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Emily is 500lbs and enjoys being so huge and wanted to see her boyfriend with a surprise.
Emily is a ten year old and was a thin girl the last time her boyfriend, named Peter had saw her just some days ago. She had a dream of getting fatter and so she was given a weight gain serum on the food to try and grow as much fatter as possible, making her a massive weight of 500lbs. Now, she wanted to see how her boyfriend would react and asked him to come over to take a look other pure size which her weight was for life.

I hope it doesn't get weird in some way and I do apologize if I don't something wrong, but I'll give it a go and see what happens with it. There are some things I need to remind in hand though,

*No sex, and no scat please.
*No full nudity please, however swimsuits, and bras and underwear is fine by me.
*I like to see it full lengths at least to 1000 words or more if you can.
*I'm okay with having Emily to squash Peter whatever you want, so yeah.
*Please be sure you don't waste your time rejected this campfire after you initially accepted the campfire beforehand. It could effect the campfire as such so please be aware of things.
*If you want to skip a turn, please, feel free to do so. There are others waiting for it so yeah.

That's all I have and I hope you would join me and I'll catch you soon. If you do have any anything stuck or something like that, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Meet Emily, a ten year old girl, but with some extraordinary things which has happened to her as of late. In her entire life, she was always thin and looking disappointed in such as she would always wanted to build up her weight in anything that's possible. But all was changed she brought a WG serum from a magic shop and she wanted to find out with her delight, knowing how much she needed it so bad.

The results were came and that's when it had finally worked and she's an obese girl, weighing at 500lbs in full weight. Her body was more like pear shaped and even her belly was seen fully, hanging over her tight sweatpants when her shirt was lifted up to make way. Her butt was so huge, it was the size that could take up a two seater couch in anyway and her thighs are humongous, even when it clapped together to make her movement jiggling as well as the rest.

Emily loved being so huge in way and wanted to surprise her boyfriend named, Peter, who is also ten as well. she phoned him up to ask him to cover which he accepts this and Peter was on his way, Whilst Emily was eagerly awaiting some excitement to see his face once he comes. It didn't take that much long however when the door bell had rang and Emily know it was her boyfriend and was looking forward to meet him with her new obesity size.
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"Tah dah!" Emily announced, opening the door for her boyfriend.
"Woah! Emily, I knew you said you gained weight, but this is crazy!" Peter gasped in amazement.
"I know, isn't it great?" Emily smiled, slapping her big gut proudly. It jiggled hypnotically, putting Peter in a trance.
Peter was starstruck at how fat his Girlfriend was. The last he'd seen her, she was barely 100 pounds, but now she was nearly the size of a hippo!
"This is so cool. I don't know how it happened, but it's cool." Peter said, looking around her to view her bulbous butt, it's outline clearly showing through her skin-tight Sweatpants.
"I know, I got this Weight Gain Serum from this weird shop, and viola! I'm huge!" Emily explained, as she guided him inside.

Peter sat down on a chair, while Emily sat herself down on the couch, taking up the full length.
"Do you have any more of that serum?" Peter asked.
"I think I do, I only had a sip of it and I got this large. Who knows how fat I could get if I drank it all?" Emily fantasized.
Peter gulped, "Look, I like your fat as much as you do, but maybe we should be a bit more reasonable. What if you outgrow the house? What will your parents say?"
"I guess you're right..." Emily sighed, "I guess I should try to take it a bit slowly anyway."

Emily looked down, and realized that she was still barely dressed in anything appropriate for guests. "Hah, sorry. I should prolly get dressed."
"Oh, no, you don't need to. I doubt you'd have anything else that'd fit you, anyway, heh." Peter mentioned.
Emily blushed and smirked, "You just like looking at my gigantic gut, don't you?"
"Guilty." Peter responded, returning the smile.
They both chuckled playfully.
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"Speaking of gigantic guts, mine's hungry," said Emily, giving its many rolls a playful slap. "Get me something tasty, will you?"
Peter bowed deeply.
"Yes, m'lady! Your servant will render unto you some delicious delectables posthaste!"
And with another bow, he walked to the kitchen, leaving Emily in a paroxysm of giggles.

Peter returned a few minutes later with two family-sized bag of Doritos, a liter of Coke, and a plate of well put-together roast beef sandwiches. "Is this meal to your liking, m'lady?" said Peter, still keeping his silly servant persona.
"Oh, cut it out," giggled Emily, swatting at him ineffectually with a fat-laden arm, "and gimme those sandwiches! They look tasty."
Peter whisked the plate out of reach. "I say thee nay! A princess must not be burdened with the arduous task of feeding oneself! Allow me, your humble servant, to stuff you silly."
Emily, laughing hysterically, waved him on.

Before too long, every last delicious sandwich had disappeared into Emily's massive gut, along with every single crumb of chip and every last drop of soda. She sat there on the couch, crumb-covered and a little winded, as Peter rubbed her enormous belly soothingly. "Was it good?" he said, giving her expanse a soft pat.
"Yes...of course..." Emily huffed, looking at the ceiling. "But..."
"But what?"
"But...I could use a little more!"
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For the rest of the evening, Emily was stuffed silly by her humble servant boyfriend. She ate multiple bags of chips, sandwiches, and even took down a whole tub of ice cream in the freezer.
By the time she felt full, Peter was worn out from all the feeding and preparations. He was resting on Emily's giant belly, which was now touching the floor thanks to her binging.
"Uuurp... Whoo, that was delicious. I don't think I ate that much in for EVER!" Emily said, patting her belly causing it to vibrate and jiggle calmly.
It acted as a minor massage for Peter's weary bones, "Heh, anything my Princess wants, she gets."

It was now that Emily's parents had come back home, only to see their Kitchen raided and left a mess.
"Oh, no... Emily!" Emily's mother called out.
"My parents? Oh, gosh, I forgot about them!" Emily panicked, she didn't know what she was going to do now that her parents were here.
"Calm down, Emily! Maybe they won't mind your weight gain, even if it is spurattic and out of nowhere! They might actually accept you." Peter stated.
"No, you don't understand, my Parents are SERIOUS health freaks. If they see me like, this I'll be done for! What am I gonna do, what am I gonna do...?" Emily worried, her heart beating so fast it caused her whole body to shake.
Peter looked around, and came up with a plan. While he couldn't easily just move her gluttonous, obese friend, he could easily cover her up. He used ingenuity to rush around the living room to grab as many pillows as he could, to create a cushion fort around the couch.

"Emily?" Emily's father called out, "Are you here? I told her to leave a note if she was going to go anywhere... And she shouldn't do that while we're gone, either!"
The Father entered the Living Room, and saw Peter looking through a hole in the Cushion Fort. It was constructed in such a way that Peter could look out, but nobody could see Emily's giant frame.
"Say, aren't you Emily's Boyfriend?" Emily's Father asked.
"Y-yessir, Mister, uh... Um..." Peter stumbled, realizing he'd forgotten the last name of Emily.
"Dambry. Call me Mr. Dambry." Emily's father stated, "Anyway, have you seen Emily around here?"
"I'm in here, Dad!" Emily called out, trying to not let her mouth movements ruin the fort.
"Hmph. Well, I'm going to need you to come out here right now, we need to have a talk." Emily's Father stated sternly.
That was soon, when Emily was slowly coming out of the these filled pillows and looking a bit down when unveiling her true look of her fat body, jiggling and stood in front of her father and it shocked him as much as she couldn't believe it had happened.

"Oh my lord! What happened to you?" Dad asked in shock.
"Dad, I'm so sorry! I just wanted to be huge and I don't wanna be a healthy looking stick I had to go through." That made Emily upset as much as her mother also came up and feel as much shock as her father is too.
"Oh sweetie, I know how bad we are, but it was for our safety to keep us healthy. But if you wanna be like this, then I think it's all yours for life, sweetie and we're still love you, no matter what." Her mother replied and even when his father have to give in.

Emily was lucky she got away with it and even with a sigh of relief with both her and Peter especially, she gives both parents a huge hug and almost squeezing out of both of nearly instantly as much.

"Oh, thank you so much! and I'm sorry for what I did!" Emily apologized and soon she let's go of the huge from her parents.
"It's okay, sweetie, but just let us know next time what you want and maybe we could give you something, okay?" Her dad says and gives it a advice the next time on.

Soon, thankfully all it was settled and while it was back to it's normal routine again, Emily then takes Peter to her bedroom to spend some time over there and have her to make Peter feel and look at her obese body once again.
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Somehow, Emily's health-freak parents had accepted her newly enormous body without complaint. Even more amazingly, she was able to waddle that enormous body all the way back to her room (albeit slowly, and with Peter's help.) Now she was reclining in all her obese glory on her far-outclassed twin bed, springs groaning with every shift of her weight, as Peter perched nearby on her desk chair. "Oof...I've never been fuller in my life! Thanks, Peter," she said, winking demurely in his direction.
"O-Of course, Emily. Anything for my Princess!" he replied, blushing lightly.
"Oh, knock that off, ya big doofus." she said, grinning widely. "I may be your princess, but that also means you're my prince."
Peter's blush grew deeper. Emily adopted a regal air.
"And that means that you, in turn, must fulfill your royal duty!"
Peter stiffened, ready for action.
"So come over here and kiss me already, you nerd! I've been waiting all evening!"
And Peter, being a prince, did. It was quite a nice kiss, though it was soon interrupted by a window-rattling
from the morbidly obese Emily. The two looked at each other, monentarily shocked out of the moment, and then burst out laughing. That, too, was soon interrupted by a growl from Emily's massive stomach, demanding even more to eat. "Go on, sweet prince! Get me some more!" said she, waving a flabby arm at the door. Peter, not one to waste an oppertunity, went, leaving Emily alone with her many folds of fat.
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Peter returned to Emily's room with buckets filled with food, each one labeled accordingly. They had various labels such as Sandwiches, Cookies, Ice Cream, Chips, and many more.
Emily smiled, and opened her mouth expectantly. She was happy when Peter stuffed multiple sandwiches down her mouth at once, and she chewed them up happily.
"Om, nom... More, Henry! This big gut won't stuff itself!" Emily complained.
"I'm going as fast as I can, please be patient." Henry stated, grabbing more sandwiches.
"I can't! I wanna be fatter NOW!" Emily roared impatiently, her fat folds jiggling, causing Peter to momentarily lose balance.
Henry sighed, "The things I do for love..." and he went back to feeding Emily, now a bit more quickly.

After Emily devoured all of the food (Not so surprisingly), she let out a massive belch, her entire body vibrating from the force of it.
"Oh, my. That was..." Henry stated, out of breath from the feeding.
"...Amazing? I know." Emily finished his sentence, smiling brightly.
"Yes. It was, but... Also very tiring. Maybe I should start heading back home..." Henry said.
"Do you have to? Why don't you stay the night?" Emily offered, patting her big, fat belly, "You could sleep on HERE tonight."
Henry blushed furiously, but didn't let his desire overwhelm him. While he loved Emily and her obese body, he couldn't disobey his parents orders, which were to come home immediately before Sundown. And right now, the Sun was just about to set.
"I'd love to, Emily, but... My parents would kill me if I didn't come back. Very protective, much more than yours." Henry explained, "Heh, kinda jealous, actually."
Emily pouted, but understood, "Awlright... Maybe someday we can have a sleepover. But I guess tonight just won't be it. See you soon!" Emily waved her fat arm goodbye as Henry walked out her door, and just as the door to her room shut, so did her eyes as she drifted off to sleep.
Peter soon returned back to his place which was to be the best day of his life. He couldn't believe still how huge Emily is in weight and couldn't help but think otherwise than he had as her girlfriend he loved. Also, he kinda had thought about the sleepover Emily had asked him before he knew it was time to head home. Even sometime, he wouldn't want to turn that opportunity down and so when he see his mother sitting in the living room, he came up and meet her with a smile but also some nervous face he never had done before.

"Oh hey there, son! You're back home just as you've been asked." His mother said smiling, knowing his son was safe and sound.

"Hey, Mom! Can I ask you something for a bit?" Peter replied in greeting and ask whilst still looking nervous as if he didn't want any trouble.

"Of course, darling!" His mother said and listens to what his son was going to ask.

"Well, I was wondering if I could maybe get to have a sleepover to Emily's house, Tomorrow night? She asked me just before I left, but I don't know unless if that's seems okay with you?" Peter asked and nerves were started to kick in.

"Of course you can, sweetie! There's nothing wrong with that if you're feeling nervous about it. I'm sure she'll be delighted for you to come over to hers for the night and spend some more time for yourselves." His mother nodded and smiles as knowing Peter may have found a girlfriend she had thought for starters.

"Thanks, Mom!" Peter acknowledged and gives his mother a hug before exchanging their good nights and he soon went upstairs in delight quietly and head some sleep which he is looking for this, Tomorrow!
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Tomorrow came, eventually, and far too slowly in Peter's opinion. He was in love, after all, and love does not like to wait. Soon enough, though, he was on his way back to Emily's, sleeping bag and backpack in hand and many anxious thoughts in his head. Would he have fun? Would she have fun? Would they run out of food? Such were the thoughts on his mind that morning.

So entranced by his thoughts was he, in fact, that he did not notice his car's arrival in Emily's driveway until his mother opened the door. Panicking, he sprang out, waved a hasty goodbye to his mother, and raced in to the house.

Emily was waiting for him. All of Emily.

She had certainly put on some weight since yesterday's massive binge, that was for sure. Her belly, formerly halfway to her knees, now hung all the way there, smacking gently against said knees with every shift of her weight. Her legs were now far fatter, touching each other all the way to her calves. But what truly took the cake was her enormous, impossible butt, now wide enough to give a three-seater couch a run for its money and wider, far wider, than the puny doorway Peter was now standing in.

"Well, doofus, are you going to come in or what?"

Same Emily, Peter thought somewhat ruefully, before being enveloped in an extremely squishy hug.
Much to think that Peter was much squished than Emily had give him before, but he knew what to expect and promise to love everything for her every step of the way. She then let's go of the hug and soon, Peter went into the house and went up to her bedroom to where both would be sleeping tonight. Peter didn't mind to sleep on the floor which he would set up later, but Emily could offer with some fun and games whatever she wanted to have for him.

""So, are you looking forward for tonight, sweetie?" Emily asked with a cute looking face as she would always give Peter a blush it seems.

"Of course!" He replied!

It was somewhat about 2 in the afternoon right now and there's no chance both would be sleeping just yet and thought it would fun to have some things for a while and that only happens when Emily's obese stomach was started to growl yet again as like getting hungry is one thing in mind once more.

"Oops, my stomach makes me feel hungry again." Emily smiled before she asked, "Would you mind get some food and feed me again like we did, Yesterday?"

"Sure, I can do that again! I'll be with you when I get some for you, my love." Peter replied with a nod and soon went over to the kitchen to try and get some food for his obese girlfriend.

Even though when the first time he saw Emily in her new form, he was shocked as like he didn't know what to expect or to happen in some ways. But today though, he was here to try and get used to handle a 10 year old girl and feeding was one of those things he had in mind when he had slept through, lat night. "Now, it was started to get reality and so once he had all the food that is in there, he goes back to the bedroom and seeing Emily laying on her bed waiting for her to get fed by Peter himself.
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"Some food" turned out to be the biggest understatement of the day. To Peter, it seemed more like "all the food." Though he loaded his arms with tasty things for Emily, every time he returned she would eat it all and ask for more, and more, and still more...

But, after about the seventh trip, Emily let out a massive burp, punched him lightly on the arm, and said, "Alright, that'll do for lunch."
Peter breathed a heavy sigh of relief. "Thank goodness! Now what should we do?" he asked of his enormous girlfriend.

Emily gave this a bit of thought. She had no desire to play outside, or in fact to move from her comfortable position on the bed. Getting off her bed had lately become quite a bit harder, and she realized that at the rate she was eating she would probably not be able to at all. Nevertheless she was still feeling quite lazy, so after not too much thought she suggested a movie. Peter obligingly turned on her smallish flatscreen TV and soon they were busily engaged in a showing of Spaeballs. And so, the young couple wiled away a few peaceful hours together, Emily resting comfortably on her soft bed and Peter resting comfortably on her soft belly. But, unfortunately, all peaceful things must come to an end, and end it did when, right after the credits, Emily's belly let out a growl of rage, demanding food. And once again the kitchen runs started...
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For many hours, Peter fed his fat girlfriend more food, her body expanding with flab and obesity. She caused the bed to strain underneath her heavy weight, and Emily was not going to be full any time soon.

"Oh, feed me more, my Peter... More!" Emily begged.
"I, uh... Can't. You ate all the food here, there's not a scrap left!" He explained.
"Not even a bit? Not a crumb?" Emily asked.
"Nope. It's all in your stomach now." Peter stated, patting Emily's fat gut causing the food inside to jiggle.
Emily pouted, and Peter knew this was not what he wanted for his fat girlfriend. She deserved to be fed like a queen, so Peter headed downstairs to see if her parents could help.

Emily's Parents were more than willing to head back to the store, even pick up some fast food on the way. Of course, from multiple places. Peter celebrated, and headed upstairs to tell Emily the good news.
"Oh, that's wonderful, Peter! Thank you so much!" Emily smiled, hugging Peter as hard as she could.
"Don't worry, they said they'd be back in about 30 or 40 minutes, so we have time to do other stuff!" Peter smiled.
"Like... what?" Emily asked.
"Maybe, I could play on your big belly. I'll be honest, I've been thinking of doing that since I came, and now it's nearly the size of your bed!" Peter offered.
Emily allowed Peter to do so, and he lifted himself up and bounced and jiggled Emily's fat gut, making her giggle uncontrollably. It was a good time.
Peter felt as if he had a time of his life when of course, rubbing the fat of Emily's belly which his hands sinks into when touching it. It was jiggly as well which made Emily giggle but felt enjoyable once she was started to calm down and get used to living life with it.

"Wow, I never felt this good than I thought it should." Peter says and looking blushed just the way he handles Emily's belly jiggling when moving his hand.

"I know, you've doing well for someone to handle my size." Emily replied with a giggle.

"I know, I don't know what I'll do without ya." Peter was honest to say that which he had enjoyed with her in company.

"I bet there's other things you could enjoy on while we're still waiting for the food to come." Emily had thought of this idea and soon wanted to get off and told him. "Try and sit on a chair for me, will ya?"

Peter was much confused and didn't know what to expect. But he shrugged it off and goes over to sit on a chair which was like a single seat sofa for Emily to lay back for some rest. He inspected the chair and says with some positive tone on him.

"It feels comfortable mind you, but what was the reason you want me to sit down.?"

That's when Emily shows him by waddling towards him, then turned around with Peter looking at the size of her gigantic butt before she sits right on top of his knee to add of that lists to do.
"OOOOF!" Peter could hardly breathe. Emily was so heavy. His left leg was crushed and his right could only move a little. He tried pushing up and-
'HEY!" Emily cried. "Get your hand off my butt!"
"B-But you're crushing me!" Peter pushed and felt her butt's heavy resistance. The chair was broken as well.
For a few minutes Peter struggled but he finally managed to break free (break was indeed the right word because his leg felt like it had done just that.
"The food is here!" Emily cried. She tried to stand, but nothing happened. Peter grabbed her hand and pulled. Nothing. He .
pulled and yaked with both hands and grapped her soft, doughy upper arm.
"EEEEP!" Emily howled. 'What do you think you're doing?"
"Trying to help you get up!" Peter pulled and Emily's butt lifted off the ground. She stood and waddled towards the door, her thighs rubbing and beginning to clap. However, when she got downstairs...
Emily was heading downstairs to get the food from the front door. Of course she loved to squash Peter by any means, she would want to do it again. It was actually taking a while since Peter thought the delivery shouldn't be taking this long. So he would get up and head downstairs to see why it takes so long.

It was then only a moment later, when he find a reason why? Through the front door and outside, there was huge boxes of food stuff that is being unloaded from a big truck. That shocked Peter so much, he didn't how many did Emily ordered. So he would stood beside her, and wanted to know all about her decision making.

"Wha... Emily? Did you order everything this huge?" Peter looked nervously confused, staring at the amount of boxes coming out.

"I did, Peter! Because I'm a big girl, and wanna eat lot's of it, nonstop. You should know that by now, don't you?" That made Emily smirked by seeing the shocked expression on Peter's face.

"Well, I never thought eating food and getting fatter is now your main passion, but I guess I should know about that right now." Peter blushed, and felt himself a bit dumb for it.

"Hehe, I wouldn't want you to worry about." Emily replied with a smile. "Now come over and help me bring these boxes to my house."

Peter nodded, as the two got to these loads of boxes, and carried each one at the time to bring it to the house.
Salad platters.
Those were what was in the countless carboard boxes.
What kind of incompetent delivery service would deliver Emily these vegetables?
Even Peter was disappointed. He had hoped to get a chocolate cake for Emily, or at least a croissant. But now his large girlfriend was standing in front of him looking unimpressed at a cabbage, boredom in her eyes.

Emily sighed heavily and pondered her two options. She really didn't want any healthy food, but she was so extremely hungry that she'd eat anything that was edible. But just looking at those organic green leaves made her feel very antsy and uncomfortable as her stomach growled like a ravenous lion. However, the real question was, would she eat the rabbit food and face the horrible, putrid taste or simply let herself starve to death, leaving Peter without any true love? It was a tough choice, but she had to choose, and she had to do it immediately.

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