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Crossword puzzle about the Dog Days Of Summer

I will pull questions off this link to create this crossword puzzle. Let's have some fun while learning about the Dog Days Of Summer.

 1 There is one thing brighter than Sirius. It is the ____?
 2 How would dogs and men alike be driven during this time?
 3 The appearance of Sirus does not actually effect Earth's what?
 8 Sirius extends from the ancient Greek word meaning what?
 10 For the Egyptians, Sirius signaled a time when evil was brought to their lands with ________, disease, and discomfort.
 12 What kind of luck were the dog days associated with?
 13 Sirius's nickname is the _____star?
 14 The rate of _________is higher during the dog days, according to a 2009 Finnish study.
 17 What was Sirius known to the Egyptians as?
 20 Sirius is the brightest what in the sky?
 1 The Dog Days occur in mid to late what?
 4 What month do the Dog Days end?
 5 Sirius is one star in a group of stars that form the constellation Canis Major, meaning “_______ Dog.”
 6 Sirius was described as a “bringer of drought and plague to _______ mortals, rises and saddens the sky with sinister light” by the Roman poet Virgil.
 7 In what month do the Dog Days begin?
 9 What hemisphere do the Dog Days of Summer occur in?
 11 The dog days are hot and _______?
 15 The Dog Days also coincide with what season of the Nile River?
 16 The dog days occur shortly after the summer __________?
 18 What is the Dog Star’s name?
 19 The Dog Days last for 40 what?
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