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A crossword puzzle about the characters from Legend of Zelda
 1 The leader (Four swords)
 4 The hero
 5 The old advisor
 6 The smart one (Four swords)
 9 The Goron cheiftan (Ocarina of time)
 11 The wielder of wisdom
 12 The demon sword (Skyward sword)
 13 The sage of Earth (Wind Waker)
 15 The true Twilight princess (Twilight princess)
 16 Picture perfect (A Link between worlds)
 18 The usurper king (Twilight princess)
 20 The dark witch (Hyrule warriors)
 21 The lokomo of the Tower of Spirits (Spirit tracks)
 23 The Zora princess (Ocarina of time)
 24 The non-swimming sailor (Phantom hourglass)
 25 The kidnapped sister (Wind Waker)
 26 The spirit in the sword (Skyward sword)
 2 The merchant (A Link between worlds)
 3 She has failed you in every way (A link between worlds)
 6 The wind mage (Minish cap)
 7 The last of the Sheikah
 8 The angry one (Four swords)
 10 The happy one (Four swords)
 12 The King of darkness
 13 The sage of Wind (Wind Waker)
 14 The light sorceress (Hyrule warriors)
 15 Link's saviour (Link's awankening
 17 The unbeknownst princess (Wind Waker)
 19 Kooloo-limpah (Majora's mask)
 22 Two-hatted demon (Spirit tracks)
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