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Halloween Special and TMNT Fanfic, Young Mutants want to meet the TMNT
So...This is a Role Play Campfire where we play a bunch of Young Mutant Animals who know about the 2003 TMNT from the footage of their deeds caught on camera but the Turtles don't know about them, this Halloween the Young Mutants are deterimined to meet their idols
Name: Cactus Flower
Sex: Female
Age: 12
Species: Collared Peccary (Pecari tajacu)
Hometown: Dallas Texas
Likes: Cheese Pizza, Popcorn, Watching Cartoons, Spooky Ghost Stories and Mysteries, Adventure
Dislikes: Meat and the Smell of Meat, Heights, Being cooped up all the time
Cause of Mutation: Deliberate Experimentation
Bio: Cactus Flower, normally called just Cactus was born at a Lab in Dallas Texas, a Scret Lab dedicated to unraveling the secrets of paranormal activity, Cactus is the only Mutant currently living at the Lab but from time to time scientists from different Labs have brought their own Mutant Children to play with her and socilize her, the Scientists seem to treat her as a beloved child telling her 'The World isn't ready yet for Mutants' even giving her a beautiful golden necklace to wear. Cactus learned about the TMNT from the time they got filmed during certain alien invasions, and recently has begun chatting with Donatello on an internet chat board, she knows who he is but he doesn't know she's a Mutant, Cacus is planning to sneak out of the Lab and go to New York to meet her Idols along with some friends
Name: Rex King
Age: 15
Species: Grey Wolf (Canis lupus)
Likes: Eating meat, being with others, hunting, fishing.
Dislikes: Skunks! Roosters! Being alone.
Cause of Mutation: Unknown, possibly Natural.
Bio: Found as a puppy by a farmer, the farmer noticed that there was something odd about Rex, as he had thumbs. Instead of killing the wolf cub, or contacting Fish and Game, the farmer decided to raise the cub, out of curiosity. When the cub was old enough, the farmer decided to try him out as a helper with the chores. Wasn't easy, and then there was the encounter with the angry rooster, and two involving skunks - Rex is not a fan of those. Lately, there was reports of turtles fighting aliens.
In her room at the Lab, Cactus was up late agin chatting on an online forum, the Scitists told her to be careful about those but Cactus assured them everything was fine,

Cactus had a mysterious 'Sixth Sense' she had never told any of the scientists about it but she had certain ways of knowing when things were true like for instance the member of this forum whose screen name was 'NutsNBolts' was actually Donatello of the Ninja Turtles! She just had a 'vision' it was him after talking to him for a signifigant amount of time, but for obvious reasons she never said anything about knowing it was him, however on the science forum's threads about biology she had asked some leading questions like 'Wouldnt it be cool if there were animals who could talk' and he would be like 'LOL that stuff is just for the movies'
Rex was eating his supper. It was mostly meat, with some fruits and vegetables. He looked at the farmer, whom he saw as a father.

"Do you think that there's others like me?" he asked.

"Part of me hopes so," the farmer said. "One shouldn't be lonely all the time."

"What about those news reports?" Rex asked.

"Who knows," the farmer said. "Might just have been two groups of aliens."
Even though Cactus was derived from a nocturnal animal and was often up late at night, at 1 AM she finally felt tired and decided to go to bed, she crawled into her soft cozy bed, Tomorrow was the first day of October at the end of the month would be Halloween, the one night she could walk among the humans and everyone would assume she would be wearing a costume, she knew because the scientists had taken her out Trick or Treating a few years before...She wanted to go to New York to meet the Turtles for Halloween but how could she do that?
Rex looked at the farmer. "Is there a way I could go around in Public?"

"Might try Halloween," the farmer said. "Everyone wears costumes then. You might be able to blend in."
As she slept Cactus had a dream, she dreamed she was on a swirling cloud, floating through the night sky...She looked down...(Normally she hated heights, but since this was a dream normal rules didn't apply) and saw a land of soft green meadows...
That night, Rex had a dream, where he was in a meadow. "What National Geographic magazine did this place come from?"
While riding on the cloud, Cactus spotted a Wolf down below, she knew some other Mutant Kids but she was pretty sure a Wolf was not one of them.

The next morning one of the Scientists whom Cactis called 'Uncle Clem' brought her breakfast in bed, cornflakes and milk.

"You didn't come out for breakfast this morning." Uncle Clem said "When we checked on you you were still asleep and you were warm like you had a fever..."
Rex tried to remember his dream. From what he could recall, there was a meadow, and what looked like a flying pig.
Cactus poured the milk into the bowl of corn flakes and said "I had a dream...I dreamed I was sitting on a cloud flying through the sky, I flew over a land of soft green meadows, and I saw what seemed to be a mutant wolf, which was very strange as I'm pretty sure I've never seen a mutant wolf before..."

"Maybe it was from watching a werewolf movie..." Said Uncle Clem
Rex sniffed the air, and his mouth started watering. Getting dressed, he came out to see the farmer doing up some breakfast sausage.

"You're up, son," the farmer said. "Sleep good?"

"More or less," said Rex. "Dreamed I was in a meadow, and there was a flying pig."

"Dreams are always interesting," said the farmer.
Since she didn't feel like she had a fever now, Uncle Clem took Cactus into the gym to do the obsticle course
"Well son, how do you feel about doing some hunting?" the farmer asked. "Been seeing plenty of small game - might get enough for a stew."

Rex smiled. "Sounds good, father."
Cactus passed the obsticle course with flying colors, the scientists determined they had nothing to worry about but still the mysterious fever that morning was disquieting.

Cactus got herself a cola from one of the vending machines and what she really wanted was to get back to her computer.

Donatello was rarely on the forum during the day, he was probobly doing 'Hero Stuff' or whatever it was he did during the day, that left Cactus with the question of how could she get to New York in time for Halloween...
A few hours later, Rex and the farmer returned home with a nice amount of squirrels and other small game, and were in the process of skinning them.

"Father, ever go to New York City?" he asked.

"Got a cousin that lives there," the farmer said. "Been a few years since I visited him though. Could give him a call."
Cactus realized it was going to be a while before Don got on the side, with nothing but time to kill, she began thinking about the few other Mutants she knew and thought about how much more fun it would be if she could bring her friends along...
Name: Mike Striker
Sex: Male
Age: 15
Hometown: Green Head, Florida
Species: Wood Pecker
Likes: Crafting wooden sculptures, nature photography, flying, and martial arts
Dislikes: Bullies, crooks, killers, being stuck in swamp water, crooked scientists
Cause of Mutation: Stumbled upon a Wood Pecker stuck in deadly bio-hazrad material. Upon contact, DNA changed into who he is now.
Bio: Unknown


         Looking over the small town of GreenHead from the top of a tree, Mike was all most too sad to go through his decission to leave.
         A few days ago, Mike was flying over a wooden area when he spotted a young teen watching a news report on her cell phone.
         Now normally, he wouldn't care about it much.
         It wasn't till he saw a image of four turtle like creatures on camera.
         After that day, Mike decided to go to New York and see if they are real or not himself.
         Falling backwords, Mike flipped and took to the skies heading north.
         'Okay New York, here I come.'
"So, who is this cousin?" Rex asked.

"Well, he's a lawyer," the farmer said. "Knows the law better than most, and can translate it into the English Language. Expensive lawyer, rich lifestyle, and helped me out more than a few times with legal issues."
Cactus called her friends, all three of them, turns out all of them were busy right now and couldn't go mon a trip even if they wanted to..
         Being hit by a strong gust of head wind, Mike ended up loosing his sense of direction and somehow ended up in Dallas, Texas.
         Looking around, he spotted what looked like a walking cactus flower.
         'Could she be like me?'
         Taking a chance, he slowly decended, hoping not to frighten her.
         'Knew I shouldn't of took a right at Albaquirky.'
(Hey, Kingdom - Cactus is, quite literally, a pig. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collared_peccary)

Rex watched as the farmer did some calling.

"Hey, John. How's Martha, and Becky? Doing fine, me and Rex here. The boy's interested in coming over to NYC at some point. I know I ain't posted pictures, and he's homeschooled, but he can't stay on the farm all the time. Hey, you're the lawyer, you figure that stuff out. He has to figure out the wider world at some point."

Soon enough, the farmer came back to him. "Well, he's willing to watch over you while you're there. Just make sure to listen to him."
I'll say Cactus was taking a walk in the Lab's Yard keeping the sun off with an umbrella that looked like flower

Cactus Flower decided she wanted to take a walk in the Lab's Yard despite how hot it was so to keep the sun off she took her umbrella that was shaped like a flower.

Then a Mutant Bird crashed in front of her...
         Stnding up, Mike relaxed a bit and put on his best smile.
         "Uh, hello there, sorry if I startled you. I was wondering if you wouldn't happen to know how to get to New York from here would you?"
"Well, at least the view will be different," Rex said, as he looked out the window.

"Just be careful there," the farmer said. "NYC is rather funny, even compared to the rest of New York."
"You headed to New York?" Cactus said cocking her head "I've been wanting to go there but it's kind of hard being A, I'm 12 and I don't know how to drive anything and B, I'm a Mutant I can't exactly go on public transportation...You look like a strong bird, could you carry me?"
         Chuckling, Mike nodded.
         "Sure, don't see why not. Names Mike Striker by whe way. Whats your name miss?
Rex watched as the farmer got the truck ready. He had to admit, he was nervous about going.
"My name is Cactus Flower, but most just call me Cactus...The Scientists said they named me after the blooming Cactus Flowers...Hang on let me pack of a few things."

Cactus ran into her room and packed in her backpack a few changes of clothes and some hygene supplies before running back out into the yard...
         Digging into his pockets, Mike pulled out a spare set of sun goggles before fastening them around Cactus's head so the wind would be kept out of her eyes.
         "Okay, all set."
         Kneeling down, Mike allowed Cactus to climb onto his back.
         "You ready for the wild blue yonder?"
One good thing about the weather getting colder, Rex was able to wear a sweater with a large hood, to help hide his face, just in case.
Now normally Cactus hated heights but she was so determined to get to New York to meet her idols that she simply clung tightly to Mike and buried her face in his back to not notice how high they were
         Feeling her tense up, Mike slowed it down and glided closer to the tree tops.
         "Don't worry Cactus, I ain't gonna let something happen to ya."
         Still feeling her a bit tense, he thought of a idea to try and calm her down.
         "So, whats your story, if ya don't mind me asking that is?"
Rex watched as the farmer double-checked a few things.

"Well, on the plus side, my New York handgun permit is still good, among others," the farmer said. "That state's crazier about their gun-laws than most. You think that one license would be enough - nope. You need three of them. Handgun, Carry-Conceal, and Semi-Auto. That, and they limit you to the size of a magazine you can use - ten rounds or less."

"At least you don't need a license to get ammo," said Rex.

"You need ID though," said the farmer. "All these gun laws do is turn honest folk into criminals, and actual criminals don't care about the laws in the first place."
"I've been a Mutant as long as I can remember." Cactus said "The scientists who raised me said they Mutated a Baby Peccary."

"Whoa!' Mike said "You mean you were born an animal?"

"You weren't?" Cactus asked

"I was born a human." Said Mike
         At Mikes answer, she became a bit curious.
         "All I remember is finding a wood pecker stuck in oil on one of my walks. After I cleaned him off, I turned him over to a local nature preserve to recover. It wasn't till later that I found out that the oil I found him in was mixed with some kind of mutagen that turned me into what you see now."
         A bit surprised, Cactus only placed a hand on Mikes back.
         "At least on the plus side, you never have to pay for a plane ticket."
         Chuckling, Mike only nodded in agreement.
Rex was looking up when he saw something odd. "Interesting."

"What is it, son?" the farmer asked.

"I thought that I just saw a pig being carried by a woodpecker."

The farmer took a look. "That's a collard peccary," he said. "My brother hunted one of them once."
Just then, Cactus' sto,ach grumbled

"Sounds like we should make a pit stop." Mike said

"How are we gonna order food?" Cactus asked

"I have a hoodie I throw over me lately." Mike said "Real convieniant to get late night fast food when everyone's too tired to care..."
         Seeing a small gas stastion, Mike gently landed of in the woods before letting Cactus off and threw on his hoodie.
         "So, anything paticular you like to have?"
At the same gas station, Rex watched as the farmer pulled in.

"What do you think?" he asked.

"They're probably not too far away," the farmer said, as he pulled up to the pump. "Here." He passed Rex a twenty. "Get drinks for the both of us, and some snacks."

"Yes, father," said Rex.

"You're a good son," the farmer said. "Just be careful - not everyone is as understanding as me."
"Just some potato chips and a Diet Coke would be fine for me." Said Cactus
         "Okay, wait here and I'll be back for ya."
         After making sure she would be safe, Mike headed to the station and stepped inside.
         Cassually walking to the drink area, he grabbed a couple of diet cokes and a couple of Sunkiss's before grabbing a couple of potato chip bags.
         As he was walking to the register, he saw him.
         A grey wolf.
         'Crap! Is he hunting down Cactus and me?'
Rex went over to the cooler, and got some soda. He then went and got some jerky and chips. That was when his nose told him something. He carefully turned, and noticed the other person with a hood over their head. He could smell the bird scent. Still, as the farmer had said, it was best to be careful, and to simply buy the drinks and snacks.
Cactus didn't know what was happening
         Calmly buying the drinks and chips, Mike stepped out of the station and made his way back to Cactus before taking his hood off and handing Cactus her a bottle of diet coke and chips.
         "You wouldn't happen to know a grey wolf would ya?"
Rex bought the drinks and snacks, stepped outside, went over to the farmer's truck, and put the stuff in the cab.

"Any issues?" the farmer asked.

"Well, I found the woodpecker," said Rex. He sniffed the air. Under the gasoline, car exhaust, and other scents, there was the woodpecker, and that of a pig. "They're not too far - maybe we could talk to them."

The farmer chuckled. "Never let it be said that Joe King didn't know how to talk to those in trouble."
"No I don't know a Wolf," Cactus said "I know a Dog, a Cat and a White Lab Rat but I never knew a Wolf."
         Relaxing, Mike continued to partake in the snacks.
         "Theres a relief, saw one in the store. Grey fur and all. Almost started thinking them scientists sicked him to hunt us down and take ya back."
         Looking at her, he could of sworn he heard a light chuckle escape.
"Well, I don't know about scientists tracking you down, but my boy did smell you out," Joe said, as he walked up to them. "Young man's curious about others like him."

Rex was close behind Joe. "Hi."
Cactus and Mike were a bit surprised for a few moments

"I was told to be careful around carnivores." Cactus said "They said 'If they aren't properly trained the carnivore might eat you'
         Stepping the new comers and Cactus, Mike took a good look at the two before relaxing.
         "I think we can trust them. Sides, if he was after us, he would of tried when we were in the store."
         Taking a seat, Mike invited the two to join them, but kept cactus close, just in case he had to suddenly take off.
         "So, where ya heading?"
"New York City," said Joe. "Got a cousin there, who is a lawyer."
"We're heading to New York too!" Cactus said "Wanting to meet some heroes of mine!"

"Heroes?" Rex said cocking his head

"Remember a certain alien invastion and some Turtles appeared on screen?"
         Reaching into his pocket, Mike pulled out a news paper clipping of that before handing it over to Rex and Joe.
         "A week ago, some aliens came and litterally captured NYC. Some said that four turtle like creatures saved the whole city as well as the citizens."
         Looking to Cactus, a smirk grew on his face.
         "I'm willing to guess that one of them turtles is your friend that you told me about?"
"Saw it on the news," said Joe.
"I want to meet them in time for Halloween." Said Cactus
         "I only met her a little while back after a stong headwind pushed me here after I took off from Florida."
         Taking a quick drink, Mike relaxed a bit.
         "Name's Mike Striker, and this little lady is Cactus Flower."
"Rex King," said Rex. "This is my father."

"Joseph King, but you can call me Joe," Joe said, as he ruffled Rex's fur.
"I don't have a specific Mom or Dad." Cactus said "The various Scientists who rasied me I call either Aunt This or Uncle That."
         "I was a orphan human turned woodpecker, and no, I am not gonna mimic the Woody the Woodpecker laugh."
"So, what's going on?" Rex asked.
"I want to meet the Ninja Turtles for Halloween," Cactus said "I've been talking to one of them on an online forum."

"How do you know it's him?" Rex asked

"Well..." Cactus said "...I know this sounds hard to believe but I have...A Psychic sense...Sometimes I just know when things are true."
         Blinking a bit, Mike only stared before thinking all that has transpired in a single day so far.
         "Eh, I'll believe it."
         Turning to Rex, Mike figured he'd learn a little bit about him.
         "So Rex, whats your story, if you don't mind me asking of course."
"Well, father found me as a baby, and he took care of me," said Rex.

"Kid had thumbs, meaning he wasn't the usual wolf cub," said Joe. "Took a chance, and raised him as my own."
Rex noticed the necklace Cactus was wearing it was solid gold with a emerald dangling at the center

"That's a very pretty necklace." The Wolf said "You sure you just want to walk around the mean streets of New York wearing that thing?"

"It's my good luck necklace." Cactus said "The scientists said I will always have good luck when I wear it."
         Ruffling her hair a bit, Mike had a idea.
         "Say, since we're all heading the same way, why not travel together?"
         At the mention of this, Cactus smiled as she too thought it was a great idea.
         "Hey, yeah! It'll be like a traveling sleepover."
         A bit confused, Joe and Rex looked to Mike as if asking, 'seriously?'
         "Come on guys, she's only twelve. Cut her a little slack."
"Should be room in the truck," said Joe. "Just be careful about any locked boxes - John wants to take me to this one range he knows about. Seems some city slicker challenged him a month back, and won his gun off him. John wants it back."

"Have fun with that, dad," said Rex.

"You don't make it as a hunter, or as a Marine, if you can't hit the target," said Joe."
Cactus and Mike got in the truck
         Getting comfy, Mike relaxed knowing he wouldn't need to fly for a while as Cactus smiled as she would count this as good luck on her pendents side.
"I hope that this doesn't attract the wrong attention," said Rex.

"Not my first time," said Joe. "Hopefully we don't run into any MiB types, especially the sort that are actually armed. On the plus side, top secret organizations rank below security companies, and bail bondsmen, in so far as law enforcement is concerned - price of secrecy is that no cop would turn over someone to them."

"Are you sure about that?" Rex asked.

"Not my first rodeo," said Joe. "Kept them away from you once - I can do it again."

"What do you mean?" Rex asked.

"I guess I never did tell you how I found you," said Joe.

"In the woods, right?" Rex asked.

"I found you in the arms of a woman that I knew, while I was out hunting," said Joe. "She was dead, shot. Thought that maybe you were a puppy she was trying to save, as that would have fitted her - it was the thumbs that said otherwise."

"So, that part's true," said Rex. "The thumbs."

"Well, something told me that there had to be more," said Joe. "After putting you in my small game sack, which was empty, by the way, I tracked her back to the cabin I'd let her rent, one surrounded by this group of wanna-be federal types. I saw one yelling at some others, who looked like they'd disappointed their boss. Then, I saw some others coming out of the cabin with a big black body bag, only it wasn't big enough - I saw the legs and feet, not exactly human, not exactly wolf, but something in the middle, like you."

"What happened?" Rex asked.

"Well, seems that they had a patrol, and they found me," said Joe. "Tried to detain me. Never try to detain a Marine - arm and leg busted on them. It got the boss's attention though. Well, he came, with the rest. He looked at me, and asked what I was up to. I told him that I was hunting, and that he and his men were trespassing. He threatened to arrest me for growing a certain type of plant. I pointed my gun at him, told him he had no authority, nor a warrant, and that if he didn't leave, I'd blow his head off."

"You threatened to kill this person?" Rex asked.

"He gave me a bad feeling, a very bad one," said Joe.

"What happened?" Rex asked.

"He said that he and his men would be leaving," said Joe. "They torched the cabin."

"So, my parents, they're dead?" Rex asked.

Joe nodded. "I'm afraid so." He then pulled something out of his pocket, a carefully folded, and slightly burned picture. He gave it to Rex. "Found that in the rubble under a thick board. The woman's the one I rented the cabin to - your mother I think. The wolfman, I believe him to be your father."

Rex opened the photo up. There was a human woman, with a creature that could have been an inspiration for any werewolf movie. In the arms of the woman, was a small wolf-cub like baby. "So, this is me?"

"With your mother and father," said Joe.

"So, why did you do that for me?" Rex asked.

Joe pulled out another photo, and handed it to Rex. The photo showed a younger version of him in a Marine uniform, with the woman. There was a Cupid's Heart and Arrow around their heads.

"Are you saying that, my mother and you were sweethearts?" Rex asked.

Joe nodded. "Sadly, things didn't work out - I was busy being sent all over. When I came back home, I met up with her, and she told me that she was seeing someone else, and that she was carrying his child. I understood - it wasn't meant to be. She then asked me if I knew of a place that she could stay at - something about the father having lost their job at some chemical plant, and they were going to lose everything. I offered her my hunting cabin - she told me that it would do. Guess it made things easier for your father to hide." Joe looked at Rex. "Can't say that I knew your father, but your mother was a good woman, and she could bring out the best in anyone. She was the sort that could turn a rude lout into a gentleman - trust me on that one. She could see past the surface, into the heart of the person. So, knowing her, I believe that your father was, more than likely, a good person, whatever else he was. If nothing else, I still cared about your mother enough that I was willing to defy anyone trying to take you, no matter whom they claimed to be."

"Thank you, for telling me," said Rex.

"Well, you're old enough, it was time enough for me to tell you the whole truth, or at least the parts that I know, son," said Joe. "Whatever else happens, you'll always have a bed at my place."

Rex smiled. "Good to know, father."

A smile came to Joe's lips. "Well, whatever happens, good to know that you still see me as yours."

Meanwhile the Scientists upon realizing Cactus was gone knew they were in some deep trouble, they sent Uncle Clem to search for her.

After listening to that long story Cactus finally fell asleep
         Taking the chance to relax, Mike took a small knife out out with a small cube shaped block of wood.
         Spreading the plastic bag wide between his legs, he started to quietly widdle away.
         Hearin the quiet wood scratching, Rex looked to Mike and stared in fasination.
         "What ya got going on there Mike?"
         Noticing what Mike had, Cactus looked in fasination.
         "Before I was turned into this, I used to make wood art to sell so I can get by day to day. And as ya can see, I still do. It's the only thing to help remind me of who I am sometimes."
"Well, if you ever need a place to stay, let me know," said Joe. "My barn has a few rooms that I tend use when one of my animals are sick, and I don't feel like leaving the warmth of a building much at night. It's got a couple of beds, and a working bathroom with a shower."
While she slept Cactus dreamed she was on a cloud again, but this time she was flying off into outer space!
         Seeing Cactus sleeping peacefully, Mike removed his hoodie and set it over her as a blanket.
         "Thanks Joe, plus I think she'll need it soon."
"Kid could use the friends," said Joe.
And so they drove into the night

(Where would they be by now?)
         It's been a few hours since Mike and Cactus met Rex and Joe.
         After agreeing to travel together, they made it out of Texas and crossed the border leading into the state of Oklahoma.
"Well, this is a nice enough place," said Joe, as he noticed a gas station up ahead. "Anyone need a pit stop?"
Meanwhile in New York the Turtles had come back from a night of patrol and were all pretty tired
         As the turtle returned home, Donny went to check his computer to talk with Cactus but found she wasn't online.
         Thinking she was sleeping, he place a small email to her before going to bed himself.
Back in Ohklahoma

         At a rest area, everyone was using the restrooms as Joe looked at the state map to find the best route.
         After tucking Cactus back in, Mike and Rex joined him in looking for the best route.
"Well, I figure that this route ought to be among the better ones," said Joe. "It's not the fastest, but the towns and such along the way tend to be small enough that a man and his three kids passing through won't catch much attention from the locals. As for any folks asking questions, try to leave the talking to me, unless necessity requires otherwise."

"What if police try talking to you?" Mike asked.

"Most cops in small towns tend to either be related to veterans, or veterans themselves," said Joe. He tapped a sticker on his window, stating that the owner of the truck was a Marine. "Vets tend to let other vets slide by, or even help them, so long as the other vet isn't doing something that's outright illegal."

"So, what did you do?" Mike asked.

Joe frowned. "I did my job - kill those trying to kill me and protected those I was to protect. I lost a few friends, and I got a Purple Heart, and a Bronze Star Medal as a result. I'd of rather have my friends back."
Cactus didn't take her computer she didn't have a portable computer so she had no way of knowing about Donatello's message
         "Well, either way, thank you for you service."
         Smiling, the two shook hands and made there way to the truck and onto the road again.
Just down the road...

         Traveling in a Chevy Camaro, Clem was tracking them from a GPS he had.
         "Won't be long now."
         Just entering Oklahoma, he speeded off into the night, intent on getting Cactus back.

Back with Joes Truck

         Sleeping soundly, Cactus never noticed, but her pendent was lightly blinking.
Joe noticed a faint blinking out of the corner of his eye. Checking his speed, he saw that he was good there. He looked at the rearview mirror - no cop car, but he saw the gem on the girl's necklace flashing faintly. A quick check of any sources of possible reflection told him that it wasn't the sun doing one of its tricks.

"Hey, Cactus, does that thing tend to blink?" he asked.
"Huh what?" Cactus said then she regestered the question and noticed her Emerald was indeed blinking

"No it's never done that before." Said Cactus

"I think that thing is a tracking device." Said Joe
         Thinking, Mike put two and two together.
         "Cactus, I believe Joe is right, but I think I can disable it. All I gotta do first is try sending on a bit of a chase first."
         Cactus, not fully aware of whats going on chose to hand Mike her pendent.
         In return, Mike handed her what he crafted during the trip.
         It was a small statur of herself when she was smiling.
         "Thats for you kiddo."
         After Joe pulled over, Mike stepped out.
         "Take care of her guys, I'll catch up as soon as I loose the person tracking us."
         Nodding, Joe pulled away as Cactus looked on in worry.
         Please be safe.

~With Mike~

         Staning on the side of the road, Mike smirked before taking off into the sky.
         "Okay hunter, lets play cat and mouse."
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"Well, I hope that kid knows what they're doing," said Joe.
Meanwhile Don noticed the user called 'Cactus' still hadn't replied yet which was very unusual he had enjoyed the lively conversations he had had with Cactus
         After flying a bit above the forest area, Mike is found sitting on a small rock formation working on disabling the tracker in Cactus's necklace.
         "Hm, very high tech. I never seen this kind before. It almost look alien."
         Cutting a wire, he found that the power source turned off, thus deactivating the beacon.

~With Clem~

         After finding that the tracker lead deep into the woods on the side of the road, Clem was currently on foot following his GPS when the signal disappeared.
         "Wait, what the?"
         Finding nothing wrong, Clem pulled a handgun out before he started to run to where the signal was last located.

~With Mike~

         Hearing footsteps, Mike gathered his things before taking flight and heading to meet up with everyone in the town Joe told them about.
Joe kept checking his mirrors. He also glanced at his hide-away holster, that was within easy reach, just in case, under the steering wheel. It had a Glock pistol, and a loaded magazine in it - would only take seconds for the gun itself to be ready for use, if need be.

"Let's hope that this works," he said.
Don came out of his room, Splinter noticed his expressed

"Is something troubling you Donatello?" Splinter asked

"It's probobly nothing." Don said he didn't want to tell Splinter about certain things he did online
         Flying around, Mike mangaged to find ways to slow down the person pursuing them.
         After popping his tires, messing his engine up by removing the sparkplugs, and smashing his windshield for good measure, Mike nodded at his work before taking to the sky on the road that Joe was currently on.
         "Gotta love being a woodpecker."

After traveling for a Hour

         Seeing Joes truck below him, Mike flew faster, letting his shadow confirm he was back and okay.
Joe noticed Mike, and thus slowed down, and pulled off to the side of the road.
Splinter had the feeling Donatello knew more then he let on, but decided not to push for now
         Landing, Mike was suddenly glomped by Cactus, looking him over for any injuries.
         Chuckling, Mike cought her by the shoulder and handed her the necklace.
         "Don't worry, I'm fine, and so is your lucky pendent."
Joe double checked what he knew about the nearby town. "There's a motel that we should be able to get a room at - a man should be able to get something for himself and his three young teens. While you three get some rest, I'll see if I can find whomever it was that was following us. Mike, tell me what their vehicle looked like."

"Well, it looks like someone took out the windows, and popped the tires," said Mike. "That, and removed the spark plugs."

Joe chuckled. "Boy, remind me to tell you what a distributor cap looks like, and show you one."

"What for?" Mike asked.

"Remove that little thing, and most vehicles don't work," said Joe. "Oh, the fun me and my buddies used to have when we wanted to 'borrow' an officer's car. Worked pretty well, given that one of them was part of the mechanic crew."
OK don't be alarmed I'm just experiencing some physical pain (Lady pains) this week and also the road trip part of this story is dragging on a bit I think I want to take brief break for a few days and A, rekindle when it's closer to Halloween and B skip ahead slightly when they're at least close to New York

The End!

(OK I asked my Google assistant how long it takes to drive from Dallas Texas to NYC response was one day and one hour, I thought 'That can't be right!' turns out it is, I mean let's say they took the long way and took plenty of breaks)

Three days later they approached New York City, Cactus had seen the skyline of Dallas out her bedroom window...But this...This was a city!

"Wow!" She exclaimed sticking her head out the car window

"Come back in before someone sees you!" Rex said pulling her back in "If I did that maybe people would think I'm just a wolf-like dog, but most people wouldn't expect a Pet Peccary to be sticking their head out a window."
         Looking in his backpack, Mike pulled a spare hoodie out and handed it to her.
         "Here, put this on. Should help you blend in a bit."
         Placing it on, she set the hood over her head, placing a shadow over her face to conceal her identity.
(I'll try to add if I can this next week.)

Joe checked out his stuff as he made sure that his pistol was hidden, and that he had his NYC permit, that had been sent out by the NYPD, on him.

"Would be nice if these folks accepted permits from other states," he muttered.

"It's the way things are around here," his cousin, John, said. "You said it would be just you and the boy. Who are those two?"

"Just a pair of orphans that wanted to see NYC," said Joe. "They're in the same boat as Rex, if you can't tell."

"My eyes are good enough to see a woodpecker, and a peccary," said John. "I don't need to tell you that things have been crazy the last few weeks though. How are you even going to explain them if NYPD catches them?"

"Got on the wrong end of some chemical weapon that those dinosaur fellas used out in the middle of the woods," said Joe.

"That's - kind of brilliant actually," said John. "One doesn't know what all those guys used."

"Good," said Joe. "Now, let's help them get settled in, and then let's show this fella that took your gun that he's no match for a Marine." He then looked down the street, watching the various cars.

"Forgive me, but you're being more observant than normal," said John. "Is something going on?"

"Keep an eye out for any of the more unusual strangers," said Joe. "Near as I can, the girl was raised in a lab, and when she left, they sent someone after her. Mike's certain that he's disable the fella's vehicle, but you and I both know how easy it is to 'borrow' a car, especially if one has a handgun, and the owner doesn't, or they have a nice wad of cash."
Meanwhile Don had hoped that Cactus was just busy and that's why she couldn't answer
         Sensing Donetello's worry, Splinter walked over to him.
         "What troubles you my son?"
         Surprised from his farthers voice, Donny almost fell out of his chair.
         "Oh, Master Splinter. Sorry, I'm just a bit thinking about someone I talk to online"

(Autnor's Note: Had to edit your's I specifically said Cactus didn't tell Don she was a Mutant, she was planning on surprising them...Probobly not a good idea to surprise Ninjas, Don didn't say he was a Mutant either Cactus only know because she's psychic)
Joe looked at John. "By the way, got a spare computer or two? Rex might like hiking and such, but you do know that most of his communication is through online stuff, and the other two might be in a similar situation."

John grinned. "I got three spare laptops, all of them good. Gifts from one client or another."

Joe chuckled. "Useful."
Cactus meanwhile was trying to figure out how she could meet the TMNT...She knew they lived underground, and she wasn't sure she could handle going through the sewers.

She realized she would have to try to hone her psychic ability to see beyond to find them
(Sorry about earlier chapter Twiga. Please forgive me and for editing the part.)

         With his hood off, Mike was in the living room doing some push-ups when Rex came in.
         "Exercising your wing muscles?"
         Getting back up on his feet, Mike turned to Rex.
         "Yeah, great way to keep them in shape. So, any plans?"
"Well, father's off with his cousin to get John's gun back," said Rex. "I think he wants me to spend time with John's daughters, Becky and Martha. Do some actual socializing for once."
(Author's Note: It's OK it was clearly a case of forgetfulness instead of willful disregard and we did take a bit of a long break)

Cactus sat on the foot of her bed and tried hard to concentrate, she began to get an imagage in her mind of two of the turtles jumping on roofs
         Smiling a bit, Mike placed a wing on Rex's shoulder.
         "Want some back-up? Might be good for both of us to be around others, being in a big city and all."
"Well, just be good to them," said Rex. "They are my cousins after all."
Cactus smiled as she could see the buildings the two Turtles were around, she got off her bed and went to the fire escape she climbed onto the roof and waited for the the two Turtles to arrive.

It was Leo and Raph, Cactus hid behind a trash can until they reached her building then she jumped out saying "Hi!"

Of course it's normally not a good idea to surprise a ninja, Leo and Raph leaped back pulling out swords and sais

"Guys! Guys! Calm down!" Cactus exclaimed "I"m a Mutant like you!"

Leo and Raph blinked a few times then Raph asked

"How did you know we're Mutants?"
         Hearing a bit of noise coming from the roof, Mike and Rex ran up the stairs and found Cactus talking to, surprisingly, a couple of turtles.
         But upon seeing the weapons, They went over and gave her cover.
         "Who are you? Did the lab send you?"
The noise had reached Joe and John's ears, and the two men made it over to the group, using a fire escape.

"Do you know those two reptiles?" Joe asked, as he stood up.

"I think that they were part of the group that was fighting the triceratops," said John, as he got up. "Supposedly there from a second set of aliens, but I don't know."
"Oh Frick." Raph said "We got ourselves our own little fan club? Mikey won't let us hear the end of it!"

"Look!" Cactus said "It isn't just that I've been talking with your brother Donatello online, he never said he was a Mutant and neither did I but I know the truth because...I'm psychic."
         Seeing how Cactus really was psychic, Mike relaxed.
         Looking to the one with two swords, he stood straight and held out his hands in peace.
         "Okay, how about we all relax a bit. There isn't a reason to be fighting over some sort of misunderstanding. Right?"
         Thinking it over, Leo and Raph placed there weapons back into there holsters as Rex, Joe, and John relaxed as well.
         Walking up, Leo held his hand out.
         "Hello. I'm Leonardo, and that Rapheal."
         Shaking his han, Mike was glad things were going easy. Pointing to each person, Mike introduced everyone.
         "Names Mike, and thats Rex, Joe, John, and you already met Cactus Flower."
         Chuckling a bit, Raph was thinking of how this could get weirder.
         "So we got two guys, a wolf, a woody the woodpecker wanna be, and a pig. Could things get any crazier today?"
         Getting a bit miffed at the wood pecker and pig comment, Cactus levitatef a plant pot over his head before letting it fall and crash on him.
         "I had to ask."
"Well, you kids have fun," said Joe. "John says he has some spare laptops if you want to do online stuff."

"What are you going to do?" Rex asked.

Joe chuckled. "Win my cousin his gun back."
"I came to spend Hallowen with you guys." Cactus said "Since that's the one day of the year Mutants can walk among the humans without having to worry."
         Ruffling Cactus's hair playfully, Mike figured he'd add his part.
         "I came to see if the city needed any help recovering. When I got hit with a stong gust of wind, I was blown off course from Florida to Texas where I met Cactus here. Found out her story and decided to bring her here with me."
"I was adopted," said Rex. "Longer story, my father was a mutant, but mother loved him. Some guys found them, killed them, and Joe found and saved me."

A few blocks away, Joe and John entered the gun range.

"Hey Hank," said John.

"Hey John," said the Cage Boss.

"Brought my cousin, so that he could shoot a few rounds," said John.

"Ah, nice to see a new face, hopefully one that talks more than the other fella," said Hank.

"Speaking of him, is Mr. Suit in?" John asked. "I want to get my gun back."

"Lane ten."


Joe followed his cousin, but soon is eyes were directed to the person at the lane ten station. They seemed to be dressed like a federal agent or some such thing. They also looked familiar.

"Hey, Suit," John said, kind of on the loud side. "I'm here to get my gun back."

The person stopped firing their weapon, set it down, and made it Safe. They turned around.

A chill went down Joe's spine, as he recognized the man in front of him. It was the same man that had burned down his hunting cabin, and had killed his boy's parents.

"A fortuitous encounter," the man said. "I see you've done well since we last met."

"So, I guess you've already met my cousin Joe," said John. "Mr. Bishop."

"I have a question," said Bishop. "All those years ago, just what was it that you had in your game sack? I remember that there was something in it, but you kept my men from checking it out."

"Let's just see who gets my cousin's gun," said Joe.
Leo and Raph brought Cactus to the Lair and introduced her to Don, Mikey and Splinter, Don was nearly beside himself when he realized his online pen pal was a fellow Mutant Animal!

"I know it seems weird that I have psychic powers..." Cactus said "...But all my life I have felt feelings of yearning for something I can't describe I came to New York in hopes being with you would allieviate those feelings."
         While Cactus was with the TMNT, Rex and Mike decided to use the laptops to find out a bit of news that spread through NYC.
         It was then that Mike saw something that reminded him of something he saw before.
         "Agent Bishop? Why does that name ring a bell?"
Back at the range, Joe noticed an interesting pattern emerge as he and Bishop shot their respective guns. He'd go first, and Bishop would follow, but the placement of Bishop's shots was basically a mirror flip of his.

"Good shooting," he said, as he looked at the latest target shot by Bishop.

"I could say the same of you," said Bishop. "Clearly your skills haven't rusted."

"Try squirrel hunting with a .22 rifle, and getting them in the head," said Joe. "Kills them without ruining the meat."

Bishop chuckled. "Impressive. Not many are that good." He then lowered his voice. "How is he, by the way?"

"What are you talking about?" Joe asked.

"The wolf cub," said Bishop. "There was plenty of evidence of them having a cub."

Two more targets were brought out, silhouette ones. Sudden Death was the game now.

"Your shot," said Bishop.

Joe looked at the target. He then aimed his gun, and fired. The bullet hit below the silhouette, in the middle, where the groin would be.

"That's a zero point shot," said Bishop. "Non-Fatal."

"I hit what I aim at," said Joe.

Bishop pointed his his gun, and fired, hitting the target between where the eyes would be, all without looking. "As do I. That's also 50 more points than you. Your cousin's gun is still mine."
(Author's Note: Started a story about Cactus on Fanfiction dot net and noticed it is now being faved and followed by someone called WolfKingdom, when Wolfkingdom told about their fanfiction profile it had a different name, so I'm just asking did you change it so I would reconize you? If so thanks for watching also know that the fanfiction is going to an AU since the Cactus in that story has a different backstory)

Meanwhile Uncle Clem, had finally gotten back on track after having been led astray by the cunning attempts to throw him off the trail, rather tired and ragged he made it to New York City...He knew he had to get Cactus back he feared what would happen if he didn't

Meanwhile with the Turtles Mikey offered Cactus a slice of pizza

"Um...Thanks..." She said meekly "..But...Um that has pepperoni on it and I'm a vegetarian."
         Back in the appartment, Mike was trying to do research on Bishop ever since his name popped up.
         It was then that it finally hit him.
         He was part of that millitary group that cleaned up the oil-like mutagen after he saved the woodpecker. Who knew he'd be here in NYC... This could be trouble... If he get a hold of Cactus...'
Joe and John arrived back at John's house, just as the school bust pulled up, and out ran two girls that were fifteen years old.

"Well, look who showed up in time to see their Uncle Joe?" John said, with a smile. "Becky, Martha, say 'Hi' to him."

"Hi Uncle Joe," they said, at the same time.

"Might as well introduce yourselves to your cousin, and some of his friends," said Joe.

The girls ran inside the house.

"So, what happened at the gun range?" John asked. "That guy knew you."

"He's behind the deaths of Rex's parents," said Joe. "Remember Mary Jo?"

"The two of you were in love, until you went off into the Marines," said John.

"She's Rex's mother."

"Ow. Sorry to hear that she's dead."
So unable to share his pepperoni pizza with Cactus, Mikey instead made her some popcorn and decided to show her his favorite horror movies
         Just as he shut down and closed the laptop, two girls came in and remembered what Rex mentioned earlier.
         "So, that them?"
         Looking to his cousins, a smile grew on his muzzle.
         "Yeah. Remember, be nice."
         "Okay. Just one question..."
         Getting curious, Rex gave him a amused look.
         "If your thinking of dating them, don't bother."
         "A bird can try, can't he?"
"Still, they've never me," said Rex. "Father rarely talks about his family."
After the last horror movie finsished Mikey asked "So...You want to run on roofs with us?"

"Mikey I'm not sure that's safe." Leo said "She hasn't been trained like we have."

"Well.." Mikey said "...How about we run and I carry her on my back, she's small enough."
         At first, the girls were a little scared at the face Rex was a actual wolf, but calmed down after they got to know him.
         Mike just tried ignore the fact they tried to pluck his feathers multiple times.
         Least Mike got a laugh out of it, till they tried putting pink bows on his ears and tail.
         Walking out of the apartment, Mike figuref he would stretch his wings a bit.
"Seriously, pink ribbons?" Rex asked.

"Well, dad says that pink ribbons are in for this month," said Martha.
The Turtles took Cactus on a run through Manhattan.

Admiddatly it was a bit scary for Cactus clinging to Mikey's back as he leapt from roof to roof, Pigs and Peccaries being close to the ground creatures tend not to like heights
         Spotting the turtles, Mike carefully took to the air just above them, carefully sticking to the shadows so nobody below see's him by mistake.
         "Having fun Cactus?"
Rex was enjoying the time he was spending with his cousins.
After a while the Turtles stopped and Mikey noticed Cactus was clinging rather tightly to him and had her eyes shut

"Cactus you OK?" Mikey asked as he put her down

"Sorry," Cactus sighed "Still kind of iffy about heights."

"It's OK." Don soothed "Not every Mutant has had Ninja training."
         Spotting the hunter that was tracking them from Texas, Mike found some rope, made a lasso.
         Spinning the rope above his head, he threw it expertly and cought him before draging him into a abandoned building, tied him to a metal chair, and sat in front of him.
         "Hello, I know you have been tracking Cactus since we left the lab in Dallas. So how about you and I have a calm talk about why your so insistant on finding her."
"Well Rex, let's show you around," said Martha.
"You don't understand!' Uncle Clem said "That Mutant is an extremely dangerous experiment! If her Psychic Powers were to get out of hand...Well have you even seen the movie Carrie?"
         Speking calmly, the next few words surprised Clem.
         "When I was human, yes. Is there anyway to prevent it from happening?"
"We're going out, Dad," said Martha.

"We're taking Rex with us," said Becky.

"You three be careful out there," said John.

"Where's the others?" Joe asked.

"Cactus left with the turtles, and Mike went for a flight," said Rex.

"Just be careful out there," said Joe. "We don't want to cause trouble. If you can avoid it, good, but if you must deal with trouble, use your brain first, and not your teeth or claws."

Rex nodded. "I understand."
"There's only way to prevent it." Said Uncle Clem "Let me take her back to the Lab where she'll be safe."

"Are you sure about that?" Asked Mike "Seems you're just too cowardly or lazy to explore other options."
         At what Mike just said, Clem seemed to look at him with anger of Hell itself.
         "What do you mean? There is no other way."
         Closing his eyes, Mike shook his head in disbelief of how clueless some geniuses can be at times.
         "Did any of you ever try treating her like a daughter, and not as some science experiment? Did ya ever try taking her somewhere fun so she can meet new people, try new things? Let her be herself and act her own age?"
         At this, Clem only gave a sad look, in which told Mike everything he needed to know.
         "By the looks of how happy she seems meeting others like herself, I don't I have to worry much about her losing control anytime soon."
As Rex walked with his cousins, he soon caught some scents, that of Mike, and someone else.

"Rex, what's going on?" Becky asked.

"Something is going on," the wolf said.

"Some kind of trouble?" Martha asked.

"Possible," said Rex. "Stay behind me." He went towards the scent.
"Look," If nothing else, "Give me a few moments to talk with her alone, I won't try to take her you can put us in a room that you've surrounded, I just need a few moments with her alone."
         Thinking it over, Mike decided to be safe then sorry later.
         "Only if a friend of mine pats ya down, and if she wishes to see you."
         Seeing his captor wasn't budging, he nodded in agreement.
Rex soon opened the door to the room, having followed Mike's scent. He saw the woodpecker with the tied-up human.

"What's going on?" he asked. "My cousins are behind me."
"This guy says he just wants to talk to Cactus for a few moments, he says we can have the room surrounded just wants to talk to her a few moments alone."

They decided to have Cactus and Uncle Clem speak in the hotel lavatory to make sure it would be a place he couldn't sneak out of.

After...Ten minutes (Admitidlly more than a few moments) Cactus ran out of the Lavatory and tearing the necklace from her neck, she dropped to all fours and ran...She was running to the sewers.

(And now a homage to the Noir Classic Chinatown)

"Oh geez!" Uncle Clem exclaimed "She's freaked out! She's a very delicate Humanimal..."

That word was the first time the Turtles and everyone else had heard Humanimal.

Raph sauntered up to Clem "What the shell is she?"

"Uh...Uh..." Uncle Clem stammered as Raph grabbed him by his shirt "She's a Mutant..."

SMACK! Raph smacked him across the face

"She's a Humanimal!"

"She's a Mutant!"

"She's a Humanimal"

"All right! All right!" Clem said breaking free of Raph's grasp "She's both! She's a hybrid! Years ago we sent a Mutant Peccary we simply called 'G' short for 'G-Force' we created him to be an experiment for traveling to other dimenstions after a year he stopped communcating with us, and then we found he had come to a planet of humans and anthro animals living in harmony...He had married a Female Peccary native and destroyed his communication device...We sent some agents to catch him...We caught him alone and killed him for going AWOL and when we found out he had reproduced we stole the baby in the dead of the night..."

"How did you not expect her to freak out if that's what you told her?" Leo asked

"That necklace!" Clem said "That necklace is made of fairy gold! Fairy Gold is the only thing that can prevent the illness that comes from the disharmony of being outside the dimension of your birth without it you'll die within a year of being outside your birth dimension"
         Walking up to Clem angryly, Mike took him by the collar and lifted him up to the wall leaving a small crack on it.
         "You better start praying to whatever god you believe in. Cause if we don't find her, I promise this. I'll hunt you down, and make YOU FEEL LIKE PREY. FOR THE REST OF YOUR MISSERABLE LIFE!!"
         Tossing him to the ground, Mike looked to the turtles with a exasperated look.
         "Guys, sorry. I know we just met, but-"
         Feeling a hand on his shoulder, Mike looked behind him and saw Leo look to him with a understanding feeling.
         "Don't worry, we'll help."
         Walking over to the medallion, Rex took a couple of wiffs.
         "Got her scent."
Rex looked at Clem. "No better than those that killed my folks," he said. He looked at the others. "Let's get-"

"Son, what's going on?" Joe asked, as he and John came up the stairs. "Cactus ran out of this place as if it was about to burn down."

"In a sense, it has," said Rex. He looked over at Clem. "That one's buddies killed her folks, or something. Now, we need to get this necklace to her, or else she'll die from some sort of sickness."

"I see," said Joe. "Well, looks like you're about to go on your first pig hunt, son, so, a word of advice - be careful. She might not be thinking clearly." He then walked over to Clem. "Now, if you boys don't mind, me and Clem are going to talk about our parenting methods. John, take the girls home."
"We only killed the Father..." Clem said "...We killed him because he was our property...The Mother is probobly still alive on that other world...She was from a rich family in that other world...Couldn't afford to kill her..."
         As Rex led the way, the turtles helped navigate the sewers as best they could.
         As they walked, Leo looked to Mike as he had a bit of worry for the avian.
         Placing a hand on his shpulder, Leo gave a reassuring nod.
         "Don't worry, we'll find her."
         Taking a breathe, Mike only looked less worried then before.
         "I hope so. After what we heard, makes me glad I flown her out of the lab, let her meet all of you, meeting Rex and Joe."
         Taking a quick glance to the pendent in Rexes hand, Mike started to worry more so.
         "No child should suffer this kind of mental trauma at such a young age."
(On cellphone)

Joe looked at Clem. "My son was a cub when I found him. His parents were murdered by some so-called agency that likes to think that they are protecting the world. If not for deciding to protect that cub first, I would have killed every last one of them." He pulled out a knife. "Give me a very good reason as to why I shouldn't kill you and your friends."
(Author's Note: Just for the record what Clem said was it takes a year to start to get sick from being out of the universe of your birth, Cactus has been wearing the necklace all her life so she's got plenty of time to put it back on)

"What I don't understand.." Don said as they searched the sewers looking for Cactus "Was what he said about dying within a year of being out of your birth dimenstion if you're not wearing Fairy Gold, because I know someone who was out of his home dimension for years and he seemed just find."

This person he was referring to was April's Uncle August O'Neil
         Thinking, Mike had a bit of a theory.
         "Could it be possible that the air we breathe slowly breaks down molecular structure? Or maybe a form of slow acting toxin?"
         At this, Mikey didn't quite understand
         With that Donny stepped in.
         "Think of it like trash. While some take a number of days to decompose, others takes years, if not decades, to even start decomposing. Is that what you mean Mike."
         "Pretty much. But still, it's just a theory. One I rather not test."
Joe looked at Clem. "Tell me, what do you know of a man named Bishop?"
The Turtles and Mike and Rex found Cactus crying by herself in the sewer water, they told her the importance of the necklace as they returned it to her, then Don said "Your Mom is possibly still alive, we could return you to your homeworld and you won't need the necklace anymore..."

(Sorry to kind of leave it on a cliffhanger but this is all I could take gonna have a busy Halloween I'm in charge of giving out candy and counting every Trick or Treater so we don't run out of candy like we did one year)

The End!

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