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A lovely city of furries from many walks of life.
Welcome one and all to the marvelous city of Fur Land. A futuristic town that is home to many types of furs from around the world!

You may be curious why you are all here. Well you've all been hand selected to join us here at this lovely city for what you can provide. For a lot of you, you were picked to help operate our brand new fetish facility. Many of our guest have requested such a facility and we saw that you are all specialist in that very field. But before we get too far, please fill out your info cards.

Age(more than 21):
Profession(If fetish, say which. All other jobs, including criminal, are available):
Any abilities?:
Any weapons?:

Oh and please do read the rules on the back as well!

1. Please keep swearing to a minimal.
2. Must be and anthro.
3. No toilet based fetishes allowed here (that city is elsewhere).
4. Have fun!
5. Crimes are unfortunately high at the moment such as murder and theft.
6. Have a backup character just incase! No back up means removal from city.

Good luck and welcome to your new home!

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