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What kind of campfire is this, you may be asking. It is a fantasy campfire, I be telling.

Ahem, anyway, here is the D.L. (or the down low for those that don’t know).

Once upon a time, there lived a girl who could do anything she set her mind to. Some believed her a witch (for she was), some believed her a demon (for she was) and most believed her a beauty, (aye, and that she was most of all).

On the day that she was expected to leave her fathers house in the woods, she discovered the truth of the world: it’s unfair and cruel. She became just as unfair and just as cruel. So, obviously, she is the villain of this story.

Once upon a time, there lived a prince, who sought justice and found only distrust and deceit. He was handsome (‘tis said), he was kind (‘tis also said) and he was wealthy (enough said).

As he ruled his kingdom, sitting upon a uncomfortable throne, he decided that life was better lived out alone. Unfortunately, he was the prince and there was no chance of solitude. His father threw him a royal ball (a dance, not a circular object! Cinderella is otherwise occupied *Wink* so don’t think of her).

Love and deceit. Can it work? Doubtful. But there is a whole tapestry of characters awaiting discovery. Just look!

Star ♥ Seoha Dunne ~ The beautiful witch/demon spoken of above. Beauty first, remember, and still witch and demon. She can fool anyone and everyone...beauty has that affect. She’s very powerful.

Ebie Grey Eyes Darian DuLoc ~ The unhappy prince who must have a ball. He does not need to pick a wife. The adventures at the ball will be enough for a start I think.

DragonWrites~The Fire Faerie~ Golden Wreathe ~ The female elf that arrived at the ball quite by accident. TEMPORARY OWNERSHIP!!

DragonWrites~The Fire Faerie~ Elm Leaffe ~ The male elf that arrived at the ball quite on purpose. TEMPORARY OWNERSHIP!!

nightraven DarkSunne ~ A male vampire. WooHoo, this is bound to get interesting. (I am slightly obsessed with vampires.)

love_is_sacred Surrie ~ The only remaining fairy. Ever see Hook or Legend? Well, just like Tink and the fairy from Legend (so shoot me if I can’t remember her name) Surrie can become human size.

AVAILABLE!! Rorrim ~ Ah, yes, Rorrim. A troll. He is kept beneath the palace in a maze of cells. Despite all that has been spoken of trolls, Rorrim is just misunderstood. A kind troll? I don’t believe it!

The color your character's name appears in after you choose is the color you should try to write your addition in. I don't know why so don't ask.

I promise that there will be more characters added, along with twists that can’t easily be avoided. This is going to be a blast.

Surely you must be joking...

I heard that!

Who am I? I’m the narrator, the conductor of mishaps, I am the surprise character that appears whenever and wherever.

You asked....

Surely, you must be joking...

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There was thunder booming and lightning dancing, and yet the ball was hopping.

Or something like that.

Deep in the bowels of the palace, Rorrim covered his ears and howled in agony. The thunder was magnified in the dungeon, something the first king had cruely instigated.

The prisoners just lay back upon straw and shut their eyes. All this had happened before. They were used to it.

Rorrim knew that there was a celebration above, that the music would have filtered through the stones ever so slightly and the gentle notes would have given him peace.

If it wasn't for the damned thunder.

Another booming crash, another troubled howl and Rorrim moved into a darkened corner and cowered. The troll was monstrous, but kind, and the thunder was loud, and painful. He felt a tear.

"What have we here?" Came a curious female voice with an Irish lilt.

One might ask,
What indeed, for two characters have just met for the first time.
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I sit upon an extiguished candle and watch the dancers twirl and spin, taking the room and spinning it madly with their spinning.

The prince stands beside the king who sits upon the throne, regally, I might mention. I almost fell from my perch when the prince entered. He was devishly handsome.

His thick black hair is tied back at his neck, it's length reaching past his shoulders. His lips are pressed in a thin line of barely contained irritation. His gray eyes spark with it's own inner lightning, rivaling the flashes outside. His broad, muscular form clothed in dark crimson.

Needless to say, he was stunning when he entered and I was stunned, thus, I almost fell.

But I didn't.

None of the women bother trying to catch the prince's eye for he appears to be unaware of the festivities.

I recall a former ball, long ago mind you, when a beauty slipped through the crowds and brought that prince to a deliberate halt. They danced and she fled, leaving behind a shoe. I wonder whatever came of that?

I flit my wings and rise from the candlestick, making my way rapidly toward the throne. The king is speaking and I'd like to know what is said. I am curious by nature, you see.

"My son..." The kings voice is deeply timbered and you can see the likeness of the prince in the old man's image. His hair is gray, his eyes gray, his skin gray. I shudder. No color whatsoever. Even his clothing is black, drab as death.

"Father, please." Darian lifts his eyes to the ceiling and sees me. He sends me a little wink. I take the wink as an invitation and land upon his shoulder.

"I'm just saying that the thunder is ruining the ball." The king says.

"Pah!" I say in Darian's ear. "And who cares?"

"Indeed, little one." Darian says.

"Eh, what's that?" The king adjusts his crown and stares harshly at the twirling colors. "Blast it! These colors are giving me a headache."

"Mayhaps you should retire, Father." Darian says.

"Ah, yes, so that you can slip away and end the ball early. I think not! I may be old but I am far from stupid!" The king spoke in tones rising slightly.

"I would never suggest such a thing." Darian states.

"I would." I say. There is music accompanied by booming thunder. "Is it true that there is a troll beneath this castle?" I ask finally.

"True." Darian whispers as he fades back. I know what he is thinking. If I saw the prince talking to himself I would think the same thing.

"Would you like me to become larger?" I ask.

"Can you do that?"

"Do what?" The king asks.

"Nothing." Darian replies.

"Of course I can." I say. "Just watch."

"Please get off my shoulder before you do so." Darian insists.

"Oh, yes, of course." I flit behind the royal tapestry and make myself five inches shorter than Darian, although I could have become taller than him. I step out from behind the curtain. "Ta-Da!"

"Bravo." Darian becons me closer and tilts his head. "Interesting garb." He says.

I am wearing a purple dress that ends above the knees, it's hem divided like flower petals. "Mayhaps I should change..."

"Mayhaps." Darian claps his hands and a maid appears, looking me up and down.

"Sire." She says.

"Take my friend..." He looks at me.

"Surrie." I say.

"Of course! How could I have forgotten?" He smiles. "Take Surrie and find her something suitable to wear. She believed this to be a costume ball."

"Yes, sire. Come along...Surrie." She says my name with disdain and I glare down at her.

"Hurry back." Darian says and I feel a flutter that doesn't come from my wings, but from my heart.

I run fast through the woods, daring myself to reach speeds never before touched upon. I know that despite my efforts, I still run much too slowly.

I stumble, which is uncommon for an elf to do, and sprawl upon the ground. I can hear the hunters dodging branches and roots, reaching toward me with their fevered breaths and their unsatisfiable hunger.

I regain my feet and run once more, dodging trees at the last instant before finally breaking out into the clearing like a startled doe. I am immediately pelted by pouring rain and temporarily blinded by a flash of lightning. I don't hesitate. They are right behind me.

I have travelled far from my home, seeking nothing but solitude and light, and have found death and deceit. The humans disgust me, especially the cruel ones that even now fight as they run, wondering who will have my purity and who will have my blood.

I see the small village surrounding the large castle and wonder if I can seek shelter in the fortresses mighty walls. I lean foward, throwing my whole body into the sprint. Even as I near the gates, I see the guards, the drawbridge lowered.

"Help me!" I shout though I know they are humans and as cruel and selfish as the ones that persue me.

The youngest guard stiffens as I reach them. I can hear the men behind me drawing to a halt, muttering curses. If I can but delay for a few moments...

"Let's see it." The young guard says, gruff and tough sounding.

"See what?" I ask as I use my elf sight to see far past the gate to the commoners milling about the yard.

"You're invitation." He says.

"Invitation to what?" I ask, genuinely confused.

An older guard steps forward. Kindness fills his light eyes and I see him look past me toward the darkened plains.

"Posh, boy, can't you recognize royalty?" The man asks as he takes my arm and pulls me forward. "This is an elf."

"Are all elves royalty, then?" The young guards asks, his voice betraying his disbelief and confusion.

"Until Prince Darian says otherwise." The elder guard says as he leads me through the gates. "You will be safe here. Go within and mingle. Act as though you have ever right to be here and all will be well." He releases me and I don't hesitate. I head for the gates.


"But I just saw an elf enter through these gates and I am an elf. I heard you call her royalty. She's no more royalty than you or I." I glare at the older guard in silent fury. I had been lurking in the shadows, trying desperately to discover a way into the ball.

"You are not royalty. You just said as much." The guard says and the younger man looks more confused than ever.

"But-" The lad says.

"Silence, boy!" The guard barks.

"I have a headache." The younger man clutches his head in agony.

"So do I." I say as I meet the man's gaze square. "Look, I'm not royalty, 'tis true, but I am also not a killer or a thief. I am an elf and I desire ever so much to attend the ball."

"Do you know the other elf?" The guard asks.

"Would it help me any if I did?" I ask.

"No." The guard says.

"No." I reply. The guard looks at my wet clothing as the lightning flashes and the thunder booms overhead.

"You will need a change of clothes." The guard says as he looks over at the younger guard. "Take him inside and find him something suitable to wear."

"Aye." The boy says, still holding his head.

I bow mockingly and brush past the older guard. He takes hold of my arm. "No tricks now."

"Oh, I wouldn't dream of it." I say and resist the urge to skip after the guard as I am released.

You guessed it. Surrie and Elm Leaffe are destined to have a run in while both are being 'fitted' for suitable outfits.

Golden Wreathe is about to have another rude awakening about human beings.

'Cinderella' better known as Seoha Dunne, is about to make her entrance.

And what about Rorrim and the girl with the Irish lilt in her voice? Well, we'll just have to wait and see, won't we?
I walked into the Great Hall and accepted the stares of the men in the room and the slaps I heard. I smiled and walked over to a tables with refreshments.

I was dressed in a plum colored dress that sparkled with the enchantment I had placed on it. I turned to see an anonymous young man standing next to me. I smiled that sweet and fake smile I am known for. (No one knows it's fake.)

"Would you like to dance?" He asked me in a cool and collected tone of voice.

"I suppose," I replied, allowin him to take my arm. I danced one dance with him and then headed back to the table I was previously at where I picked up a glass goblet filled with the best wine in the country. I put it to my lips and took a small drink. Wine sooths the mind and the spirit...
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Surrie...of course!

I feel hindered by the long skirts that now cover my legs. I try not to be too upset with the maid but I was definately uncomfortable. In case you don't realize it, Faries, which is what I am, a Fairy, just in case you didn't realize that either, hate to be uncomfortable.

But I stomach the unease just so I can reach Darian's side once more. Obviously, he likes me if he is willing to clothe me.

I rush down the halls, leaving the servant far behind, wishing I could use my wings but the girl cleverly bound them to my back and covered them with the gown.

I turn a cornere and run headlong into a man struggling with the buttons of a shirt. I land on my butt and scowl up at him, hating the fact that my wings are more necessary to my gracefulness than I would like to admit. If my wings were unbound I never would have fallen.

"Well?" I demand as the man glances at me.

"Well what?" He says.

"Help me up, you oaf!" I say.

"Help yourself. I am here for the ball." He begins to shuffle down the hall and I glare after him.

"Oaf!" I call.

"You said that already." He says over his shoulder.

I struggle to my feet and rush after him, fully intending to beat him to the hall, fully intending to return to Darian's side.

He comes to a halt before the doors and straightens up. I don't have access to my wings, remember, and so I cannot stop in time.

Thankfully, I am grabbed from behind as the man goes barrelling through the doors and slides across the polished floor on his stomach. I stifle a laugh but manage a giggle as I am pulled into the shadows.

"Well done but I would have insured the fact that I would not follow the fate of that poor individual." Comes a deep, sultry voice that I immediately recognize as elf.

"Who are you?" I ask as I turn around and face the handsome male elf.

"I am Elm Leaffe, you are Surrie and this is a royal ball." He says.

"I know who I am and what this is." I say coldly.

"Come, Surrie, and let us dance, for that is what must be done at a ball."

"I would rather-"

"Join the prince? Surely an easily caught woman is not worth being caught." Elm Leaffe says.

"Huh?" I ask.

"Make him work for it." He says as he pulls me to the doors. Our entrance is far grander than the oaf before us. Our dance wasn't. What do I mean? Wait and see, eh, DragonWrites~The Fire Faerie~ ?
As Surrie and Elm Leaffe dance, others watch. Two of the most graceful creatures dancing together is truly a treat.

But one was far less than graceful. Surrie, her wings bound as they were, was not exactly light on her feet, but that truly didn't bother Elm Leaffe. Not truly.

Twirling and spinning about the floor under the watchful eyes of Darian, Surrie and Elm Leaffe were oblivious to the newest arrivals.

Seoha was otherwise preoccupied with a wealthy count who was preoccupied with her beauty. Such trivial things can lead to great disaster.

Dark Sunne hovers in the shadows, awaiting the correct moment to make known his presence.

And Rorrim is oblivious to the thunder, at long last, as a beautiful woman with an Irish accent calms him and befriends him. Who is she? Wait and see.
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I have already identified the social hot spots in the room by the time the orchestra ends the current song and all the dancers stop to applaud. The obvious fairy immediately makes for Darian, as does Seoha, trying to shed the buffoonish young nobleman who has attached himself to her. This is as good a time as any to make my presence known.

I sweep forward into the brightly lit room, a sharp movement of my arms causing my black cape to billow out behind me.

"It seems I wasn't invited, Your Highness," I announce in my deadliest voice. The room falls silent as everyone stares at me in fear. Almost everyone. Seoha looks at me in frank interest, the fairy seems annoyed, and one of the elves rolls his eyes. I regally ignore all of them. "I shall assume that this is all an unfortunate misunderstanding and that you would never dream of excluding me from your little party." I allow Darian to stutter for a moment before going on. "Excellent. Since I didn't see the invitation, I didn't know if the guests were supposed to bring anything. So I've got wine." The prince gingerly takes the bottle I hold out to him. His fear vanishes in an instant.

"A '35 Chateau Partay," he exclaims. "Where did you get this?"

"Well, I'm something of a connoisseur," I reply modestly. "And now," I declaim, sweeping my cape about myself, "I shall sample the hors d'oeurves!" I lick my lips at a young noblewoman, causing her to squeal and faint, and then snatch a bite of cheese from a petrified waiter.

That man made an interesting interest. I pull at my arm, releaseing myself from the stupid man upon it. I walked over gracefully to the man who was now standing at the d'oeurves. I gently grabbed a peice of his cloak and fingered it for a second before he noticed.

"This is wonderful silk you have here. Where did you get such a fine thing?" Seoha asked in a calm voice while looking and fingering the cloak...
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It's me...Surrie!

I watch the vampire closely as Elm Leaffe twirls me about. "We need to stop." I say.

"Do we?" Elm Leaffe asks as he spins me again.

"There's a vampire here." I say.

"Yes. I know." Elm Leaffe leads me to an area closest to the throne and smiles down at me. "Remarkable mix, wouldn't you say?"

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"A fairy, a troll in the dungeons, a vampire, a witch, a prince, and two elves." He says.

"Two?" I look about. "Where?"

"That was what I myself was wondering. Would you be so kind as to help me look for her?" He asks. I hesitate. Darian is currently searching the dance floor, shifting his weight from foot to foot. The vampire had definately caught him by surprise. "Well?"

"All right." I say and we exit the hall. "All right."
In the dank dark dungeon, Mardara sits with Rorrim, telling him tales of Ireland and freedom. Rorrim ignores the thunder, which rumbles loudly against the stone walls. He is fully aware of Mardara's beauty.

Mardara has no desire to return to the ball upstairs and she knows that no one has noticed her disappearing act. So she sits with the troll and calms his fears. What else is there for a forgotten princess to do?

Surrie and Elm Leaffe are looking for Golden Wreathe, who is currently attempting to remain out of sight. Unfortunately, she has caught the attention of a bored knight who doesn't believe in chivalry. Her plight is easily ignored for very few knights believe in chivalry and find it very easy to look the other way.

Through it all, the ball continues, though all eyes watch the vampire, fearful, to say the least, that they may find themselves a few quarts low on blood. Of course, DarkSunne has no intention of killing or sampling any of the guests. His ambitions lie elsewhere.

The prince is distracted by the beauty of the witch. Even as he loves her with his eyes, his goodness is repelled. It's bound to get interesting, for the band has just struck up a lively tune to announce dinner...and the arrival of a special guest!
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"The silk is imported from China," I reply to the witch. "I had it specially imported and worked by my personal tailor."

"It really is quite lovely," she purrs. I sense something stirring behind Seoha's duplicitous eyes. And something pulsing in her lovely neck...no, I'm here for other things. But surely a little dalliance and a snack couldn't hurt? Well, with this woman, that would likely hurt a great deal.

But that could work to my advantage...

I offer her my arm, which she takes with a smile that most mortal men would mistake for sincere. I am not so easily fooled. "Tell me, my dear, would you be interested in a little business proposal...?"

I lead her casually away from the main dance floor just as dinner is announced. I eye the maid who announces it up and down for a moment. I believe I shall find some pretext to step outside during the meal and help myself to that little morsel. The Prince has scores of servants; one more or less surely won't impair the running of his household.
"What is your proposal, might I ask?" I ask with slight coldness in my voice after realizing my playful game won't work on him.

OCC: Sorry it's so short!
The doors swing inward and a darkly cloaked man approaches the dance floor. His face is unrevealed due to the thick black hood that shadows it. All know who he is.

The dancing and music stop and the guests stare. The man bows and stops moving as he stands to his full height, seven feet, nine inches!

Prince DuLoc tries, in vain I might add, to swallow the lump in his throat.

"Carry on." The man says but no one moves. "Man, what a dead party." He replies and a lively tune is suddenly sparked and every person begins to dance.

DarkSunne smiles broadly, takes Seoha by the arm, leading her to the man's side. The guests dance in a wide circle about the unmoving figure as Darian swallows some wine.

"Why DarkSunne...what a delight." The man says.

"Thank you for accepting." DarkSunne bows. "This is Seoha Dunne."

"I know." The man replies. "And I must thank you for all the work you've sent my way."

"You are most welcome." She says.

The man chuckles. "Why am I here?"

"I'll get to that." DarkSunne says. "Soon."

Don't know who he is yet? I'm sure you can figure it out. I'm 'dying' to tell you.
((So, who is it then???))

Seoha Dunne

"Well, while you are waiting for him to tell you why you are here, would you like to dance?" I directed towards the cloaked man (who I need to know the name of so I can interact with him! My character is supposed to know him, but I don't! Boy, is this going to get a little crazy!).

"Aren't I supposed to ask you?" he said in a deep voice I knew he was half trying to desguise.

"Yes, but you didn't, so I asked you!" I said with a smile on my lips.

The man merely smiled from under his cloak and held out his arm. We danced for a short while before he pulled me back over to DarkSunne.

"Now will you tell me why I am here?" he said.
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"Did you feel that? It got a little cold suddenly." I look at Elm Leaffe who shrugs.

"He's here." He says calmly.

"Who?" I ask as we turn a corner.

Elm Leaffe opens his mouth to speak but at the same instant, we both spot the other elf, struggling with a massive man. "Knights." Elm Leaffe growls. "Are you a magic fairy?" He asks me.

"As magic as I can be." I say and we both move forward. Unfortuanely, I feel this is a battle we are bound to lose.

P.S. I know who the guest is but I thick I'll let DragonWrites~The Fire Faerie~ tell everyone.
In the ballroom, standing so tall and proud, DEATH stares at DarkSunne in mild boredom. Sure, his arrival had caused quite a stir but he had business elsewhere. There was no rest for death and therefore no rest for DEATH.

In the bowels of the prison, Mardara feels the cold chill that has suddenly filled the air. Smiling softly she extends her arm. "Come, Rorrim, I require a dance partner."

Darian has no idea where his fairy has disappeared to and that saddens him for he is terribly afraid now that DEATH has entered the picture.

Of course, Elm Leaffe, Surrie and Golden Wreathe have a knight to deal with before they can even think of helping defeat his fear of DEATH.
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"Elm..who is that person? He looks like death incarnate," Surrie said.
"Yes," said Elm, "that's because he is," Surrie started to get a little bit nervous then..she must try and help her prince but yet Elm tried to keep her back out of danger.
Darian stood, frozen on the dias, staring Death in the face. Slowly he swollowed, and ran a thin, elegant hand through his dark hair. taking a deep breath, he walked down the stairs and up to the very scary looking stranger.He was dressed in a long, black robe with a hood pulled over his head, shadowing his face. Darian glanced at the name tag that the man had made at the door when he came in, and placed over his heart on his dark black robe. It read "Hello my name is DEATH."

Darian cleared his throat. "Hu-hullo, Mr. Death. Welcome to my ball. Are you here on business or pleasure?"

death raised a hand and with one swift movement, the hood was swept back, revealing not a nasty rotting scull as expected, but the face of a girl, roughly nineteen or twenty, with cropped brown hair, wide brown eyes and a generous supply of freckles across her thin cheeks and strong nose. She smiled, and Darian noticed the slightest gap between her two front teeth. "It's Miss death, thank you, and it'm hear for a bit of both. Fun and business that is. Oh don't look so embarrassed, people mistake me for a man all the time, the outfit you know." she said, waving a hand in a dismissive gesture and darian turned red and attempted to bow in apology. "yes, anyway, business and pleasure tonight. got a memo saying someone was to die, but it was rather ambiguous, didn't say who or when, only to be here. So I figure I'll just stick around till someone text messages me the time and victim." she pulled a tiny pink cell phone out of her voluminous pocket, waving it slightly. "isn't it amazing what you can do with technology these days?"

Darian had stood stunned as Death chattered away. at this last question, he nodded. "simply mind boggling, yes, my lady." he replied politely. "please, make yourself at home." He gestured to the maid who had just scurried back from her errand with surrie. "Estee, take miss death into the spare room and find her some more fitting attire. no uniforms allowed at my ball," he said with a grin at Death. "this is a celebration. forget about work for a while and have fun."

Death blushed. "Its rather hard for me to find clothing that fits, 's why I wear these dratted things.They're long enough, but they don't do much for the figure." she said, looking down (way down) at her 7 foot nine self." are you sure you will have something long enough?

Darian smiled up at her. "I'm certain we will be able to find something to suit."

and Death turned and followed Estee the maid to the spare room.

Slowly the silence of the ballroom gave way to quiet chatter. then the band started again, and soon, what with dancing and laughing and a few shrieks as various cads pinched various maids in various places, the party was on a roll again. Darian turned with a sigh and an intense look.

"now to find Surrie."

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