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About the final book, Deathly Hallows
Words and clues taken from the last and final book of Harry Potter, The Deathly Hallows. *wipes my eyes* We will miss you, Harry!
 2 Luna Lovegood's Father
 7 Dumbledore's posthumous gift to Ron
 8 His patronus was a lynx.
 11 The Tales of Beedle the _ _ _ _
 12 Who Aberforth's mirror REALLY belonged to.
 15 "I open at the close" (2 words)
 18 The kind of wood that composed the invincible wand.
 20 Dumbledore's Mother
 21 Head of the Muggleborn Registration Commission
 25 Performed unusual "Charms" on goats.
 26 Umbridge placed a part of my body on her office door.
 28 What was left outside Harry's bedroom door by Dudley. (3words)
 29 The very last word in the book.
 30 My son was named after my Wife's dad.
 1 Offered Harry the Hufflepuff Horcrux in exchange for the Gryffindor sword.
 3 I burst out of Bathilda Bagshot's neck
 4 He got a "hole" in one...
 5 He stole the locket horcrux from kreacher
 6 Crash landed a motorcycle in a swamp
 9 Harry's youngest son (two words)
 10 Where Harry went after Voldemort "Avada Kedavra'd" him
 13 His last words were "Look... At... Me..."
 14 I was the first non-human casualty in the book.
 16 Hermione's patronus
 17 The invisibility _ _ _ _ _
 19 The one true love of the Half-Blood-Prince
 22 His family thought he suffered from Spattergroit
 23 The Horcrux that belonged to Rowena Ravenclaw.
 24 I had a change of heart toward Harry after he was kind to me.
 27 How Harry, Ron and Hermione escaped Gringotts.
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