Maybe he means a Triscuit."
Suddenly the doctor lunged at North, violently stabbing her in the neck with a syringe. She collapsed to the ground, shuddering and foaming at the mouth.

Smugly, the doctor took a step back, making a great show of holding up the empty implement to read the label.

"Aha! This one is! .... Is..." He turned, on the spot, holding it closer to his eyes. Behind him, Chelsea was vomiting explosively. "...Is..." He casually stepped aside from the path of flying sick; one henchmen was less lucky. "....Is..." Chelsea was bleeding from her eyes. "Oh my, this is terrible! I can't read my own writing!"

Stephen is still under the Salmonella Fitzgerald effect as he sings 'Mack the Knife' at the same time watches the sick display Dr. Woodale did on Chelsea and wonder what he gave her.
Devitt tried to ignore the awful singing...Scotland think of Scotland don't think about...Bollocks.

As he finished his transformation into Bird-Man his wrists and ankles were now smaller allowing him to slip through the shackles.

Grabbing a hardback cover of War and Peace, he hit Stephen on the head knocking him(her?) out

"I should be grateful to him." Devitt said "Helping me feel better about my own transformation...
"And people say that my singing is terrible," said Scott.
Chelsea North was vibrating like a 20 year-old-washing machine with a worn bearing. She was vibrating like Fyodor Dostoyevsky having an epileptic fit.

"What's wrong with her?" Olivia screamed, pulling at her hair and making a frightful face.

"Omigod, look at her skin!" Scott said, pointing like someone who had just learned how to point and was being forced to do it over and over until they got it right. They all stared at the amazing transformation taking place in Chelsea North.
With a soft plop -and a significantly less soft wrenching of bone- Chelsea's head slid aside, a whole new identical one mushrooming up beside it. They each craned their necks to look the other in the eye, mouths agape.

"What the hell have you done?" Both screamed simultaneously.

"Shush!" Said Dr. Woodale irately, too busy trying to make out the labeling on the vial to notice his patient's transformation. "I'm trying to read here...."

"Read this!" Chelsea yelled in tandem, leaping up and beating the doctor with War and Peace.
Stephen woke up from unconsciousness to see Dr. Woodale being clobbered by Chelsea with a heavy book, he held back his singing to see Chelsea's head bloated up looking like a...
Scott's eyes widened at this. "This is nuts! I'm getting out of here!"
Scott yanked at the door knob but it was still locked.

Olivia began screaming hysterically, "We're all going to die! We're all going to die!"
Chelsea was wrestling with her cuttlefish head. The new body-part seemed determined to fasten its tentacles around her face.

"You think you've got problems?"

"If we're all going to die, he's going first!" Said Scott. He hefted the book and began rhythmically smashing the doctor over the head with it.

"Wait!" Squawked Devitt. "Don't kill him! We need him to change us back!"
Dr. Woodale has, a few broken teeth, a bloody nose and broken glasses from the assault, "If you think, I'd change you back. Think again. Besides, I haven done you or Olivia yet." Stephen says "I guess we can do better then flog him with a book." Scott says "What's your idea Stephen?" Stephen begins singing On top of old smokey.
Devitt, starting to get annoyed with this horrible 20th century music, takes the serum marked for Olivia and injected into Stephen.

"What did you do that for?" Asked Olivia

"I could not stand anymore of that singing." Devitt said "You people have zero tastes."

Stephen became silent as he slowly...Turned to stone.

Olivia went very pale as that had been the serum for her
"I hope she's not the fragile kind of stone," said Scott.
"That could have been me!" Olivia said. "Oh, will the horrors of this place never abate?"

"At least he stopped singing," Devitt said, looking with awe at the petrified body of Stephen Hertzman.

Chelsea was still screaming as her cuttlefish head kept winking at her regular head.

"What about her?" Scott said. "Don't you find that screaming unpleasant?"

"Not at all," Devitt said. "It's only singing of a particular type that annoys me. All other noises I can tolerate."

"You're a strange bird," Scott said.

"Yes," said Jeremiah Devitt, who was now, thanks to Doctor Woodale's serum, indeed a bird. "You know... I wonder if I can fly now?"
Without warning, he leaped into the air, pumping frantically. Feathers flew, but Devitt distinctively managed to wobble forward through the air for a few feet.

"Look at me! I'm fly-alling!" He hit the floor with a thud.
Suddenly, the door busts open and in comes C.E.O. Kevin Scott looking angrier then an bear protecting it's cub from hunters. "Dr. Woodale, what in Sam Hill is going on here?" Dr. Woodale says "I was coming up with ideas, isn't that what you wanted boss?" Keven says "Not like this, I was expecting you to do research like any other self respecting scientist. Last thing we need is bad publicity." He points to Jeramiah, Stephen and Chelsea, "Now turn these three back or your fired."
"Why do you think I am beholden to you?" Woodale looked like he had finally snapped

"Doctor?" Kevin was looking a bit nervous now
"Now's a good time to get the Hell out of here!" shouted Scott, as he rushed the door.
(Ahem... methinks there will be a confusion between the characters Kevin Scott and Scott Dale. Perhaps Kevin Scott should have a different name?)

"Where's he going?" said Kevin Scott as Scott Dale rushed out the door. "Oh well, he won't get far. My goon is out there."

Olivia could only think that with Doctor Woodale's transformation talents available, when Kevin Scott said "goon" he probably meant a real goon! Perhaps made in the laboratories of Doctor Woodale.

"Now look her, Kevin," said Doctor Woodale. "We agreed I wouold have complete control over my experiments."

"That was before I realized you were a loony," Kevin said. "Now my feeling is that you need strict supervision or you will destroy my company with your insane experiments."

"And if I refuse to be supervised?"

"Then you lose your lab and all your funding. It's your choice, Woodale."
"Well..." Said the crestfallen doctor. "Well... ...What if I splash you with acid instead?!"

He threw a beaker of water at the CEO's head, and Kevin fell back, howling and clawing at his eyes. It took him almost four seconds to realize that his face wan't burning. And by then it was too late.

Screaming incoherently, maniacal laughter-audio-recording blaring like a personal siren siren, the mad doctor leaped forward and stabbed him with a syringe.
Keven says "Dr. Woodale, this is gone far enough. You have 5 minute to clean out your desk, because you're fired." He picks up the phone and dials a number "Security to room 1207 and give me Dr. Woodale's understudy."
Just then Kevin started transforming, his hands turned into paws, his face grew a muzzle, he turned into a Wolf Man!

"You seem to have a lot of Animal Transformation serums." Said Olivia

"What can I say?" Woodale chuckled "There is a lot to choose from."

That was all the distraction that was needed for Kevin to sever Woodlae's head with one snap of his jaws

"That syringe was meant for Scott." Devitt said "If Scott hadn't fled he'd have been turned into a Werewolf."
Meanwhile, Scott was running down the halls. "Come on Scott, you've seen plenty of Horror Films. How do those guys survive being in a Mad House?" He pondered for a moment. "Right, if they want to survive, they need a weapon of some sort, like a baseball bat." He then spotted a red metal rectangle, with a glass front, that said "In case of Emergency, Break Glass." He took a look at the contents, and smiled. "Well, I always did like playing the fireman, or the lumberjack." He then smashed the glass in, and removed the object. "Time to axe that doctor a very important question."
Olivia felt dizzy and sat down hard on the floor. Her mouth hung open. Her eyes had a strange look in them.

"I've seen too much in the last hour. If this doesn't stop soon I will go insane. I don't understand what is happening. Are there hidden cameras? Am I trapped in a low-budget, prank-style, horror film that will soon be all over the internet with me looking like a fool?"
Behind her, Chelsea still rolled about on the floor wildly, screaming and wrestling with her cuttlefish head.
Suddenly, Scott stormed in with a fire axe and then a troop of security guards comes in and take Scott's axe "That won't be necessary Mr. Dale. We have a suitable punishment for Dr. Woodale." The lead guard says Then he noticed Kevin "Boss, what happened?"
It took a few moments for Kevin to realize how to talk with his new Wolf Muzzle

"Woodale did this do me...I'm going to need a really good doctor...Along with these other unfortunate souls."

In a burst of intuition Kevin picked up some sour candy from a bowl on Woodale's coffee table and fed it to the Cuttlefish Head instantly the Cuttlefish head stopped attacking

"There." Kevin said "It was just hungry."
"In that case, can we go home now?" Scott asked. "I'm missing my shows."

"What would those be?" one of the guards asked.

"A bunch of Made-for-TV-Movies on the Sy-Fy Channel," said Scott. "They're having a marathon of every movie they ever made."

The guard laughed as this. "I love those movies. They're so stupid, and funny, and cheesy, with terrible computer graphics, terrible acting, terrible dialog, recycled footage, and all that!"
Scott laughed with him. "I know! What a hoot!"

"Can I come with you?" the guard asked.

"Huh? What? Uh... "

"Just kidding," said the guard. "I have to work."

Olivia had closed her hung open mouth. "You mean we can go now? Just leave? Simple as that?"
"Hah!" He laughed again, and promptly proceeded to taser her. "I was only joking."

"Mr Bensen!" Barked Kevin. "What do you think you're doing?!"

"Helping Dr. Woodale save this company! If sales slump any farther, I'm out of a job. We need this experiment!" He tasered the CEO as well.
A woman in a lab coat comes in "Excuse me, which one of you is Kevin Scott?" Kevin held up his hand "That would be me." He growled. "And you are?" The woman then curtsied. "Dr. Sarah Goodjeans, my specialty is biochemistry. I have some brilliant ideas that will save the company." She gives him a folder as Kevin read a smile appears on his muzzle "Well, looks like we have a replacement but how are you on antidotes?"
"Yeah...I can take these serums and turn them into medicine for Animals." Said the Lady
Dr. Goodjeans says "Oh, I'm very good at that." She examines the serums Dr. Woodale used and came up with antidotes, and an hour later, Stephen Hertzman, Jeramiah Devittem, Chelsea North and Keven Scott are back to their normal selves, Dr. Sarah Goodjeans became the new chief scientist while Dr. Corey Woodale is thrown out of the building. As the for the rest. They help attended Stephen's Birthday dinner at Aoki, thanks to Keven Scott. And Stephen wished for singing lessons.

The End!

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