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My first crossword for my fellow classmates.

This is for my fellow rising star friends. Please help me to solve this crossword. This contains some facts about them and ofcourse our mentor Lilli ☕️

My Classmates *BigSmile*

Theme: Friendship

Here are the answers to it-
"Crossword Answers
 2 She awarded me a plaque.
 4 She was born on December. (only first part of her handle)
 7 She has a folder named 'Contest Entries'
 8 She writes a Christian Blog (second part of her handle)
 11 The month in which I created this crossword.
 12 The first letters of my first novel.
 13 She grew up on a farm.
 14 Third name of Anna.
 16 She was born on March 14. (second part of her handle)
 17 She is 3 years older than me. (second part of her handle)
 1 She has a 18+, sci-fi folder in her port
 3 She is a moderator
 4 She joined on 21 March, 2020
 5 She has an Activity Corner
 6 The Rising Stars ____ Camp (Fill in the blank)
 9 'The Best Cat Dad Ever' (second part of his handle)
 10 She has an ongoing novel. (second part of her handle)
 11 The Rising Stars _____ Hut (fill in the blanks)
 14 Miranda loves to eat them (in fact, Miranda is eating this)
 15 The only male classmate.
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