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The science fiction rollplay for members of Flight of Fancy.
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Earth III has been destroyed during Intergalactic Battle VII and the dwellers of the planet have been forced to find yet another world to inhabit.

After years of travel, the wanderers stumble upon a small galaxy of seven planets with three suns. The center planet seemed to be exactly as Earth I, complete with breathable air, one large central sun and plant life as written in the Earth Histories. The humans colonize what they call the Infinite Nebula Star.

For seven hundred years, the humans mine and plant, flourishing beneath the morning star and the soft hues the purple and blue suns. They believe that life has at last settled down and circulates about them as it once did.

Unknown to them, three of the other planets in their galaxy have inhabitants all their own, some cruel, some kind, but all wary of the dwellers of I.N.S.

Spurick, a small green planet, is inhabited with great creatures of mild intelligence but of terrible tempers. Most of the planet lies in ruins due to the rages the creatures suffer through. Spuricks resemble bears with snouts like wolves and speak in a guttural, hard to understand language.

Tra, a yellow planet close to the purple sun of evening, is inhabited by an almost elf-like colony of aliens. Peaceful by nature, they rarely speak and all wear the long flowing white robes made of indeterminate material. These creatures no longer reproduce since they cannot die of age or sickness but can only die if killed, which is a travesty to all Tralians but it is against their nature to avenge the death. Therefore, the colony is dying out.

Drynt, a gray planet farthest from I.N.S., is inhabited by a wide range of aliens, varying in size, race and shape. Originally, Drynt was an exile colony of the far reaches of space, a place where criminals and exiled alike were sent to die. Somehow, the inhabitants flourished and have a life similar to that the humans. Unfortunately, because of the background of Drynt, there is no law or order with Dryntians and so the planet is far more dangerous than Spurick.

The three remaining planets are uninhabited as of yet and the humans are planning to explore their surroundings at long last. That is where this begins.


There is a president on I.N.S. and he rules the entire planet. His official title is PROTECTOR.

The Nebula Police rank as follows:

BLESSER: Highest order of police. There are only a handful of Blessers because they are born, not raised. As of right now, there are only THREE Blessers and so it is first come first serve on this. Blessers hold great power, rivaling even the president and answer to him only when they feel they should.

SUMMONER: Second highest order of police. There are a few more Summoners than Blessers. A Summoner arrives at important crimes and determines if a Blesser is required and summons one if needed. They have power but still must answer to authority. For now, there are only SEVEN Summoners and it is first come first serve on this as well. A Summoner NEVER becomes a Blesser.

SLICER: Third order of police and lowest. This is the most filled position of police. They handle all the smaller, less important crimes. Any one can be a Slicer but only a select few are risen to Summoner. A Slicer NEVER becomes a Blesser. Any one can be a Slicer, there is not limit.

You can create up to three I.N.S. characters and one character on each other planet. That doesn't mean that you can't invent others on the planets and interact with them, it just means that you can only fully control three on I.N.S. and one on each other planet.

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Happy Travels!
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